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1004Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on ME for Windows, possible bug?

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  • Jon Green
    Feb 12, 2004
      Thomas Hundt wrote:

      > Gabriel wrote:
      > > I am using XP (unluckily, I can't choose). I install the fonts from the
      > > fonts settings in the start menu and then go to
      > > "user-setup/platform/choose font.
      > >
      > > The fonts are there, the preview works, but as soon as I apply it
      > > (current) after saving it it goes back to some other font (normally
      > > courier new).
      > I can't get it to work, either -- running 04/01/01 under Win2kSP3.
      > When I select a font using the User Setup panel, it briefly uses it and
      > resizes the window, and then flips back. When I go into User Setup
      > again, the font info is there.
      > However, I *can* change fonts using a routine I had written long ago
      > called cycle-font. (This depends on a %os variable being set, so I'm
      > including that bit, too.)

      Bad font people on Win32 can you confirm the following please:-

      If you look in win32.emf then you see where windows restores
      the font settings. I assume that the settings have been saved
      when you exit the registry. At line 33 add the following:-

      !if &band $system 0x01
      ; using a console interface
      10000 ml-write "Got here"

      If this shows up when you start then your $system setting
      is incorrect in the registry. The problem bit is bit 1 -
      this should not be set in your registry file.

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