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  • jasonpearce@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 1, 2002
      Dear Friends and Family,

      This is your monthly reminder to visit the Monologue section of my website. But here is a quick update.

      � I am back from Guyana, South America, and am currently living with the folks in Raleigh, North Carolina

      � I returned August 23, 2002

      � Officially, I was sent home because the Peace Corps couldn�t find a company or organization in Guyana that could utilize my web development skills

      � Unofficially, I was sent home because the country director thought that my freedom of expression (via my personal website) jeopardized the Peace Corps� interests in Guyana, if not worldwide

      � I am trying to seek reassignment to another country and still maintain the right to appeal

      � I am also looking for permanent employment as a web developer or content manger, and will relocate just about anywhere

      As always, you can learn the latest about me anytime by visiting the Monologue section of my website.

      LOCATION: http://jason.pearce.net/monologue/
      USERNAME: guest
      PASSWORD: pearcecorps

      If you are particularly interested in learning more about the Peace Corps� decision to send me home, I have created an extensive section documenting everything that happened.

      LOCATION: http://jason.pearce.net/peacecorps/cos/
      USERNAME: closeofservice
      PASSWORD: firstamendment

      If you are really fired up with how I was treated and would like to do something about it, this page is for you:


      I appreciate your interest and hope you find my content entertaining. I hope all is well with you.


      Jason Pearce

      The opinions, views, and insights stated within this listserve/community and my website are my own and do not represent the viewpoints of any nation, company, or organization. Any interpretation or use of this content beyond the context of unofficial personal opinion would be erroneous.
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