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  • jasonpearce
    Aug 20, 2002
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      Friends and Family,

      Thank you all for your kind words of support, wisdom, and concern. I
      have a meeting with the country director today at 3:00 p.m. I should
      then know if he intends on swearing me in or sending me home.

      For those of you wanting to still have access to my Monologue, here
      is the username and password.

      LOCATION: http://jason.pearce.net/monologue/
      USERNAME: guest
      PASSWORD: pearcecorps

      I know that some of you visit the Monologue section of my site
      weekly, so I'm sorry that I had to "lock" you all out this past week
      as I made efforts to secure my content.

      As always, I appreciate your interest and support.


      The opinions, views, and insights stated within this
      listserve/community are my own and do not represent the viewpoints of
      the Peace Corps, the U.S. Government, Guyana, or any other nation or
      organization. Any interpretation or use of this content beyond the
      context of unofficial personal opinion would be erroneous.