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Re: random question

Maciej, wow that's it, thanks
1:33 PM

Re: random question

your conditions L0...L7 are random. What makes you think they will be more or less frequent ? Lot = random number On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 3:20 PM,
Maciej Kawalkowski
1:00 PM

Re: random question

Thanks Rob, i have tried your function. As far as i have seen now there is no difference with the use of the jallib. See what other mistake i have made..
12:20 PM

Re: random question

Hi Hans, I do not know if this helps but I use my own random routine that I found on Wikipedia. Below the info. Each time you call the randmom function it
8:16 AM

Re: Serial monitor with PicKit3 and USB ?

Hi David, I use a MAX232 for my USART without flow control. As monitor for the serial connection I use the free program Termite in my PC. I still have a PC
8:11 AM

random question

I am working on a random procedure from which i expected to get two random values within a short time and two others in longer interval.But now i got he result
6:29 AM

Re: Serial monitor with PicKit3 and USB ?

I suggest using a separate serial port cable. RealTerm is a great software to use. I'm not sure if serial is possible with pickit, i've never tried. Sent from
Matt Schinkel
Apr 23

Serial monitor with PicKit3 and USB ?

Hi, I would like to monitor a serial output from the PIC. The software part is ok, through the use of serial_software (because the RX/TX pins are used in my
Apr 23

16f1615 as I2C slave

Dear Jal users, I had success with using a 16f18855 and some of those other newer PICs as I2C slave with the Jallib I2C libraries, but I got out of luck with a
Rob Hamerling
Apr 22

Re: i need one sample code off an mouse emulation please.

Hi Take a look in the sample folder, there are a few examples. _usb_hid_mouse.jal Regards Hubert
Apr 20
Apr 17

Re: Check out "Bluetooth USB WIFI Terminal"

Oops! missed an l in the URL, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timersnsavers.bluetoothusbwifiterminal Sunish
Sunish Issac
Apr 13

Check out "Bluetooth USB WIFI Terminal"

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timersnsavers.bluetoothusbwifitermina I have developed a free terminal app which can be used for USB OTG
Sunish Issac
Apr 12

Re: programming 12F1840

Its always good to have a backup development ICD/Pickit3 and you got one now.. Sunish On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 3:50 AM, fraser@... [jallist]
Sunish Issac
Apr 6

Re: programming 12F1840

Hi Sunnish & Rob New PICkit3 arrived today. Opened box of bricked PK, used breadboard leads to make connection to new PK, downloaded hex file and now two
Apr 6
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