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    RADIO CONTROL - INDONESIA.COM RC-Indonesia.com merupakan satu-satunya website di Indonesia yang menyediakan berbagai macam produk radio control bertenaga
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      RC-Indonesia.com merupakan satu-satunya website di Indonesia yang menyediakan berbagai macam produk radio control bertenaga baterai yang langka, terlengkap dan termurah di Indonesia. Bisa untuk hadiah atau hobby sendiri.

      Silahkan klik

      http://www.rc-indonesia.com atau via email sales@... untuk pengiriman brosur lengkap atau call 0816-4808-133 atau 0812-913-1345


      WIND SPIRIT  (Rp. 550.000)

      • The propeller location aft of the main wing minimizes destruction in case of nose-dive type crashes
      • Speed at full throttle is 40 mph! Speed motor controller
      • The 3 point aerofoil is designed for tight maneuvering, hard banking and soft-gliding into moderate headwinds
      • 30 minutes flying time in air,
      • control range: 500 meters
      • Most easy operated Aeolus plane,
      • battery operated
      • 5FT wing span, 40in. body length


      EXCAVATOR  (Rp. 120.000)

      • Remote with cable control 1,27m
      • Moves forward & backwards, left & right steering
      • Line control excavate (up & down)
      • The engine works (vibrate) while excavate up & down
      • The operating table turns 350 degree
      • 2 lamp are available in the cockpit & engine compartment
      • Available in 3 different colors (Red, Yellow & Blue)


      MILITARY HOVERCRAFT  (Rp. 170.000)

      • T
      • hree powerful motors, rubber air-bag skirt
      • D
      • ual-drive props with safety cages, top-mount air compressor
      • dual-stick, three-channel radio control transmitter with lift-cut button
      • The speed of the Hovercraft is App.: 7 MPH on the water, up to 10 MPH on slick cement or Marble
      • Three separate powerful motors shoot pressurized air downwards and provide the power to blast over snow, water, glass, carpet or even the living room floor.


      BATTLE TANK  (Rp. 350.000)

      • Full Forward/backward and Left/Right Movements and Controls
      • Full 360 degrees controls on Firing Pad (check action)
      • Up/Down Movement of Gun and ABLE TO FIRE OFF REAL SHOTS!!
      • 1:24 Large Size
      • Able to battle with other Tanks
      • Powerful Motor and runs on All kinds of surfaces
      • Sophisticated Controller and Programmable movements

      MINI DRAGONFLY  (Rp. 1.500.000)

      • Gear Ratio: 8.625:1

      • Motor: 180SH X 2

      • Battery: 8.4V 800mAh Li-polymer
      • Battery Charge Adapter (110V or 220V Available) 
      • 4 Channels: Left/Right, Up/Down, Forward/Backward
      • Full Parts Support Available e.g. Spare Rotors and Battery
      • Complete Kit, READY TO FLY, Only Need 8 AA Batteries for Transmitter

      BONSER MONSTER TRUCK 4X4  (Rp. 750.000)

      • 4WD 1/10 Monster Truck size
      • Front and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension
      • Coil Spring Shock Unit
      • , Sturdy ABS Monocoque Frame
      • 130mm Diameter Oversized rubber tires
      • Sealed Gearbox
      • 3-Step Speed Controller (included)
      • , Twin Motor Driven 4WD System
      • Brute Power, speed up to 60 Km/h
      • 49 Mhz 2CH Trigger Mode Full Function Remote Control (Forward, Reverse, Stop and Turn) with full house control trimmer
      • Powerful 560 Motor
      • , polycarbonate
      • Comes with 8,4V 1800mAh Battery and Charger
      • Proportional right and left steering (servo)
      • Full Spare Parts units are available (not included)

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