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Re: [Jain Friends] Need Information on Jain Names

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  • Vishal Shah
    Hi All, I have some Jain names. I gathered some Jain names 1.5 years back for my daughter. At last I choosed Suvidhi . Besides 9th tirthankar name, Pujya
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 2002
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      Hi All,

      I have some Jain names. I gathered some Jain names
      1.5 years back for my daughter. At last I choosed
      'Suvidhi'. Besides 9th tirthankar name, Pujya
      Shashibhai Sheth(Bhavanar, India) wrote book
      'Tatvanushilan'. The first chapter of book is SUVIDHI,
      which shows the proper procedure to achieve

      My list is as below. It's for girl.

      Names: Meaning

      anubhuti - Self realisation
      swanubhuti - Self realisation
      sudharma - name of tirthakar in 'videh xetra'.
      Suvidhi - Real procedure
      mokshada - The Salvation giver
      mahatta - Admiring(true respect)
      sarvada - Always, Giver of everything
      vivixa/viviksha - Comparision/Interpretation
      avritti - Edition
      mumuksha - Person on path of salvation
      pravajya - dixa
      prashasti - Admiring/Acknowledge
      sannidhi - Near to treasure
      pratiti - Realise, Atma-Pratiti.
      drashta - Person who has vision. (Gnata-Drasta)
      nishtha - Dedication
      virakti - dixa (Opposite to become wet)
      dhaarana - Assumption, Knowledge stored in mind
      prashata - Advance peace
      apexa/apeksha - Expectation, with respect to
      parinati - Auto flow
      sharvari - Night
      pratigna - Pledge
      pratixa - Waiting
      Astha -

      Samvedi - Sensitive
      videhi - Residient of Videh(Xetra)
      Gatha - Story (Poetry)
      Sudhairya - With very good patience
      Gati - Motion/Direction
      Pravegi - In Special Motion
      Taxshila - Name of 1 ancient University (Vidyapith)
      Shalaka - stick (Anjan Shalaka Mahotsav)
      Divya Dhwani - Divine voice of Tirthakar
      Nirzara - Removal of bounded Karma
      Pradakshina -
      Pratima - Idole
      Aryika/Arjika - Lady Monk

      For Boy::::::::
      Vitraag - Arihant
      Anuyog - 4 division of Jain texts.
      Shiv/Shivam - Salvation
      Om -
      Mrityunjay - Victory over death, i.e. God.
      Tirthankar -
      Tirthesh -
      Deval - Temple
      Sanvar - Sanvar dev, Stoppage of Karma binding.
      Yati/Yatish - Monk
      Adhyay - Chapter
      Arya - Gentleman

      Have some more web sites....

      Babynamesindia.com - includes world's cutest babies,
      pregnancy resources, nursery rhymes, and more.

      India a2z - includes search engine for Indian names.
      Indian Baby Names - Indian names and their meanings,
      including Hindu, Jain And Sikh names.
      Indian Names for Babies

      Nameandfame.com - includes list of rare names, as well
      as news, articles, and facts about names.

      TamilBabyNames.com - offers listing of Tamil names by
      gender with meanings.

      yourbabysname.com - offers a searchable database of
      names with meanings.

      http://www.yourbabysname.com/new.htm (Not included in
      this list)

      http://www.indiaparenting.com/names/index.htm (Not
      included in this list)

      Jai Jinendra,


      --- "Maynard S. Clark" <MaynardClark@...> wrote:
      > How about the name "Ahimsa"
      > Christian couples have long named their children for
      > Christian virtues.
      > Might not a Jain couple name their children for Jain
      > virtues?
      > It would be a moral testimony to their values and a
      > witness to the world at hand.
      > Maynard S. Clark
      > "A.S. Prasad" wrote: I need info. on Jain
      > Names since I'm expecting my first baby next month.
      > So, I would appreciate if somebody can give any
      > info. on any websites or any other info. from which
      > I can choose names for my baby.
      > Thanx in Advance!!!!
      > Cheers,
      > Prasad
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