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      Jaina Voice - June 2010 - A Publication of www.jainheritagecentres.com

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      Jaina Voice


      Pubished by: www.jainheritagecentres.com

      News Editor: Nitin H.P.

      Editor-in-Chief: Dr. H.A.Parshwanath


      Simhanagadde - The Holy Abode of Goddess Jwalamalini

      June 2010


      Simhanagadde - The Holy Abode of Goddess Jwalamalini

      Nitin H.P. writes about Simhanagadde popularly called as Narasimharajapura or N.R.Pura one of the most popular shrines of Goddess Jwalamalini in South India . This temple found in the midst of the ever green nature of Chikamagalur district in Karnataka has huge followership across the country.



      EDITOR'S NOTE - The Facets of Lord Bahubali

      Dr.H.A.Parshwanath writes about Bahubali idols in India, the way they have influenced the Jains & non Jains, the Mahamasthakabhisheka's etc.


      Make Yourself Count in Census, Jains Tell Each Other - Jinal Shah


      Kannada - Jaina Shilpakale: Parikalpanegalu - Dr. Appanna N. Hanje - ಜೈನ ಶಿಲ್ಪಕಲೆ: ಪರಿಕಲ್ಪನೆಗಳು - ಡಾ.ಅಪ್ಪಣ್ಣ ಎನ್. ಹಂಜೆ (continued from previous issue)

      Lord Bahubali's Travel from
      Bengaluru to Songadh

      An exclusive photo feature

      Book Review: Tirthankara Mahavira Mattu Avara Acharya Parampare

      Jain News From Across the World:
      Karnataka Archeology Department Releases Rs. 14.5 Million for Rennovation of Jain Basadis
      Grand Jain Temple to Be Built At Vaishali
      Seminar on 'Jainism in Uttar Pradesh & Archeology'
      Parshwanath Padmavathi Trust to Take Up Aretippur's Rennovation
      Bahubali Statue Begins Its Journey to Gujarat
      41-Ft Bahubali Makes a Halt in City
      Centre For Minority Status To Jains: Khurshid
      Tirtha Kshetra Committee to Propose Rennovation of 100 Basadis
      Temples in Maharashtra Oppose Government Takeover
      Heat Kills Four Jain Pilgrims in Palitana
      Office Bearers of the Tirth Kshetra Committee's Karnataka Branch
      Jain Gallery Inaugurated at Jhansi Museum
      Jinasena Bhattarakhji Calls for Protecting Shanthisagarji's Cave
      Six Selling 16th Century Idol Walk into Cop Trap
      Jain's Elected To Rajyasabha From Maharashtra
      Theft at Bylangadi Basadi

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      •Jainism in India - Karnataka - Narasimharajapura.

      Photo Galleries

      Jainism in Karnataka

      Simhanagadde - N.R.Pura

      Special Events

      Bahubali Idol's Travel From Bengaluru to Songadh


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