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HereNow4U Newsletter 08-31 (26.07. - 01.08.2008)

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    HereNow4U : ThE week ... Please click on the links to read the full articles in here|now|4u ... HereNow4U Calender Preview 2008
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      HereNow4U : ThE week
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      Please click on the links to read the full articles in here|now|4u

      Calender Preview 2008
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      Editorial 2008-30
      ►Jaipur Chaturmas News Service - Updates
      ►Namaskar Mahamantra presented by Muni Jineshkumar now in Menus
      ►New deadline for launch of HereNow4U - Edition 3

      Ahimsa Yatra / Jaipur Chaturmas News
      Jaipur Chaturmas News 2008-07-24 Discussion On The Relative Economics & Inclusive Development
      Mahima Bokariya
      ►The core of planning should not be only economic development - Acharya Mahapragya
      Jaipur,  July 24, 2008.
      International Centre for Economics of Non Violence and Sustainability (ICENS), IILM & Anuvibha has jointly organized the conference under the presence of Acharya Mahapragya & Yuvacharya Mahapragya.
      Acharya Mahapragya while expressing his thoughts said that hypothesis of our development become unbalanced because of keeping the main aim of economic development. We need to expand our vision. If planning commission want that plans benefits reaches to a backward and lower people then it is necessary that centre of planning must be a person standing in the last of society in spite of economic development. First government confirms that not a single people sleep empty stomach in a country then only social struggles, violence and increasing naksalvad can be bring under control. And only then true development will happen.
      Jaipur Chaturmas News 2008-07-26 Morning Pravachan - Develop The Consciousness Towards Death
      Mahima Bokariya
      ►Develop The Consciousness Towards Death - Yuvacharya Mahashraman
      Jaipur,  July 26, 2008.
      Between the death and birth, life exists. It is fact that as we birth, death process also started same moment. Our philosophical text says soul takes birth, and then died then again takes birth. This cycle continue till it attains the purest form by shedding all the karma particles. Man needs to analyse that the life tenure is limited and it can’t be extended nor can’t be preserved. Hence life should not be used in criminal activity, laziness and in destructive works. Life should be made worthful by developing the consciousness towards death along with awareness. Life is mortal; death can be our host at anytime. But despite of having its terror, we should continue the spiritual and religious practice. Death has never been a friend of anyone nor it is kind to anybody hence sluggishness is the curse for life. It is rightly said in canonicals that after a certain age, person should go for monkhood life so that he can have a win over death.
      Jaipur Chaturmas News 2008-07-27 Everlasting Interest Gives Taste To Life
      Mahima Bokariya
      ►Everlasting Interest Gives Taste To Life - Acharya Mahaprajna
      Jaipur, July 27, 2008
      Interest plays a keen role in life, when it is everlasting, instead of being temporary and momentary. To search that everlasting interest hence is important. Everlasting interest continues all the time whether we are sleeping, waking or engaged in any other activity. Being interested in non-violence, love, and brotherhood gives a never diminishing flavour & taste to life dipping man in eternal happiness.
      ►Request for Maryada Mahotsav in Jaipur

      News & Reports
      JVBL - 6 Samanijis for Paryushan Celebrations 2008 Programme
      +►Samani Chaitanya Pragya & ►Samani Agam Pragya @ JVB London
      +►Samani Jyoti Pragya & ►Samani Him Pragya @ Jain Ashram Birmingham
      JVB New Jersey - Mahasati Anjana Play - Most Recent Flyer
      JVB NewJersey - most recent Anjana Play flyer 
      Mark your Calender: Saturday, November 8, 2008
      JVB Houston - Non-Violence Discussion Forum - June 29th 2008
      Dr. Sulekh C. Jain
      The group met on Sunday, June 29 between 10.00 am - 12.00 noon at JVB Houston and continued the discussion on understanding and practical aspects of Ahinsa. The discussion centered around hinsa and the role it plays in the incoming and binding of karmas. It was pointed out that Hinsa is principally responsible in the incoming of bad (papa) karmas. We presented several definitions of Ahinsa and their origins. By several examples, we discussed the classifications of Hinsa and the central role that mental hinsa (Bhava) plays in our daily lives. There were lively discussions from our daily lives. This helped us in understanding the importance of Ahinsa and how to observe it.
      The next meeting on Sunday, August 3rd between 3.00-5,.00 pm will examine the hierarchy of Hinsa and its vast landscape.
      JVB Houston - Timeless Wisdom 2008-07 Newsletter
      ►Pragya Diwas:  By: Ajay Khater 
      ►Stress Management Workshop at ICCL:  By: Pramod Bengani
      ►Samanijis at the YJA Convention:  By: JVB News Desk
      ►Kids Summer Camp: Family Values and Healthy Living:  By: JVB News Desk
      ►Samanijis at Chicago By: By: JVB News Desk
      ►Samanijis at New Orleans By: By: JVB News Desk
      ISSJS News 2008 Study Program Completed On July 26th 2008
      After the departure of one-month program candidates on June 30th, the schedule consisted of a series of lectures in Jaipur on subjects associated with philosophy and doctrines of Anekant. These academic sessions deliver by Prof. Kusum Jain, Prof Sogani and Prof Bhargava, the most recognized Jain scholars started from July 1st and lasted till July 5th.
      The period July 5th till July 14th was planned for independent research work by the scholars to prepare a presentable paper to the fellow scholars on some topics related to their study in the school. Ms. Lynna Dhanani, Ms. Smita Kothari and Ms. Jennifer Lett chose to stay back in Jaipur and conduct their study under the supervision of Prof. Sogani; Mr. Gollner, Mr. Nominian, Mr. Acosta, Mr. Smith and Ms. Angellica, Ms. Yuneikys and Ms.Nicole decided to conduct their research at Parashnath Vidhyapeeth, Varanasi; Ms. Farah Siah, Ms. Daniela and Ms. Sonia chose Delhi while Prof. Gelburd decided to conduct the study in Mumbai and Ellora. At Varanasi, the school organized lectures by Prof. Tiwari and Prof. Samtani. Parashnath Vidhypeeth director Dr. Pandey and his research scholars assisted the ISSJS scholars in their academic pursuits. At Delhi, the candidates conducted field studies with the support of Director ISSJS on a need basis...
      Delhi Book Fair 2008 - 30th August to 7th September
      ►Vishwa Jain Sangathan Will Participate In Delhi Book Fair - 2008 To Propagate Jainism
      VJS will participate in Delhi Book Fair' 2008 (from 30th Aug to 7th Sep' 2008) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The timings of the fair will be from 10 am to 8 pm. The objective of participation is to promote the Jain literature. researchers, professors, doctors, historians, scholors, students, publishers, writers etc., coming from from India and other countries, who visit this fair in the search of new books, research materials and more information.

      2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour
      2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [02] Anuvibha Bhawan
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Hardly off the car, I already met a friend! Salil Lodha familiar to us since long time & regular sender of 2008 Jaipur Chaturmas News in Hindi kindly welcomed me at Anuvibha Bhawan, “Welcome at Anuvibha Bhawan, Karunaji!” What a welcome at a location one never before had set a foot!...

      ISSJS Study Notes
      Pujā - Worship or Devotion Rituals of Jains
      Dr. Shugan Chand Jain, Sandeep Jain Shastri
      Pujā is a part of obligatory duties (āvaśayakas) which adopts perhaps certain characteristics of Hindu pujā. Laity performs both dravya (with the aid of material substances) and bhāva (psychic or mental) pujā while the ascetics and even laity from Sthānkvāsi and Terāpanth Śvetāmbara Jains perform only bhāvā pujā. While origin of pujā is obscure in literature it seems that it is an extension of obligatory duties like meditative contemplation (sāmāyika), inner worship and reverence to the holy teachers. It is an activity to signify devotion, interaction and obeisance towards a divine through his iconic form. It is generally conducted in temples in the morning. Both sects of idol worshippers perform this with some differences.
      Reality (Sat) and Concept of Dravya (Substance) in Jaina Philosophy (1)
      Dr. Veer Sagar Jain & Dr. Shugan Chand Jain
      Looking at the colorful and different forms of existences in the universe, it is natural to be inquisitive about the form and nature of reality i.e. their ultimate source of origin. Is it one entity with its manifold modifications or manifestations or the reality itself is manifold. Therefore all philosophers and philosophies start their enquiry about self and the universe around, with first understanding the reality (sat) and its nature. They soon came up with two related alternatives namely:
          * The problem of change - Is changing real?
          * The problem of one and many - Is reality one or many?
      Reality (Sat) and Concept of Dravya (Substance) in Jaina Philosophy (2)
      Dr. Veer Sagar Jain & Dr. Shugan Chand Jain
      C. Dharma or Principle of motion & Adharma or principle of rest
      Here the terms dharma and adharma do not mean the contemporary meaning of religion and non religion. Jain philosophy says that like living beings and non-living beings, there are two more entities known as dharma or principle of motion and adharma or principle of rest. Both are real and existent and hence have all the attributes associated with dravya. Because they are non-concrete, they cannot be cognized directly by sense organs. Even the scientists have proved the existence of these entities.

      38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress in Dresden
      38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress - Delegates' Stopover In Berlin
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Our friend Dr. Atul Shah, London, is a long time friend of Saurabh Dalal, president of Vegetarian Union North America (VUNA) & deputy chair of International Vegetarian Union (IVA) & animal rights activist in Washington DC. When Atul heard that his friend would participate in International Vegetarian Union’s World congress 2008 in Dresden and plans to first visit Berlin, he introduced us to each other last week via email. When Saurabh Dalal arrived in Berlin he gave a phone call to us & we met in the lobby of his hotel.

      Press Review
      The Doctrine Of The Awakened Life (1)
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      The person, who has become aware from within, is truly awake irrespective of his age and experience. The person who is not aware from within may have attained a ripe age still he is in the state of sleep only.
      Religion is mainly meant for improving conduct and not merely for praying, worshipping or performing rituals. Society, without the spirit of cooperation and compassion, loses its existence. The awakened person is one who has compassion, mental peace and commitment towards the truth. Society must reform but before that, the person changing the society has to perform. The process of Prekshadhyan is primarily meant to reform the one who reforms society...
      The Doctrine Of The Awakened Life (2)
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      The foremost is conduct; worship and rituals are secondary. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that nowadays a prayer, worship and rituals have become primary and human conduct, behavior and character have been rendered secondary or ignored. Deliverance cannot be achieved by repeating any word in particular; it is achieved by directly experiencing the ultimate truth. Also there is no predetermined path. That is the reason that religious sermons appear ineffective, dull and impotent. Religion is not able to influence and transform the individual and society...
      Developing Consciousness
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      The drop and the ocean have been related since ancient times. Likewise, the body and the universe have been deemed to be related in Philosophy.
      In simple language, we can use the terms man and the world. The latter is a totality comprising not only man but also other beings and material objects. Every man is related to the world. In order to understand a single individual the whole world will have to be understood, and vice versa. They are so internally related and interactive that one cannot be interpreted without the other...

      full text versions

      Truth Of Present - Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Truth Of Present [37] Control Your Senses
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Once upon a time there was a king, who was fond of mangoes but was unable to digest them. The doctor forbade him strictly to eat mangoes. He warned him that he would die immediately if he ate mangoes. So, the king got all mango trees in his kingdom uprooted...
      Truth Of Present [38] The Fruit Of Patience
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Two hermits were performing penance in a shrine. Naaradji passed that way. One of them asked Naaradji, “Where are you going?” Naaradji replied, “To meet God.” Again he asked, “Please ask him when I shall be emancipated.” Naaradji moved on. The second hermit asked the same question. While coming back, Naaradji passed through the same way and said it to the first hermit, “You will be emancipated after three births.” On hearing this, the hermit was puzzled. He thought, “I have been performing penance for sixty thousand years. Even then, I shall have to wait for three more births.” He abandoned the penance and went back his village....
      Truth Of Present [39] The Polite Behaviour
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Long long ago, an Acharya named Chandrarudra arrived in Ujjaini along with his disciples. One day, a few youths came to one of his disciples and started asking various questions. Their tone was not correct and the monk decided to send them to the Acharya.
      The youths behaved in the same manner even with the Acharya. One of them said, “Sir! I am a very poor man. I am newly married but due to my poverty my wife has deserted me. I am heart-broken and want to renounce this world. Kindly make me your disciple...
      Truth Of Present [40] How To Achieve Success
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Once, there lived an Acharya called Aasaadabhuti in Vatsbhumi. He had a number of disciples. Suddenly an epidemic broke out in the town. Due to this his disciples fell ill and many were on deathbed. The Acharya used to make them accept ‘Santhara’. The Acharya expected that the disciples would return after death and tell him whether there is any heaven or not. Thus, years rolled on. Many of his disciples performed Santhara, but nobody returned...
      Truth Of Present [41] Fear Leads To Destruction
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      One day, Epidemic mounted his horse and was galloping away in a great hurry, when he came across a man. The man stopped him and asked, “Who are you?” he replied, “I am Epidemic.” Hearing this, the man became frightened and further asked, “Where are going and why?” Epidemic replied that he was going to a certain city to kill one thousand people...
      Truth Of Present [42] Happiness Lies In Solitude
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Padmaratha was a well-known and powerful king. Under his administration, every person in Mithila was happy and satisfied with his lot. He was not only ready to listen to the grievances and problems of his subjects but also made sincere efforts to give them suitable solutions. The aim of his life was ‘simple living and high thinking’. When Nami, Padmaratha’s baptized son grew up, he was crowned with all the responsibilities of the Kingdom. Thereafter, Padmaratha left his kingdom forever and went in search of the real happiness of the mind and soul. It was during this process that he became a monk...
      Truth Of Present [43] Momentariness Of The Body
      Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
      Once there was a ruler named, King Bala in the city of Veetashoka. He got a golden opportunity to listen to the sermon of the monks. He was so deeply influenced by the sermons that he started performing penance and eventually attained emancipation...

      Namaskar Mahamantra - Muni Jineshkumar
      Namaskar Mahamantra [08] ESO PANCH NAMOKKARO...
      Muni Jineshkumar
      This five fold-obeisance destroys all sins. It is the foremost in all auspices...  
      Namaskar Mahamantra [09] Shrimati and Navkar Mantra
      Muni Jineshkumar
      A lady named Shrimati had a faith in Namaskar Mahamantra but her mother-in-law always hated that. She told Shrimati to stop chanting the mantra but Shrimati continued. So, mother-in-law got angry & finally decided to kill her. She kept a snake in jar and told Shrimati that she brought a garland for her and asked to take it from the jar...
      Namaskar Mahamantra [10] Faith of Amarkumar
      Muni Jineshkumar
      Once Emperor Shrenik started building a new Palace but as the Palace completes it got crumbled. The Emperor got upset. Then an astrologer advised the Emperor, If you perform a yagna at this place & sacrifice a man who has thirty two characteristics then this Palace will not crumble. The Emperor announced in the town that whoever is willing to sacrifice a man over here will get gold equivalent to his weight...
      Namaskar Mahamantra [11] Faith Healing
      Muni Jineshkumar
      Once upon a time a Jain follower went to a Monk, who knows different types of mantras, for treatment of his serious disease. The monk utters a mantra silently fit purify some water, He offered the purified water to the Jain follower to drink. Due to the effect of mantra the water turned into medicine. Slowly the Jain follower became well. Then the Jain follower asked the Monk - which mantra have you used to cure the disease? The Monk replied that I have used Namaskar Mahamantra of Jain's. I treat my patients with this Jain mantra only....
      Namaskar Mahamantra [12] PARMESHTHI VANDANA
      Muni Jineshkumar
      Vandana Ananda-pulakita, vinayanata ho mein karun,
      Eka laya ho, eka rasa ho, bhava tanmayata varun.

      HereNow4U : DEUTSCH [German]

      Meditieren - Warum?  [Why Meditate?] - Acharya Mahaprajna
      Meditieren – Warum? [09.2] Bewusstsein der Freisetzung & Preksha Meditation (2)
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      Ungebundenheit gehört zur Welt der Seele, die sich gründlich von der Welt der Materie unterscheidet. Wer in der materiellen Welt lebt, weiß nichts von der Welt der Seele. Ist man jedoch an eine ungünstige Situation gebunden, wird der Kampf sich daraus zu befreien, zu einem Wendepunkt im Leben. Ein derartiger Wendepunkt ist beispielsweise eine ernsthafte Erkrankung, denn im Leiden lockert die Materie ihre Umklammerung und tritt aus dem Bewusstsein zurück. Wie auch sollte die materielle Welt einem helfen, wenn man leidet? In einer derartigen Situation treten die Menschen häufig einen Schritt zurück und realisieren, dass das Leben sich nicht auf einen Aspekt beschränken lässt. Auch das Nahen des Todes ist ein Wendepunkt, der Menschen zu einer Änderung ihrer Denkweise veranlasst. Ich habe viele Menschen gesehen, die während ihres Lebens die Religion gehasst haben, doch im Angesicht des Todes eine innere Transformation unvorstellbaren Ausmaßes erlebt haben. Deshalb ist es nicht verwunderlich, wenn jemand, der sein lang Atheist war, kurz vor seinem Tod zum Theisten wird...
      Meditieren – Warum? [09.3] Bewusstsein der Freisetzung & Preksha Meditation (3)
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      Bis heute ist mir nicht zu Ohren gekommen, dass jemand im Anschluss an Samayik [spirituelle Praxis] Schuld- oder Reuegefühle entwickelt hat, 48 Minuten seines Tages mit Samayik verbracht zu haben. Doch wo schädliche Einflusse so wirksam werden, dass sie die Handlungen eines Menschen bestimmen können, besteht hinterher immer Anlass zu Bedauern und zur Bitte um Verzeihung. Wer auch in Konfliktsituationen versöhnlich und liebenswürdig bleibt, muss nichts bedauern und auch nicht um Verzeihung bitten...

       Vegetarier Kongress Dresden
      38. IVU-Welt-Vegetarier-Kongress, Dresden - Zwischenstopp in Berlin
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Unser Freund Dr. Atul Shah aus London ist seit langem befreundet mit Saurabh Dalal, Präsident der Vegetarischen Union Nord-Amerikas (VUNA), stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Internationalen Vegetarischen Union (IVU) und Tierrechtsaktivist. Als Atul von seinem Freund erfuhr, dass er zum Weltkongress der Vegetarischen Union nach Dresden reist und vorher plant Berlin zu besuchen, machte er uns per Email miteinander bekannt. Saurabh rief uns nach seiner Ankunft in Berlin am Donnerstag, d. 24.07.an, und wir trafen uns am selben Abend in der Lobby seines Hotels.

       2008 Karuna's Jaipur Tour
      2008 Karuna’s Jaipur Tour – [02] Anuvibha Bhawan
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Kaum aus dem Auto gestiegen, traf ich schon einen Freund! Salil Lodha, den wir seit langem kennen & der uns täglich die Neuigkeiten aus Jaipur in Hindi schickt, begrüßte mich mit den freundlichen Worten: „Willkommen im Anuvibha Bhawan, Karunaji!“ Was für ein Willkommensgruß an einem Ort, an dem man noch nie war!
      Hinter mir ertönte so etwas wie ein amüsiertes Kichern, Sanjeev war gekommen & hatte die kleine Szene mitgekriegt. In meinem Rücken hörte ich jemanden sagen: „Erkennst du mich?“...

      B ü c h e r   O n l i n e
      • Zur Harmonie im Inneren - Acharya Mahaprajna


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