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Re: Fwd: Animal Rights V/s Human Rights

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  • Modi
    Hi, In general many Jains & Hindus are involved in the NGOs and work for resolving the Human Rights & poverty issues. Meanwhile some went ahead and started
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      In general many Jains & Hindus are involved in the NGOs and work for resolving the Human Rights & poverty issues. Meanwhile some went ahead and started working for Animal rights and gained more momentum than their counter parts working on Human rights. This doesn't mean that people don't care about Human values.

      In general, what I have observed is that people who are compassionate about animals, are most often than not are aware of the importance of vegetarianism, womenÂ’s rights, human rights, and the environmental impacts.

      Jainism and most other religions always mentioned the importance of being compassionate to all living beings. But there are only few people who are culturally Jain and fewer who internalize and practice non-violence towards human and non-human species. Shouldn't we be atleast as compassionate towards animal as much as we are for the deaf or dumb human beings?

      But to my surprise the humanists still display the generic flaw of placing prioritizing human interest and greed above all else. It is indeed sad to note that the Humanists will not include animal rights and environmentalism as part of their philosophy, and even refuse to practice it, while animals that cannot protest against the atrocities that are committed for the benefit of human race are always considered lower forms of life and hence expendable. If one is not considerate of the feelings of another living being, then how should I expect him to be considerate and compassionate towards human race? Or is it just that human beings are capable of utilizing their skill for making excuses and justify their irrational intent to achieve their own hideous intent and any expense?

      What are your comments?

      Mahavir <msanglikar@...> wrote:


      In India, millions of Dalits are being persecuted by so called upper
      class Hindus. They are killing thousands of Dalits just because they
      are Dalits

      On the other hand, millions of daughter- in- laws in India are being
      persecuted and thousands of them are being forced to commit suicide
      for dowry.

      Every day, there are communal riots in one or another town in India.
      Innocent people are becoming victims of such riots.

      Terrorists are killing innocent people in mass every day.

      An innocent Indian is going to be hanged in Pakistan for the crime
      he did not committed.

      We read daily newspapers and watch T.V. news everyday full of such

      But none of us speak a single word of such persecutions and killings
      of human beings.

      On the other hand we always speak about killings of animals
      (especially cows! Unlike Hinduism, there no special status for cows
      in Jainism. Then why we speak so much about saving cows? ), small
      insects and invisible living beings even if they are harmful to us.
      We even speak about the life in green vegetables and underground
      vegetables and do not eat such vegetables because we do not want to
      kill them.

      But we have nothing to do with killings of human beings. Isn't it

      We do not know the true meaning of Ahimsa, so we do not have any
      place for humanity in our mind.

      Talking on killings of human being can be harmful to us so the best
      way is to run away from working for human rights (what is it?).
      why we talk only on animal rights (we know it very well.

      What are your comments?

      Mahavir Sanglikar

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