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HereNow4U Newsletter 39 (25.09. - 01.10.2005)

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    This week HereNow4U: Jainism - A Tradition Which Jains Must Revive & Reinvigorate Prof. Cromwell Crawford 25.09.2005 Jainism is a religion waiting to be
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      This week HereNow4U:

      Jainism - A Tradition Which Jains Must Revive & Reinvigorate
      Prof. Cromwell Crawford
      Jainism is a religion waiting to be reborn. The likelihood, though, is that its rebirth will take place in the West, rather than in the East. Throughout the ages, Jainism has always been ahead of itself. The ancient saints possessed ideas and ideals, which could not be fully understood or appreciated in the pre-modern world, and therefore they had to await present developments in order to come into their own. It is this historic fruition of Jainism to contribute toward the making of the new millennium that supplies the motivation for Jains to revive and reinvigorate their tradition To illustrate the premise that Jainism has ideas and ideals that are eminently relevant to contemporary issues, we take a look at developments in the areas of ecology and theology.

      Essay Writing Contest on Jainpushp.org
      http://www.jainpushp.org/ is a Digamber website exclusivly dedicated to Jainism under the motto"One source for information related to universal message of Jainism and Jain philosophy" and offers additionally a very activ and crossinformative group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jainpushp/join you can participate in.

      Jainism - Not Only A Religion But Also A Way Of Living
      Prashant K. Jain
      Prashant K. Jain is the winner of Jainpushp's Essay Writing Contest, category: senior students

      Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth - A Non-Sectarian Jain School
      Humble beginnings of Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth were started by Resp. Sadhvi Shilapiji in mid-1990s, with only a handful of children whose parents were very keen for their children to obtain a foundation of Jain Dharma . SCV was formally inaugurated on 27 June 1997 in London, U.K., and during the first six months itself the attendance increased from less than fifty to over one hundred and seventy!

      London : Music and Food Event at Women's Interfaith Network
      Samani Pratibha Pragya and Samani Punya Pragya participated in the above event, which was held at the Lindley Hall, Royal Horticultural Society, London, on Sunday, 25th September 2005.

      Kolkatta: Celebration Of Collective Forgiveness Day
      On Sunday, 25th September 2005, a collective forgiveness day was celebrated in Kolkatta. The celebration was to create awareness for Ahimsa as a quality of living, decreasing those occasions, one might have reason to ask for forgiveness or to grant it. The speakers reminded the value of friendship for human life.

      Fractal Music Voyage - New Sounds for the Inner Ear
      Fractal Music 4U. Fractal Music brings to your ear streams and particles of soundlines in a currently changing self-similar structure, not following a linear concept, but a floating process of transformations. It can open your mind to own awareness.

      Webstats4U at HereNow4U
      former Nedstat, is a free public counter for the traffic on a website.
      HereNow4U joined this comunity now after solving some unexspected technical problems.

      HereNow4U - Online Book Charts
      For our own orientation we run a statistics on the daily pageviews of the different content in HereNow4U.
      This is a view on the books online.


      Karuna Reports from London:

      Prenatal Service By JVB London
      Editor Karuna Jain
      JVB London offers special appointments to expectant parents for prenatal care. During the period of pregnancy, Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya are teaching Mantras to the parents-to-be and their awaited new family member once a week. The Mantras generate vibrations of peace and joy inside the parents, giving warm welcome to the new citizen on planet earth and making him or her feeling comfortable in mother's womb.

      Fast Breaking Ceremonies In London - Paryushan 2005 (1)
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Fasting is one means to come in close contact with the higher reality of the soul, for it is not only restraint from food, but symbolises the capacity of man alone, to conquer the driving powers of desire. According to Jain philosophy, neither heavenly, nor hellish beings are capable to act out selfcontrol in this way; animals and plants less than ever. Every year for Paryushan, many Jains feel to go to their own limits and chose fasting for prove. Very often they did not plan this for long, but started it spontaneously for Paryushan; sometimes they are even astonished how many days they were capable to take water only from dusk to dawn.

      Fast Breaking Ceremonies In London Paryushan 2005 (2)
      Editor Karuna Jain
      Bipim Sheth (middle) had completed 13 days of complete fast; at Paryushan 2004 he had fasted already for the whole time of Paryushan. This experience was motivation and encouragement for him, to go even more far this year. His wife Neeta (right) supported him strongly. They reported that many wonderful things had happened to Bipim during his fast.

      Visit To SOAS London
      Editor Karuna Jain
      During the authors 2005 visit to London for Pratishtha Mahotsav & Paryushan, she had a closer look on the campus and some facilities.
      It was a sunny day at the end of August 2005. Although courses had not yet started again, the atmosphere was filled with academic talks and planning of projects to be realised.


      Samanis Mangal Prajnaji & Prassana Prajnaji - 8 days in Dubai, UAE:

      Samanis Mangal Prajnaji & Prassana Prajnaji - 8 days in Dubai, UAE - 8th Day
      Day 8 of Samani Mangal Prajnaji & Samani Prassana Prajnaji Dubai visit - was their last day in Dubai this trip.
      A number of devotees were still requesting Samaniji to visit their homes and accept alms. So after returning from Abu Dhabi, inspite of tight schedule, Samaniji granted the devotees' wishes by visiting their homes - even for few minutes - and accepting alms. Evening programme was arranged at R K Bengani's residence at 2030 PM.


      Bhagavan Mahavira - Acharya Ganadhipati Tulsi:

      Bhagavan Mahavira - 9.07 - Philosophy And Exhortation (7)
      Bhagavan Mahavira - 9.08 - Philosophy And Exhortation (8)

      Bhagavan Mahavira - 9.09 - Philosophy And Exhortation (9)

      Bhagavan Mahavira - 9.10 - Completed
      Acharya Ganadhipati Tulsi
      Now this book is completely online.
      The daily thoughts on the subject aren't fed by the appearance of new chapters anymore.
      But you can access it further on in the left menu. more


      Thought at Sunrise - Acharya Mahaprajna:

      "Each day a thought"


      You find our guestbook at the bottom of each page. Drop us a line. Let us know your pros, cons and wishes. Make it your HereNow4U.

      Carla & Christian Geerdes
      (Karuna & Aparigraha Jain)
      Editors HereNow4U
      Online Magazine
      Berlin, Germany

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