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Jainism is Hindu or what

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  • Raj
    Dear friends jai jinendra a long discussion is going on whether jain is hindu or a other religion . i would like to tell you all that jain is not a religion
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2003
      Dear friends

      jai jinendra

      a long discussion is going on whether jain is hindu or a other religion . i
      would like to tell you all that jain is not a religion . jain is a way of
      jin by which tirthankars goes to moksha . after the 500 yrs of nirvan of
      bhagwan mahavir their followers give this panth a new name called " jain "
      . jain is who bealives the saying of bhagwan mahavir or other tirthankars .
      all the vani of tirthankars are same . they were not jain . they were
      kshatriyas . all the tirthankrs are born in kshatriya family by niyam and
      there is never any change . once jiv of bhagwan mahavir was came in the
      womb of bramhin mother . but the Indra came to know and they change the
      womb and bring the jive of bhagwan mahavir in the kshatriya mother .

      so the discussion has no meaning of jain or hindu . the way by which a jive
      goes to moksha that is only one , and we call it jain.by following the
      saying of tirthankars a christian , a muslim , a hindu or of any other
      religion can go to moksha .

      i hope the gyani members of group would be agree with me .

      Rajesh jhonsa

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      Subject: Re: [Jain Friends] jain is a part of hindu? - Jainism is not a part
      ofHindu R.

      > Jai Jinendra,
      > I too support that Jainism is not the part of Hindu,
      > but its a fact that nearly 90% of indians believe Jains are part of
      > Hindus and no one can deny it.
      > What i want to say is as many of the rules/preachings of our Gods are
      > same as that of Hindu Gods so people misunderstand it and consider it
      > as a part of Hindu.
      > Again due to Hindu and Muslim riots and all such stuffs going around,
      > which also casted a due effect in combining all the other religions
      > and submerge into Hindus..
      > But I think we should not go ahead on such a topic which creates
      > diversity, but as India is made of many cast, sects, religions,
      > languages etc we should stand together and should think on the
      > progess of our country.
      > I would like to throw light on one point : "have you heard of talks
      > related to religion/language diversity in America or other developed
      > nations"
      > So if we want to progress than we should come above all these
      > differences...
      > Even our Tirthankars used to say the same thing and you people many
      > be knowing that during "Samav Sharan" even animals used to leave
      > their wild nature and sit and hear the preaching........
      > I am sorry if I have offended someone, but its completely my views.
      > And thanks for reading this..
      > urs
      > Abhi
      > --- Naresh Shah <Naresh-IndiraShah@...> wrote: > Dear Friends:
      > >
      > > Jai Jinendra. The following text from A Handbook of Jainology
      > > clearly shows that Jainism is not a part of Hindu religion.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Naresh
      > > Evidence in support of the theory that Jain Dharma is an ancient
      > > religion:
      > > The Jain Dharma existed even before the emergence of the Vedas and
      > > the Puranas which are said to be ancient. This point is proved by
      > > what is said in the following stanza.
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