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FW: [Jain Friends] Jainism and Graphology (Science of Handwriting analysis)

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  • Pushkar Bagmar
    Thanks to all for the encouraging response. Since many of you have shown interest in the course and asked further details, I am giving them below: The next
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003

      Thanks to all for the encouraging response.  Since many of you have shown interest in the course and asked further details, I am giving them below:


      The next batch is going to be held in Pune commencing 18 and 20 July (two different batches) with timings of 9 am to 1 pm .  The classes will be held every Friday (batch commencing 18 July) and every Sunday (batch commencing 20 July) for 6 such Fridays/Sundays.  The venue is YMCA, Quarter Gate, Laxmi Road , Pune.


      The Mumbai batch will be held sometime in October at Ruparel college.


      For getting any further information the contact details are: Mr Milind Rajore – Tel (Office) 020 6124974 or (Reliance Cell) 020 3100 1891 or (Home) 020 6111985.


      All those who stay in Mumbai can refer to yesterday’s edition (30 June) of Education Times (supplement of TOI) wherein there is a half page article on Milind Rajore published on the cover page itself.


      Jai Jinendra!

      Pushkar Bagmar


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      Subject: [Jain Friends] Jainism and Graphology (Science of Handwriting analysis)


      Jai Jinendra!


      I wish to put across a very interesting account of my experience with the science of graphology and its close relation with Jainism.


      I have learnt graphology (all 3 degrees) under India ’s leading graphologist, Milind Rajore.  As I kept on progressing on graphology, we came to know some stunning facts about humans and the subconscious mind.  We came to know how and why does the subconscious mind causes diseases in the human body.  How does jealosy, hatred, anger, etc work against one’s own body.  Why does a Cheat get cheated and a lot more.


      Basically, we can clearly know how the theory of Karmawad functions.  How do we become what we become.  What will be the impact of that on us and our children.  In fact, from a person’s writing we can tell about 3 generations back and forth.  It is an amazing science and Milind puts it across very convincingly.


      After doing graphology I have come to understand the importance and significance of Mind Ahimsa, Pratikraman, Kshamapana, etc.  Graphology actually helped me understand Jainism because the karmawad was thoroughly learnt and understood.


      If anybody is interested in joining this course, which I recommend every one should join, the classes are frequently held in Pune and once or twice a year in Mumbai.  Please let me know if anybody is interested so that I can keep him informed when the classes would be held.


      A must learn for all Jains.



      Pushkar Bagmar

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