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Adopt an Earthquake Village.

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  • shuddha
    This is for information of those interested in quick direct help in the private sector. Please forward this to any one who is willing to extend a hand. Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001
      This is for information of those interested in quick direct help in the private sector.
      Please forward this to any one who is willing to extend a hand.
      Thank you
      Dear Friends:
      As you know Pujya Niruben and her team of seventy fulltime Aptaputras, and Aptaputris (lifelong brahmacharis dedicated to public service) and hundreds of followers of Dadashri's Vignan living in Gujarat, have started the work of total rehabilitation of earthquake devastated victims under the plan of
      Adopt an Earthquake Village
      Two villages have been adopted. The details about Rajpar have been mailed to you. This village has been totally flattened. There are no homes left. We will send you details about the other village soon. This evening communications via cell phone with Dimple, one of the Aptaputras, have been made and note is made of the fact that while food and emergency supplies are available the villagers will need real help with long term rehabilitation and rebuilding of their homes. Pujya Niruben along with her extensive on ground help and may professional civil and structural engineers and businessmen and workers with know how, have committed to bringing back life in just two of hundreds of villages affected, by starting with simple home rebuilding project and restoration of water supply pipelines. This is a huge private project, but all involved are local folks who have simple desire of service with no profit in mind. Hence the cost is the cost of materials only. Massive humanity is out there to help if they see a meaningful aggressive rebuilding project start as soon as possible. In this respect Pujya Niruben and her team are familiar with the villagers as she herself has visited these areas atleast once a year for satsang for the past several years. She has personally given satsang to nearly half of the village folks. 
      Dada Bhagwan Vignan Institute  is a non profit registered  US organization which has decided to help collect the much needed funds for this earthquake relief and under the plans above, every cent of the money received will directly go for the rebuilding and rehabilitation of entire villages. None of the workers will receive any remuneration and do not want any. As described above these are folks who have received the bliss of the knowledge of The Self and have dedicated their entire life for service to others. The nature of this service in the past has varied depending on the needs of the people.
      The nature of moha maya is such that a distant earthquake somehow seems less catastrophic than the first scratch on a new car...until it hits home. We should all have the same karuna and bhaav for all suffering all over the world. And  we all need to search within as to how much true seva paropkaar bhav (charity)exists within us. Every morsel eaten within the cozy comfort of a secure home with safe loved ones is pure punya when one looks at the unimaginable and incomprehensible catastrophe that has befallen our people in our home land.
      So if you feel inclined to adopt an earthquake village and make it come back to life please write a check to:
      DBVI Earthquake Relief Fund
      Dada Bhagwan Vignan Institute
      902 Mifflin Road
      Topeka  KS 66606
      Please mention on the check that the money is for earthquake relief.
      Our Tax ID number is 48-1129555.
      These donations are tax deductible and you will receive prompt receipts.
      To learn more about DBVI organization you may visit
      www.dadashri.org in the US
      To learn about the Science of Service to others please read and distribute free this booklet
      Please note that you will be kept informed of the work being done in this project. Let us hope that we can help adopt more earthquake villages. All ideas for help in this regard are most welcome.
      Thanking you for your help.
      Dr. Niruben Amin
      Deepak Desai
      Dimple Mehta
      In the UK: The Funds may be mailed to:
      Mr. Ramesh Patel
      636, Kenton Road, Kenton Harrow
      Tel : 181 204 0746
      The address of the web site is
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