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HereNow4U Newsletter 06-13 ( 26.03.- 01.04.2006)

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    HereNow4U : ThE week ... Ahimsa Yatra : Batinda - Akaliakalan- Jeto Mandi - Nanaksar Swami Dharmananda 26.03.2006 The Ahimsa Yatra procession was well received
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      HereNow4U : ThE week

      Ahimsa Yatra : Batinda - Akaliakalan- Jeto Mandi - Nanaksar
      Swami Dharmananda
      The Ahimsa Yatra procession was well received by the citizens of Batinda. The procession turned into a spiritual gathering at Seth Bhanamal Trust Dharamshala. The people offered welcome songs and facilitations. H.H. in his sermon said, when he had come to Batinda in 1979, he had recited one Shloka (verse in Sanskrit), and now he would like to repeat the same.
      JVB London - Jain Vidya Samgoshthi Report
      In the auspicious presence of Samanijis Pratibha & Punya Pragya, the Jain Vidya Sangoshti took place on Sunday, 26th March 2006, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Precautionarily, the Samanijis had reminded the interested in the event to the change of time which had happened in the early morning of this last Sunday in March all over Europe.
      Institute of Jainology - Course on Atmasiddhi - by Harshad N. Sanghrajka
      Birkbeck College, University of London
      At the end of the course, the student will be familiar with the central themes of the Atmasiddhi and Srimad Rajcandra as a historic personality.
      The student will also be familiar with the Jain ‘Lay Path’ as described in the text; as well as develop skills in analysing the evolution of the doctrine from early Jainism.
      This should form a foundation from which the student can read and objectively analyse further Jain texts.
      Announcement Of The Date For 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp
      Siddharth Bothra
      Preksha Meditation LogoThis is my pleasure to announce the date of 5th International Preksha Meditation Camp.
      The camp will be held from 23 October to 30 October 2006.
      The auspicious presence of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna is a great opportunity to practice Preksha Meditation. This Eight days residential camp is being organized in Bhiwani City, 100 k.m. from New Delhi.
      Ahimsa Yatra : Kotkapura - Nihalsinghwala
      Swami Dharmananda
      …it is necessary to develop ability…
      Selection of able persons is the first to do. This is the base of new development. The board should organize such functions, which can improve the character of the public.
      All India Jain Journalist Conference Held At New Delhi on 18th and 19th March 2006
      One of the main issues discussed at conference was the problem faced by Jain journalists in collecting proper press notes about the programs. People want their programs to be reported but do not send the print material and therefore many important events go totally unreported. The community should see that a proper press report is prepared after the program and delivered for publication.


      Dimensional Views - to be continued soon.

      HereNow4U : BOOKS ONLINE

      Economics of Lord Mahavira - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 06.15 ] Poverty and Unemployment - The Rural Conditions
      In fact, the conditions are such that crores of people do not get a square meal to satisfy their hunger. However, there is one difference between the olden times and now. In the ancient times, people died due to poverty or starvation. Today they are not allowed to die; they are kept alive to bear the suffering. If someone dies, then it becomes a threat to the government.
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 06.16 ] Poverty and Unemployment - Effects of Accumulation
      Today's economic thought has identified two impacts of hoarding poverty and war. Mahavira said, "Do not accumulate". If accumulation is kept within limits, the problem of poverty can be solved easily; so also the problems of unemployment and population. If poverty is contained, people will get proper nutrition. With this will end the problem of population. The basic factor is poverty and the outcome of poverty is population growth.
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 06.17 ] Poverty and Unemployment - Expanding Disparity
      Let us now divert our attention to another dimension. What we are seeking is a change in social, political and economic systems, which is manifest only externally while man lives by his inner self. Unless the inner self is not addressed, unless the world inside is not treated, the basic problem will perpetuate itself. In other words, as long as there is a growing tendency for accumulation, greed and selfishness, poverty will also continue to flourish.
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 06.18 ] Poverty and Unemployment - Conception Of A New Man
      Economics, Psychology and Spiritual Philosophy cannot be isolated from one another. It is necessary to understand and weigh the impact that one has on others. This should be examined and studied. It is necessary also to comprehend which discipline affects or is affected by others. If this were achieved, the vision of new Economics would emerge. To give it a functional form, a new man would have to be conceived.
      The new man alone will be able to find a way out of the complexities of today.
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 07.01 ] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi – Four Personalities
      Principles and the propounder, precepts and the preceptor, theories and the theorists - these have deep mutual relationships. If we talk about principles, it is also necessary to talk about those who propounded them. If we talk about the propounders, then it is necessary to talk about the principles
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 07.02 ] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi – Spiritual/Physical Personality
      Mahavira is a purely spiritual personality. Inside and outside, by conduct and by belief in the twin-dimensions, there is a spiritual personality.
      Gandhi is internally a spiritual personality and externally a political personality. Gandhi tried to clarify this position on several occasions: "In a real sense, I am a spiritual and religious person. I have adopted politics as a medium to establish an intimate relationship with the people...."
      Economics Of Lord Mahavira [ 07.03 ] Mahavira, Marx, Keynes and Gandhi – Another Angle/Six Parameters
      If these four personalities were looked at from a different perspective, the conclusion would be like this:
      * Mahavira was the propounder of a non-violent revolution.
      * Gandhi was the propounder of non-violence related to multi-dimensional economic system.
      * Marx was the propounder of socialistic economic revolution.
      * Keynes was the propounder of capitalistic economic revolution.

      Twelve Facets Of Reality - by Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [04] Freedom From Dependency
      Ekatva, I am One. I came alone into the world. I will depart alone. I know how to stand alone, without addiction or prop apart from the herd, fearless and strong in my Self.
      I have only to go into the depth of aloneness to know the meaning of all-oneness.
      Everyone has come into the world to know this oneness, to build a bridge of communication with one another.
      Let me be aware of everyone as flame, as living light, including myself. Let me realize the magnificence and potency of soul and become universal.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [05] In Search Of The Incomparable
      Let me see that I am Self, and that I have misidentified myself with that which is other than Self.
      I have allowed my limited mind to identify with ephemeral things and turn them into concepts. Binding myself to them, I have become bound. Now I turn to that light which is beyond mind and vaster than the material world. In throwing that light on the octopus grip of the mind, I can persuade it to loosen its hold. I want to free myself of dependency and perceive life clearly. I want to experience the beauty of my incomparable Self.
      The world is not agony or pain. Pain is my own confusion, my own possessiveness. The world is neutral. I am now going to use it as a testing ground for my growth, as an inspiration for my progress, as a means to take me closer to all living life.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [06] The Flame In The Candle
      That is moving upward in me? It is my purity, my spirit 's longing to find the beautiful, the noble, the divine.
      That is melting downward in me? It is the dross, that which decomposes and disperses into its own elements.
      Let me take the process of meditation to dehypnotise my consciousness. Do I know whether my actions come from self- awareness or from someone else's suggestion?
      Nothing fetters or binds a person who is aware. He lives in the world, with the world, but not of it.
      Let me live as a premamandir, a temple of love, a sacred place in which I extend the flame of reverence to all living beings universally.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [07] Observing the Inflow of Vibrations
      Let me see my consciousness as a clean body of water, clear, pure, and sparkling.
      When I stand back, I can watch the inflow of negative vibrations. I have no need to identify with them, for what has come from outside can go back outside. It does not belong in my consciousness.
      My real nature is blissfulness. When I am in this natural state, I am in balance.
      Detachment is not going away from anybody; it is coming to my own Self. Let me be with myself; then I will know how to be with you.
      Faith that comes from somebody else 's word, promise, or prediction is not going to last long, because it is borrowed. Conviction, which comes from inner experience, is going to endure.
      Instead of making the world a valley of unhappiness, false promise. Instead, say to yourself, I can transform it into a garden of bliss with awareness.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [08] The Art Of The Full Stop
      Close the windows when the storm is about to come. In life the storm is anger, greed, ego, and deceit.
      Let me see the pain anger has caused me so that I will not want to evoke it in anyone else.
      Let me see the inner cruelty of greed, how in taking more than my share, someone else has to have less.
      Let me see how the ego wants to put someone else down.
      Let me see the pretension in deceit, how it is centred on covering up the truth from myself and the world.
      If I keep the purpose always in front of my inner eye, I will make it to the peak. I am going to make it because there is no outside agent determining my life. I am here for that purpose.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [09] The Art of Cleansing
      Nirjara is the way for me to drop, break, or shed conditions, addictions, and habits, which bind me. I want to give myself room to grow. I want to free myself from limiting habits and reach my true height.
      What do I want? Why do I want? How much do I want? What I don't want I will not let into my life. What I do want is that which will help me grow and move toward my permanent reality.
      I am I. I cannot be like somebody else. Wherever I go, I go with myself.
      Religious vows are created from outside compulsion. Disciplines flow from inner self-awareness, from penetrating insights. They are like the banks of a river. If I keep these banks around me, I am freeing my energy to flow toward the ocean in a steady stream of awareness and love.
      Twelve Facets Of Reality [10] The Nature of the Universe
      I am living, conscious energy. Let me melt away my inner walls of fear, greed, possessiveness, anger, and ignorance. I want to free myself from all the forms and live beyond.
      The constituents of this universe are soul, matter, motion, rest, space, and time. Of these six, only soul is aware. I have to reach that state in which I know these unknowns. Then what I do I will do out of fearlessness.
      A flash of insight can lift a lifetime's burden.
      When I know the value of the day, I won't spoil it at any cost.
      Joy is not counted with years - it is counted with moments.
      Soul is the doctor; mind is the patient. With double awareness I can heal my mind and make myself whole.

      HereNow4U : DEUTSCH

      Zur Harmonie im Inneren - 13. Ich möchte Selbstdisziplin lernen
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      Wenn jemand unabsichtlich ein Gesetz übertritt und es schließlich bemerkt, fürchtet er sich vor Entdeckung. Diese Furcht macht ihn zum hilflosen Opfer. Die Tiere des Dschungels erstarren vor Schreck, wenn der Löwe zu brüllen anfängt. Was würde der Löwe tun, wenn sie weiterrennen würden? Doch sie sind so erstarrt, dass der Löwe nicht mehr viel tun muss. Sie scheinen beinahe aus eigenem Antrieb zum Verspeisen zu ihm zu kommen. Das Problem der von außen auferlegten Disziplin, der Kontrolle, wird kompliziert durch die Furcht in der Gesellschaft. Es gibt nur ein Mittel dagegen, die Entwicklung von Selbstdisziplin.

      Dimensionale Sicht [ 01.10 ] Blick in die 2. Dimension
      "Ich nenne unsere Welt Flachland, nicht weil wir sie so nennen, sondern weil ihre Beschaffenheit euch dadurch klarer wird, meine lieben Leser, die ihr privilegiert seid in Raumland zu leben..."

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