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Bhagwan Bahubali is the greatest inspiration for the youth of today

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  • pradeepwrit
    Spirituality and management Bhagwan Bahubali serves as an inspiration for the youth of today . ... as interviewed by pradeep nambiar for Sanskar tv 9321027318
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2006
      Spirituality and management
      "Bhagwan Bahubali serves as an inspiration for the youth of today".
      ----Swasti Sri Charukeerti Bhattarakh Mahaswamiji --SHRAVANABELOGA
      as interviewed by pradeep nambiar for Sanskar tv 9321027318

      What is the purpose of life?
      Our life is to learn , to improve ourselves, we are born in ignorance
      we don't know anything except the present before us. We have to do
      good which will have a good effect on the people. From our parents we
      learn the basics of life and through our guru we learn to meet the
      challenges of life. We have to evolve ourselves, purify our soul.

      What is our swadharma, how do we identify our karma bhoomi?
      We continuosly are in the process of purifying and evolving into
      higher beings through many births. Our earlier life, likings and
      tastes are passed on into the current birth and that is projected
      through our talents. We have to nurture them and build on them . But
      if the sanskar gives us wrong feelings , we must correct it and move
      towards higher evolution. Environment, our parents , our birth , do
      play a role in our life's journey . "at all times we have to realize
      that purusharth is our duty".purusharth has to performed continuosly
      at all times.

      What is success in life?

      Nothing happens without hard work. Purusharth is the only way to
      success and development. "Luck" that is punya of last life does help
      you sometimes but not always. Apart from your environment, your
      consent on the path of life is a major contributor. Your aim,
      direction and the consent you give to that decision moves or acts as
      a catalyst towards success.

      What is failure in life?
      There are no failures in life; setbacks are path to higher evolution.
      That should never put you down. You may lose sometimes but that
      should not deter you from your path. Spider's web is broken many
      times but it doesn't stop it from reconstructing it time and again.
      Life is for continuous improvement and setbacks calls for immediate
      improvement. Defeat is your ladder to success.

      Examples of inspiration for the youth?
      Bhagwan Bahubali is a striking example for the youth of today. He
      renounced everything that he got and attained the supreme. His
      message of AHIMSA, TYAG, MAITRIYA and DHYAN is eternal. With AHIMSA
      you get joy, through TYAG we get SHAANTI, through MAIETRIYA we get
      all round development and through DHYAN we get SIDDHI. Chakravarti
      Bahubali the victor after defeating his elder brother Bharat
      renounced all material pleasures of the world and attained the
      supreme, became Bhagwan Bahubali. There can be no greater example of
      motivation for the youth.
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