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Request for Material on Bhagwan Mahaveer & Jainism

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  • Ahimsa Foundation
    Ahimsa Foundation, a registered trust (Registered at Sub Registrar s Office, Asif Ali Road, New Delhi) on 20th April 2000
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2005
      Ahimsa Foundation, a registered trust (Registered at Sub Registrar’s Office, Asif Ali Road, New Delhi) on 20th April 2000
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      Dear Members of Jain Samaj,

      Subject: Presentation About Introduction to Jain Religion & Life of Bhagwan Mahaveer

      For a a public gathering of Jains & Non-Jains, a presentation is required about "Introduction of Jain Religion with particular emphasis on the Life of Bhagwan Mahaveer and his message". 

      We are looking forward to any material (contents) which will help us in making this presentation interesting and motivating.

      Please do send us, if any material is available with you on this subject. The material may be in the form of written script, photographs, CD or feature film etc. 

      Any information on source of availability of material is also welcome. 

      Although, we will prefer to have the contents on loan basis but we are also prepared to pay for any information or material.

      We look forward to your early response. 

      Jai Jinendra

      For Ahimsa Foundation

      A. K. Jain
      Founder Trustee
      Dated: 6th April, 2005


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