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    AHIMSA TIMES - JANUARY 2005 ISSUE - www.jainsamaj.orgVol. No. 55 January, 2005 Print Ahimsa Times Board of Trustees Ahimsa Foundation Circulation + 75000
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      AHIMSA TIMES - JANUARY 2005 ISSUE - www.jainsamaj.org

      Vol. No. 55
      January, 2005


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                      Desire and Content

      As long as you are consumed with the fire of desire,
       so long will you fail to enjoy the refreshing coolness of content.
      Just as light precludes darkness, so content precludes desires.
      Which would you rather have - Desire or Content?

      -----gURUDEV  Chitrabhanu-----


      Digambar Muni Shri Meru Bhushan Ji had taken the vow of undergoing indefinite fast from 25th October, 2004 for getting the illegal occupation at the fifth peak of Siddh Kshetra Girnar Ji vacated and the statue of Guru Dattatreya unlawfully installed there removed, as already reported in the November issue of Ahimsa Times. The illegal occupation at the peak still continues and the orders of the High Court passed on 21st December are being flouted. The saint is still continuing his fast and he has declared that if the Government does not take necessary action in the matter, he will be forced to undergo ‘Upsarg sallekhana samadhi-maran’ (sitting in meditation till death) at Kunthalgiri Siddh Kshetyra in Maharashtra at 9.30 A.M. on the 30th January, 2005.He will be reaching Kunthlgiri on the 21st January after his vihar from Sravan Bel Gola in Karnataka. The saint has in the mean time sent a letter to the Prime Minister once again, requesting him to intervene in the matter and get the illegal occupation removed. He has also demanded C.B.I. enquiry into the incident of beating Jain pilgrims at Girnar.


      In a hearing on the 21st December, 2004, on a writ petition filed by Digambar Jain samaj in the Gujarat High Court about the illegal occupation of fifth peak of the Girnar Ji mountain and un-authorized installation of Dattatreya statue there, the Court having accepted the plea of installation of the Dattatreya statue in an un-authorized manner, against the prevalent rules for protected monuments, had ordered for immediately removal of the statue by the concerned party and vacation of the illegal occupation at the fifth peak.

      The Court, in its order, further added that if the statue was not removed by the 28th December, it would be forced to ask the authorities for its removal. The next hearing for this purpose was fixed for 28th December. This hearing, scheduled for 28th December has not been held and the Court has deferred it. This case is being represented in the Gujarat High Court by advocates, Shri Manoj Goyal, Shri D.K. Jain and Shri Harshad Prajapat. During the hearing, the Chairman of Girnar Jain Trust, Shri Raja Ramlesh, Shri Vasant Doshi, Shri Gyan Mal Shah, Shri Rishabh Kumar Jain were present amongst and others. Courtesy: Prachin Teerth Jeernodhar, October, 2004.

      Mahamasthakabhishekha of Lord Gommateshwara will be held in February 2006
      Mahamasthakabhishekha of Lord Gommateshwara will be held in February 2006. As a prelude to it WWW.JAINHERITAGECENTRES.COM will bring to light the hoary heritage of Shravanabelagola. An article series on Shravanabelagola, the religious capital of Jainism, focusing on the vast richness of the place in terms of its great history, temples, inscriptions, the Jain Mutt, the Bhattarakha tradition, the rituals observed during mahamasthakabhishekha, the views observed by the devotees will be documented in this series. A special feature will be brought every fortnight covering the Heritage of Shravanabelagola at length and thus enlightening the public and the scholars alike about it. Dr.H.A.Parshwanath The editor-in-chief of Jaina Voice will be scribing the same for the benefit of readers and viewers.  The articles have been published at the link www.jainheritagecentres.com Information courtesy Nitin H.P. www.jainheritagecentres.com.

      Ancient idols of Bhagwan Mahavir and Bhagwan Neminath Ji were recently obtained during excavation work at village Jahajpur in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Controversy was created when leaders of one sect laid their claim on the idols, while the other group said it belonged to them. The Police appeared on the scene and took the recovered idols in their custody.

      Fourteen rare idols stolen from PAITOPUR Jain temple
      Sitapur, Jan 13 : Burglars broke open the locks of an ancient Jain temple at Paitopur and decamped with 14 rare idols worth Rs one crore, police here said today. The burglars entered the Digambar Jain Parsvanath temple last night and stole 14 idols made up of eight metals besides the jewellery adorning the deities. A case had been registered and manhunt had been launched by the police to nab the culprits.


      Recently, we have come across certain protest letters written by members and saints about the Girnar issue. We feel, the language used against the political leaders is highly insulting and abusive.  This damages the basic character of Jain society and its culture. While it is important to protest, we must keep in mind our existing image of cultured and highly educated society. We should not get provoked and all impulsive behavior should be avoided.


      Shravanabelagola (Karnataka): The prestigious Prakrit Gnanabharathi Award sponsored by Srutakevali Education Trust - Antargata Rashtriya Prakrit Studies and Research Organisation was conferred on Padmanabha Sriverma Jaini on 20th October, 2004 at a colourful function held at Shravanabelagola. A scholar of international fame in Prakrit and Pali languages, was honoured with the award carrying a cash of rupees one lakh and a plaque. Sri N.K.Jain, the former Chief Justice of Karnataka and Sri M.Verappa Moily, the ex-chief minister of Karnataka honoured the scholar. Sri N.K.Jain mentioned that the Jains of South India are proud of the Acharyas who scripted the voice of Tirthankaras hailing from North India. Sri Verappa Moily called for the thirst of knowledge which makes one a human-being in true sense to adopt and follow human values in one's day to day life. Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji also graced the occasion. He said that the translation of Jainagamas in the form of Dhavala works which are an embodiment of perfection and core of the religion will help in dispersing the knowledge to the world at large. Jain Heritage Centres News Service.

      jaina to Honour  Shri Chitrabhanuji and acharya sushil muni
      To begin the celebration year of JAINA’s 25th Anniversary, JAINA Executive Committee has decided to award Life time achievement award to - Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and late Acharya Sushil Muni at the 2005 JAINA Convention. The award will be given for their motivation and support in the formation of JAINA, for their spiritual leadership and guidance to JAINA and Jain community and for their unwavering dedication to propagation of Jainism in North America.

      Orrisa film actress Rekha Jain felicitated
      She has gone through a phase of intense pain and trauma, but her love for acting remains undeterred. Having cheated death in an accident Rekha Jain's spirit to make a come-back to films remains undaunted. Oriya film director Hara Patnaik at a function here felicitated the Ollywood actress, who was bed-ridden for more than a year in a de capacitated state.  Although she is yet to recover fully, she is confident of achieving full fitness and beginning a second innings in the life. Rekha achieved fame for her role in films like Maa Pan Kie Haba and Dharma Debata bes¬ides acting in several serials and video albums. She had been honored with the Ponds Award, Chalachitra Jagat Sam-man as well as the Orissa Cine Critics Award for best actress in 2002.

      Mridula  (jain) Garg honoured  with "Vyas Samman"
      January: Renowned Hindi writer Mrs. Mridula Garg, born in a Jain family, has been selected for 'Vyas Samman' by K.K Birla foundation, for her novel 'Kathgulab'. Mridula has so for published six novels, nine short story selection & 3 plays. The award carries a cash prize of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. Mridula Garg also appears in the book 'Vaishalik ki chhaya mein' (a collection on the writings by Jain Hindi litteratures of last century) edited by Shri Rajesh Jain & Mrs. Prabhakiran Jain.News courtesy Shri Rajesh Jain,E-Mail : rajesh492003@...

      Hindi Academy announced at New Delhi the name of Shri Nemi Chand Jain, famous Hindi poet, critic, writer and stage artist for the award of 'Shalaka Samman' for the year 2004 for his contribution to enrich Hindi language and Hindi literature. He is a scholar in Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu languages and has to his credit many poem collections and plays. The award will consist of a cash sum of Rs. 1,11,111/- and a memento. The presentation of award will be made on 5th February at FICCI auditorium by eminent littérateur, Rajendra Yadav. Smt. Sheela Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi would be the Chief guest. News courtesy Shri Rajesh Jain,E-Mail :rajesh492003@...


      American educationists are recognizing the relevance of Jain philosophy and culture and showing keen interest in incorporating the subject in their regular educational syllabus. Universities in North America are interested to include Jain philosophy as a subject in the engineering, medicine, management and other disciplines of education. Prof. Cromwell Crawford, Chairman-Department of Religions of Hawaii University, USA and Dr. Sulekh Jain, a technocrat by profession from Houston, visited India to explore the possibilities of training American Jain scholars in India. "Ahimsa Foundation",  coordinated the visit. An interactive session on Jain philosophy and culture was organised by "Ahimsa Foundation" on 3rd January, 2005 at New Delhi.

      The programme was presided over by Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Ex- Union Minister of Human Resource & Development and Former President of Bharatiya Janta Party. Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi dealt with the subject of Applied Jainism and expressed his satisfaction with the activities of Jain Samaj. He said that it is a fact that "Theory of Atomic Energy" as well as "Doctrine of Ahimsa" besides "Anekaant" and "Syadvaad" are gift of Jainism to Indian Philosophy and Thought.

      Prof. Crawford in his address described how the principles of Jainism have become extremely relevant in solving several problems in the present era and how the education of Jain philosophy can help in improving the ethical side of human life. He also said that, there are facilities of imparting knowledge about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism but no such facility is available for Jainism in USA, Canada and Europe. Prof. Crawford showed keen interest in placing Jain studies in general education curriculum. Prof. Crawford offered to send about 20 students every year to study Jainism in India for a period of about two months with the motive that after their return they will take up part-time faculty positions in various educational institutions in America and Canada.

      Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, the General Secretary of "Ahimsa Foundation" while delivering his address suggested Prof. Crawford that a Distance Learning Programme can also be prepared with audio-visual facilities. With the help of internet technology, this programme can establish "Virtual Electronic Classrooms" to facilitate lectures from India to classrooms in America and other countries with two-way audio and video communication.

      Mr. Nirmal Kumar Sethi, President of All India Digamber Jain Mahasabha also addressed the gathering and requested Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi to look into the illegal occupation by unlawful elements at Mount Girnar in district Junagarh in Gujarat, a state that is ruled by his party, the B. J. P. He also supported the concept of "Electronic Virtual Classroom" for study of Jainism and Jain values. Prof. Rattan Jain representing the Swetamber sect assured his support to any programme of education of American scholars in India. Mr. Nirmal Jain, representing All India Sthanakwasi Jain Conference, Mr. Swadesh Bhushan Jain, representing the Jain Journalists, Mr. M. P. Jain representing Mahavir Kendra, the combined body of all Jain sects, Mr. Inderbhooti Barar from Parshwanath Vidhyapeeth and Capt. Vimal Prakash Jain from Bhogilal Leharchand Institute also pledged their support to any such programme of Jain education.

      Prof. P. L. Jain, Chairman, Ahimsa Foundation, delivered the welcome address and thanked the distinguished guests representing various institutions for their support and services in presenting this programme and for their presence. Sahu R. P. Jain, popularly known as International Ambassador of Jain Religion and also the member of the Advisory Board of "Ahimsa Foundation", conducted the programme.

      Prof. Cromwell Crawford, Chairman, Department of Religions at Hawai University in USA addressed a well-attended seminar programme organised by Parshwa nath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi on the 29th December, 2004. He talked about the theme of Jain ahimsa and its relevance in the fields of medicine, sciece and technology. Prof. Crawford had been visiting different religious institutions and meeting Jain scholars in the country with a view to plan the arrangements for teaching Jainology to American students here. Dr. Sulekh Jain, past president of JAINA in USA, an educationist and a devoted Jain scholar presided over the seminar and talked about the project undertaken by Prof. Crawford and himself for introducing Jain philosophy as a subject in American Universities. Other special invitees, who were present, included Dr. Pradeep Jain, Dr. Madhu Jain, both from Banaras Hindu University, Prof. B.B. Menon, Dr. N.K. Somalik, Kunwar Vijayanand Singh and Prof. Maheshwari Prasad. Shri Indrabhuti Berar, Secretary of the Vidyapeeth proposed a vote of thanks. Courtesy: Jinendu, 9th January, 2005.

      An International workshop on ahimsa and its relevance in the present times was organised at Bangalore by Jain Dadawadi Trust in the holy presence of Upadhyay Shri Manibhadra sagar Ji maharaj, other saints and sadhwi ji, Dr. Vidyut prabha ji. Delegates from 22 countries, including USA, Australia, Hongkong, China, Sri Lanka and Nepal took part in the deliberations. They addressed the gathering and threw light on the issue of growing violence in all the parts of the world, emphasizing the need for practicing peace and non-violence. Dr. Marshal Rosenberg, the Chairman of Non-violence Communication and Smt. Hem lata Pokharna, eminent social worker and writer were accorded special welcome. Famous music Director, Ravindra Jain was also present on the occasion.

      The International Science Meet was organized at Udaipur from 26th to 29th December, 2004 for the sixth time with great enthusiasm and keen interest specially in biological, physical and chemical sciences according to Jain philosophy. The participants included a good number of Jain sadhu and sadhwi, scientists and scholars both from India and abroad. The main theme of the seminar was "Theory of Karma and its scientific and social implications". A total of fifty research papers were presented on this theme through 11 sessions. Eighteen saints from different sects, particularly, Acharya Kanaknandi Ji, Acharya Kushagranandi Ji, Muni Sukumalnandi ji, Sramani from Terapanth sect and Sadhwi from Sthanakwasi sect took active part in the discussions and presented the concepts of Karma theory according to Jain philosophy. The presence of Acharya Kanaknandi ji from Digambar sect, who has written 145 books on various subjects related to ‘Karma Siddhant’ and has carried out intensive research and studies in this field, was particularly hailed by all the scientists and scholars coming from different countries. Two books, recently written by him on this subject were also released on this occasion. Two popular subjects of discussion were, ‘Infinite powers from atom to almighty beyond the boundaries of modern scientific knowledge and Biological, psychological and chemical sciences and their impact on the Universe.

      Over one thousand medical doctors, both from India and abroad, took part in the deliberations of International Conference of Jain doctors held at Terapanth Bhawan in Kandivalli (E), Mumbai. They discuused various issues concerned with medical profession, specially, need for simplicity, self-control, periodic fasting and use of nourishing food to maintain good health, lack of ethics and devotion amongst doctors, change in attitudes towards patients and increasing degree of killing of animals for research purposes. Ms. Indu Jain, Chair-person if Times Foundation inaugurated the Science session of the Conference. She mentioned in her address that world peace is possible only through religion. We should try to search Mahavir, who is hidden inside us. Mahavir, outside us, in temples can give us inspiration and show us the way to peace and tranquility. The Conference was organised in the holy presence of several eminent saints, such as Acharya Pushpdant Sagar Ji and Kamal Muni Kamlesh, who threw light on the scientific nature of Jain religion. Dr. Jeev Raj Shah , Chairman of the organising committee welcomed the delegates and guests.

      Jain Social Group of Bharuch and Rotary Club of Bharuch,  organized a seminar  on Sunday, Jan 2, 2005 to bring blessing and message of "Amity" and Ahimsa" from Shree Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji for the people of Bharuch.

      The function was attended by individuals from all religions and all walks of life. The topic of discussion was "Maitri Bhavanu Pavitra Jaranu". Program was initiated by Devotional songs presented by very talented individuals. articipants experienced the unique meditation which transcends the world. Pujya Shree Gurudev Chitrabhanuji blessed the organizers and audience and specially expressed appreciation for such a large gathering, outstanding arrangement, unity and hospitality. Information courtesy Dinesh Jasani, E-Mail : dinesh_jasani@...


      The English version of Dhavala, Jaya Dhavala and Maha Dhavala were released on 20th October by Dr.N.L.Jain at Shravalabelagola. These works were composed about 1300 years ago on Shatkandagama, which were composed about 2000 years ago. The present translation was released to mark the birth centenary celebration of Sri Phoolchand Shastri by Rourkeya Pandit Phoolchand Shastri Foundation. The Jainagamas emphasise that one should strive hard to follow the path of moksha and attain it. Prof. Jaini expected that the tradition of study and analysis (swadhyaya) will cause resurrection of the religion in practice and percepts. He mentioned that atma is free of all bondages it will make an individual divine in perception. He gave a vivid description of the importance of Dhavala works in the study of philosophical antiquity. Dr.Hampa Nagarajaiah, the renowned research scholar who presided over the function opined that Kannadanadu is credited with preserving the only manuscript of Dhavala work available. He called for exercising care in recognising and preserving the talents of the land with due concern. -Jain Heritage Centres News Service.


      Suneet Mehta, has been declared successful in the recently declared results of Union Public Service Commission. Mr.Mehta born on 20.10.1980 has already qualified the professional examination of Institute of Chartered Accounts of India and Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Mr.Mehta belongs to Jodhpur but had his education from Delhi and  Agra, where the family runs the textile business under the banner of Mehta Fabrics Private Limited. His academic carrier and achievements will be inspiration for the generations to come. Mr. Mehta's e-mail address is suneetmehta@... We congratulate Suneet Mehta on his nomination to the Public Service and hope he will have a bright carrier as a civil servant with the Government of India.


      With a view to encourage school students to develop proficiency in extra-curricular activities, like games, sports, debating and music as well as good performance in normal studies, Ahimsa Foundation instituted prizes for three students of a private middle school at Jodhpur, who have shown good overall performance in the class. Three groups were constituted for this purpose, (i) KG to II standard, (ii) III to V standard and (iii) VI to VIII standard. Three students were selected, one from each group by the concerned teachers, who had shown best overall performance. These students were given prizes in the form of mementoes by Prof. P.L. Jain on, behalf of Ahimsa Foundation, on the occasion of Republic Day, the 26th January, 2005. The awards were highly appreciated by the students, teachers and school management.

      Jain community has been demanding minority status at national level for the last few years and representations have been sent to central Government, National Minorities Commission and State leaders from time to time. Supreme Court had earlier directed the Central Government to take a final decision on this issue of considering entire Jain community in the country to be a minority community within a period of 4 months, e.g. latest by 28th November, 2004. In response to the affidavit filed by the Central Government, the Supreme Court has given ruling that under section 30 of the constitution, the decision about according minority status on the grounds of language and religion can be taken by the respective state Governments and not by Central Government. In fact, four states, namely, Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal have already granted minority status to Jain community at state level. Thus, the Jain community will now have to take up the issue of minority status with individual states.

      Performance of Chandanbala: the play in London On 28th November 2004, London witnessed a wonderful performance of the famous Jain play Chandanbala, organised by the women’s wing of Jain Vishwa Bharti, UK. The unique feature of the play was that it was organised and performed entirely by amateur volunteers from the Indian community in London, in a true display of community spirit. The play was performed in front of an audience of 500 and was very well-received from both within and outside the Jain community. Not only did the play achieve its objective of raising funds for establishing a permanent JVB centre in London, but also received much media attention and invitations to perform in other cities of UK and Europe. Most importantly, the play helped educate participants and audience about the life and philosophy of the first Jain sadhvi Chandanbala. Courtesy: Ambika Kucheria, E-Mail : abkraj@...

      Sam Pitroda speaks at SP Jain Center of Management's event
      Sam Pitroda, the man who revolutionized India's Telecom sector and provided an opportunity for the creation of a million jobs, owns 50 international patents, including 10 for M-commerce alone and advises the UN Secretary General and the Indian Prime Minister was at the Knowledge Village at an exclusive event organized by SP Jain Center of Management, Dubai's leading Business School.

      Dr. Pitroda made a scintillating talk outlining his vision for future technology trends and how they will have an impact on the social, cultural and political fabric of the communities we live in. Defining technology and the key factors important to its full expression, Dr. Sam Pitroda said: 'Everything we do outside our bodies to have a fuller, richer, more efficient lifestyle is technology. But to germinate and grow, technology needs an environment which is free from human biases, is open to questioning and is capable of celebrating failures as much as successes. The reason the US has given the world all the leading inventions of the past fifty years is because this is exactly the kind of environment that exists there.'

      Other dignitaries present at the talk were Dr, Abdulla Al Karam, CEO of Dubai Knowledge Village and B. R. Shetty, Chairman of the NMC group. Thanking Sam Pitroda for spending his valuable time with the guests, faculty and students of SP Jain Center of Management, Nitish Jain, President of SPJCM said: 'Things of enduring value that we see in the world today are all products of the imagination, drive and perseverance of people such as Sam Pitroda. The human civilization owes immense debt to such visionaries.


      Research Project on Jainism Started at University of Heidelberg, Germany
      The renowned German Association of Research (Emmy-Noether-Programm der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft) has granted the means to start a research project on Jainism in Karnataka at the University of Heidelberg. The project will be started in January 2005 and is headed by Dr. Julia Hegewald, formerly University of Oxford. It aims to detect the high influence and to analyse the reasons of the abrupt disappearance of Jain culture in Karnataka between the 5th and the early 12th century. News courtesy: www.herenow4u.de

      Stop the suffering - sign the petition: Mrs. Maneka Gandhi
      Dear Friend,
      Strange but true: Poultry - turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese - are NOT protected by humane slaughter laws in this country, even though they make up the overwhelming majority of animals killed for food in the United States (9 billion a year). Today, you and I have the power to change that.To get Congress to amend the law to provide the same basic protections for poultry that cows, pigs, lambs, and other livestock have, we need to demonstrate widespread support as quickly as possible. Join me in signing the Petition for Poultry. It will only take a minute of your time to help billions of animals. Click here: hsus.ga4.org/campaign/petition_for_poultry?rk=cp1suNF1HjEfW For further details contact Mrs. Maneka Gandhi at E-Mail:gandhim@...

      January: 2 nd Jan,2005 was the 100th birth anniversary of Hindi writer, late Jainendra Kumar. In a meeting held at New Delhi, it was decided to arrange series of programmes in his rememberance. The meeting which was organised Mrs. Kusum Gupta was also attended by eminent literary personalities & politicians like V.P.Singh, L.M.Singhvi, Ashok Vajpayee, Nirmala Jain, Mridula Garg, Suneeta Jain, Rajesh Jain, Virendra Jain & Kusum Ansal etc. Writings of Jainandra Kumar have intensive influence of 'Gandhivad' & 'Jain philosophy'. In his personal life also he was 'Aparigrahi'. Dranatic Ramgaopal Bajaj informed that he has submitted a film proposal on Jainandra novel 'Tyag patra'. News courtesy Shri Rajesh Jain,E-Mail :rajesh492003@...

      Mr. Virendra Kumar Jain, a naturopathy therapist working at 'Gau-mutra Chikitsa and Anusandhan Kendra' (Centre for Treatment and Research using Cow urine) at Indore (M.P.) has reported that effective treatment of Cancer is possible by cow-urine therapy. Various types of Cancer treated by him so far include brain cancer, blood cancer, cancer of mouth, intestines, lever, kidneys, lungs, bones, skin, ovaries, breast and thyroid. Intensive research by Dr. Virendra Kumar and his colleague, Dr. Rekha Jain has indicated that these diseases can be successfully controlled by urine therapy and there are no side effects of any sort. They have so far treated about 40,000 patients suffering from Cancer during the last five years. A sample survey carried out earlier by them on selected 25 patients showed that 73% improvement was achieved after taking urine treatment for 4 months and 13 days. Cow urine is said to possess the property of activating white corpuscles in the human body, which causes enhanced flow of blood through the skin which in turn leads to destruction of cancer tissue cells. Cow urine thus acts like Chemo-therapy. Apart from Cancer, urine therapy has been successfully adopted for ailments of the heart, lungs, stomach, skin, kidneys and lever. Courtesy: Jinwani, January, 2005.

      The Supreme Court has issued notice to the Government of India on a petition seeking to regulate the contents of soft drinks. Earlier, a Rajasthan High Court order, affirmed by the Supreme Court, had asked the Pepsi and Coke companies to carry a warning on the bottle that their aerated drinks may contain pesticides. A bench of Supreme Court, comprising of Chief Justice R.C. Lahoti and Justice G.P. Mathur issued notice to the Centre after the petition's counsel drew attention to the health hazards posed to the public by the unregulated use of substances used in the soft drinks. The petition, filed by the Centre for Public Interest Litigation, alleged that the Centre had done nothing despite adverse comments from the Joint Parliamentary Committee set up in the wake of the Centre for Science and Environment's report on pesticide content in soft drinks. It sought the Court's intervention to get the soft drink manufacturers to disclose all contents of their product on the bottle and appropriate warning regarding their use.

      Several medicines have been discarded all over the world but they are still freely sold in India and doctors have still been prescribing these medicines unhesitatingly. The reason for the ban on these medicines is their well-proved dangerous side-effects. A list of these medicines is given below along with their brand names and reasons for ban.
      Analgin: This is a pain-killer. Brand name: Novalgin, Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression.
      : Pain-killer, fever. Brand name: Nise, Nimulid etc., Reason for ban: Liver failure.
      : Cold and cough. Brand name: Vicks Action 500, D'cold., Reason for ban: Stroke.
      : Acidity, constipation., Brand name: Ciza, Syspride. Reason for ban: Irregular heart beat.
      : Anti-depressant. Brand name: Droperol, Reason for ban: Irregular heart beat.
      : Anti-diarrhoeal., Brand name: Furoxone, Lomofen, Reason for ban: Cancer.
      : Anti-bacterial cream, Brand name: Furacin., Reason for ban: Cancer.
      : Laxative., Brand name; Agarol., Reason for ban: Cancer.
      : Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug., Brand name: Sioril, Reason for ban: Bone marrow depession.
      : Antiworms., Brand name: Piperazine, Reason for ban: Nerve damage.

      : Antidiarrhoeal., Brand name: Enteroquinol, Reason for ban: Damage to sight.


      Jain groups now focus on education for child victims
      Chennai, The Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana is extending assistance to the tune of Rs 30 crore to the tsunami-affected people in various affected areas. As part of the package, the Jain Maha Sangh's Tamilnadu chapter is taking steps to provide support for continuation of education for the orphaned and needy children, according to Shantilal Muttha, president, Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana. He told a press conference here recently that a big building, 'Daya Sadan', located on Chennai-Coonoor highway, near Dadawadi, would be used for the purpose. The various Jain associations in the State had approached officials for permission and once it was granted, children selected will be moved to temporary sheds in 'Daya Sadan' to ensure early resumption of studies. A team of 15 people had visited all the affected areas to identify such children, he added. The Association had raised a sum of Rs 16 lakh for relief work and donated it to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund. Besides, it had spent Rs 1.22 crore so far on buying relief material.

      Jain sect chief appeals for tsunami-hit
      Kharar, January 8: A fervent appeal made by the chief of Sthanakwasi Shwetambar Jain sect Acharya Samrat Dr Shiv Muni Ji Maharaj to the masses to donate generously and wholeheartedly for the rehabilitation of the victims of tsunami. The appeal evoked massive response as thousands of rupees were collected within minutes.Making this appeal while presiding over the birth anniversary celebrations of Lord Parsavnath in Kharar on Friday, Dr Shiv Muni said besides claiming the lives of thousands of people, the tragedy had left thousands missing and lakhs without their homes. Kharar S.S. Jain Sabha president Rakesh Kumar Jain collected the donations for sending them to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, set up for the purpose.

      Quoting Lord Mahavira, who had preached that all human beings are one and only that person is great who wholeheartedly helps a needy person, irrespective of caste, creed or colour, the Jain sect chief appealed the public to come forward and do their bit to help the cause and become great. During his visits to Chandigarh, Panchkula and Parwanoo recently, Dr Shiv Muni had motivated the people to donate generously for the victims of the tsunami tragedy.

      Jain outfit distributes food packets, clothes
      Chennai, The Vishal Jain Youth Association has distributed food and clothes to 1,500 families of Sonakuppam village at Cuddalore which was affected by the tsunami tidal waves, ahead of the pongal festival. A press release said the association members visited Cuddalore to distribute 1,500 packets of food items and clothes (sarees and dhoties) in the village as requested by the Collector, Dharamdeep Singh.


      Anil Ambani has charged Anand Jain for the mis-management in Ambani group business "Reliance". Anand Jain is supposed to be a very close friend of elder brother Mukesh & actively involved in the  family affairs of Ambani's from the time of late Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani.  To protest against the  involvement of  Anand Jain, Anil Ambani  has  resigned from the  Board of  IPCL an erstwhile PSU taken over by Ambanis in May 2002. Anand Jain is also a director of IPCL.  In his resignation letter to Mukesh Ambani, the younger brother said Jain was "heading the conspiracy to divide us and to further worsen our differences."


      Gyan Gachhadhipati, Tapasviraj 1008 Shri Champa Lal Ji maharaj, Head of Akhil Bharatiya Sudharma Jain Sanskriti Rakshak Sangh left for his heavenly abode at the age of 91 years at Jodhpur on the 20th January, 2005. He had accepted Santhara Samadhi prior to his death. The funeral procession was held on the 21st January, in which around 40,000 devotees had come to join from all over the country.

      Shri Vishwabhuti Sagar Ji maharaj, an eminent Digambar Jain saint, left for his heavenly abode after having gone into eternal trance (Samadhi) at vill. Karguva near Jhansi in M.P. He had earlier stopped taking food and water. Thousands of devotees, on getting th news about his death, arrived at the place from far and near and had a glimpse of his appearance for the last time. Amongst chanting of 'Jayakar' by the huge mass of people, his body was cremated with a sense of deference.


      Sarvodaya leader Jawahirlal Jain dies
      Jaipur, Jan 5 : Sarvodya leader and litterateur Jawahirlal Jain died here today after a prolonged illness, a Rajasthan Gandhi Smarak Nidhi spokesman said. He was 96. Jain's body was cremated with full honors at the local cremation ground where hundreds of Sarvodya scholars, intellectuals and media persons were present. Born in 1909 in Jaipur, Jain was associated with the Jaipur Rajya Prajamandal, and was managing editor of 'Lokvani' from 1948-53. Jain was also actively involved with Vinoba Bhave's Bhudan-Gramdan andolan, and later carried out a Sarvodya andolan in 1953. Vetaran Sarvodya leader Siddhraj Daddha and Chairman of the Rajasthan Khadi Sangh C M Goyal condoled his death, saying the country has lost a true and spiritual Sarvodya leader who will be remembered in coming centuries.


      The Social Scenario - Around the world, Jain community is known for its religious, spiritual and moral values and recognized as wealthiest and highly educated force. Isn't a matter of pride? But ground level realities are somewhat different.

      Today, the Jain dynastys is alienated and there is a complete lack of discipline in its order. The community has reached to crossroads where it is difficult to settle future course. You can find an independent leader in every corner, professing his own theory and singing his tune. Several cases are being fought in judicial courts to settle disputes between Digambar and Shwetambar Jains, Jains and non-Jains, and even within the same sect for occupation of temples, teerths or other properties. Any one can see what is happening at Sammet Shikhar Ji, Girnar Ji, Kesaria ji, and so many other places. We all talk of Mahavrats, Anekant-wad and Syadwad but are we applying even a small iota of these in our daily lives?

      The question is that who is responsible for the current chaotic situation and what is the way out for restoring the old image, dignity and respect? It is a task which cannot be undertaken by an individual or a single organisation. We have to come together and make necessary deliberations and accept the conclusions before it is too late and we are at point of no return.

      With this subject in view, Ahimsa Foundation is initiating a deliberation on the subject of convergence and divergence in Jain society and desires the participation of its members, leaders and saints in this thought provoking venture. We are sure this discussion will help us in understanding the issues involved and also guide towards better understanding at different levels. This white paper is issued at the request of our several members including non resident Jains.

      The problem of divergence is not limited

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