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    ... wrote: Project New Horizon Initiated by Hermann Kuhn Abstract: Project New Horizon will train students of a gurukul in a remote rural area in professional
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      Project New Horizon
      Initiated by Hermann Kuhn


      Project New Horizon will train students of a gurukul in a remote
      rural area in professional computer operation. The teaching focuses
      on actual computer skills needed in the current business environment.

      The project further involves training teachers of this gurukul and
      other schools so they become able to continue this program on a self-
      sustained basis later and also to spread this program to other areas.

      Project New Horizon will enliven the economic prospects of a wider
      rural area. It provides an expanding pool of skilled IT workers that
      constitute the backbone of any sustained growth.


      About 250 kms east of Aurangabad in the rural village of Nawagad
      (between Parbhani and Nanded) there exists a gurukul that was
      established by the Jain muni Sri Aryanandiji in 1992. The school
      provides 4 years of free education and board to young students who
      because of poverty would not have the chance of this type of
      education - 7th to 10th grade.

      I have been supporting this school for the last 10 years and watched
      it grow from 30 students in 1992 to about 200 in 2002. The school has
      been officially recognized by the State School Board and - in
      addition to the boarding students - also provides education to about
      450 students of nearby villages. The people in charge of organizing
      are well known to me. They offer their services on an entirely
      voluntary basis and without salaries.

      The Project

      I am currently establishing the project of introducing professional
      computer operation to the 9th and 10th grade and teach the students
      practical computing skills that will make it easy for them to obtain
      jobs of higher qualification after they leave school. Students of the
      age 15-16 are known to pick up computer skills quite fast.

      I further will train teachers to continue this program on a self-
      sustaining basis once I have to leave. In this teacher-training
      program I plan to include teachers from other gurukuls so this
      program will spread to their respective schools.

      Since I built up and ran a successful computer company in Germany, I
      have the necessary qualification and know exactly what skills are in

      The Teaching

      The teaching will focus on the practical skills needed in the current
      business environment. For this purpose I will also introduce the
      basic principles of modern business administration as it is reflected
      in computer operation.

      After completing their basic teaching (4 months), the students will
      be able to apply their skills in any common business environment
      without much further training.

      To selected students of the 9th grade I plan to introduce advanced
      programming (Pascal in Delphi IDE) for the operating systems Windows
      and Linux. This part of the program will run for 1 year.

      I am presently negotiating with heads of Indian companies to provide
      employment to the students after they completed their training.

      Economic Prospects and Means Required

      Project New Horizon will bring practical state-of-the-art Information
      Technology to a strata of young people with high intelligence that so
      far has not been offered much of a chance to make use of their

      It will enliven the economic prospects of the rural area and other
      parts of rural Maharashtra. Since this program is also set up to
      train teachers of other gurukuls, New Horizon will provide a growing
      pool of skilled IT workers that build the backbone of any sustained

      The means required for starting this program are surprisingly small -
      about 20 computers that can run Windows and the MSOffice suite, 3-5
      printers and 1 scanner. It is essential that sufficient computers are
      available since practical computing skills can only be acquired by
      intense and frequent individual access to the machines.


      The project is greatly appreciated by the school's organizing board
      and receives their full cooperation.

      What convinced me to invest time into this venture were the bright
      faces of the students, their dedication to learning, their
      intelligent answers when I talked to them in their classrooms and in
      private on previous visits and finally their question whether the
      education they received in their gurukul would be relevant on a
      broader, international level.

      I intend to stay in India for sufficient time to establish the New
      Horizon on a self-sustaining basis.

      Hermann Kuhn

      Founder and long-time President of the Jain Association
      International (Germany)

      Writer and Publisher of a Modern Interpretation of the
      Tattvarthasutra in English and German

      Keynote Speaker at the JAINA Convention in Chicago 2001

      Hermann Kuhn, born 1950 in West-Berlin, Germany, studied Indian
      philosophy and mysticism for 25 years directly at their sources in
      Asia. After translating the central Jain scripture - Tattvarthasutra -
      into English and German he became recognized as one of the few
      Western experts on this potent ancient wisdom.

      Parallel to his research Kuhn built up a computer company and a
      European network for modern water-purification. For major
      corporations he developed and conducted courses for advanced
      management. Since 1994 he works as author, teacher and lecturer.

      Hermann Kuhn lives in Greece, India, Germany and the USA. He holds
      pilot-licenses for airplanes and helicopter.

      Contact Information:

      Hermann Kuhn c/o Ramesh Jain
      CM Textiles Pvt Ltd
      Phone +91 - 22 - 224 00 216
      Mobile +91 - 982 10 175 86
      Fax +91 - 22 - 224 04 157
      Email: centura@b...
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