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Jain Spirit Newsletter March 2003

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    Jain Spirit Newsletter March 2003 ELEVATE YOUR SPIRIT 1. great news! Jain Spirit Granted Charity Status As we go to print, the Jain Spirit team is celebrating
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2003
      Jain Spirit Newsletter March 2003


      1. great news!

      Jain Spirit Granted Charity Status
      As we go to print, the Jain Spirit team is celebrating its newly granted charity status. It is now a registered charity, supervised and regulated by the U.K. Charities Commission. This means that we can now accept donations and can claim back tax on financial contributions made to the magazine by British taxpayers and corporate sponsors. We would like to encourage our readers and business supporters to send us regular donations.

      New additions to the team

      Mira Manhar Shah joins us as Marketing Executive in our new offices at Elstree in North London. Mira is a graduate from the University of Sussex and is spear heading our efforts to increase subscription and advertising. If she calls you please say YES! Mira can be contacted on UK 0208 905 1177 and email marketing@... <mailto:marketing@...>.

      Falguni Patel from Manchester has just been appointed as a Director. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about Indian culture and the U.K. voluntary sector. She has a Master's degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies. She has already been involved as News and Youth Editor of the magazine, and will be the Guest Editor for Issue 15, which comes out in June 2003.

      James Maturin-Baird, a photographer and designer, has joined the team as freelance Photo Editor. He replaces Alison Kent, who did a wonderful job in improving the quality of pictures and the layout of the magazine. James is embarking on a photo tour of India in February 2003 with the Executive Editor. Gordon Woods continues as Designer.


      Would you like to obtain some solid marketing experience for a top global brand name? Does working for a new and exciting international magazine attract you? Where else can you get involved in a whole range of marketing strategies from internet to telesales and business advertising in six months? We are looking for smart young people (gap-year or recent graduates) to join our team. If interested please email Mira Shah, Marketing Executive on marketing@... <mailto:marketing@...>.

      3. A UNIQUE GIFT
      People who have given gift subscriptions have received a lot of thank you's from the recipients. Recently Mr. Rajesh and Asha Mehta of Antwerp gave 120 gift subscriptions to friends in the City and received as many thank you's. Each gift subscription costs only �10 and we would mail 4 issues of the magazine over a one-year period to the recipient. All you have to do is supply us with the name and address and we will do the rest. Make yours a Jain Spirit City and experience the difference. Mr. Jayendra Patel and family also experienced similar results when they gave gifts to all Jains living in Manchester. For details contact Mira Shah on marketing@... <mailto:marketing@...>.

      For 2003 we are giving a special offer of 3 gift subscriptions for �30. If each of you do this we will treble our subscriptions and everyone will win. For more details visit call UK 01206 500 037.


      The Jain Spirit Three Peaks Challenge, Yorkshire, England, 20th - 22nd June 2003.
      Enquiries and registrations for this exciting adventure fundraising event in the beautiful Three Peaks of Yorkshire, England are already flooding in. Participants have to climb three peaks within 12 hours and have to be physically fit. To ensure your place, register now by emailing marketing@... <mailto:marketing@...> or call UK 0208 905 1177. The deadline for registration has now been extended to 31st March 2002. Please send in your registration as soon as possible.

      JAINA Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio in July 3rd - 6th 2003.
      Thousands of Jains from all over North America will gather at this bi-annual event. Registrations and hotel bookings are coming fast so book your place early. Details are on www.jainaconvention.org <http://www.jainaconvention.org>.

      Mahavir Jayanti (Birth date of Lord Mahavir), Tuesday 15th April 2003.


      The second edition of Paul Dundas' masterpiece �The Jains� published by Routledge 2002 is now available. This is probably the best reference work on Jainism available today and is very comprehensive and authoritative. The first edition has been out of print for nearly two years, so this is a welcome reprint with major modifications. It covers all aspects of Jainism and is a must for every Jain home.

      'Jain Temples in India and Around the World' is an excellent new coffee table picture book with text by Dr. L M Singhvi. Jain Spirit is the sole distributor in the UK and the book is available at �30 each plus postage and packing.

      We have also received an excellent new audiocassette series on a pilgrimage to Shantrunjay (Palitana) and the hymns and songs which relate to this. A set of four cassettes is available at �10 plus postage and packing. This also includes a book and cassette on 24 tirthankars for children in English.

      To order, telephone UK 01206 500037 (office hours) with your credit card details.


      Issue 14 is coming out very soon and will reach the doors of subscribers in March. There are fascinating articles on Disability, Yoga, Festivals and Art. Here are some quotes:

      �An intimate connection to nature is both a basic right and a basic need.�
      Jules Pretty.

      �Modern education does not prepare children to appreciate the multi-dimensional crisis facing the world.�
      Tanuj Shah.

      �Those who transcend the limitations of the body and experience enlightenment
      of the soul attain kaivalya.�
      Dr. L. M. Singhvi.

      �Natural law dictates that each one of us takes responsibility for our own health.�
      Atul M. Shah.

      �Its is best to treat a disabled child as normal��My patience increases with her
      growing problems.�
      Nisha Ghosh.

      �Vote with your pocket.�
      Raju Shah.

      7. www.jainspirit.com <http://www.jainspirit.com>

      Our new website is receiving very positive reviews from all over the world. Check it out for yourself. We are pleased to announce a surge in internet renewals and subscriptions! Use the discussion board facility to discuss articles and future topics in Jain Spirit magazine. Banner advertisements for businesses are available at only �100 per year and will reach a global audience through an effective permanent medium. Try it and see the results for yourself.


      Are your friends receiving this free newsletter? If not, forward it to them. To put your email address on our distribution list, email editor@... <mailto:editor@...> with the subject line �Subscribe�. If you have groups of email addresses of people who would benefit from this newsletter which you would like to share with us, please send them direct to us.

      9. CONTACT US

      JAIN SPIRIT Ltd.
      14 Cowdray Office Centre, Cowdray Avenue, Colchester CO11QB, UK
      Tel: 01206-500037 Fax: 01206-500279 Email: editor@... <mailto:editor@...> Website:
      www.jainspirit.com <http://www.jainspirit.com>
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