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Re: [jainsamachar] AWAKE, AWAKE, OTHERWISE....

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  • Jinesh Shah
    I do not think the building more temples will bring back jainism. We already have a lot of temples and no one to manage them. Lot s of the temples are not
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2000
      I do not think the building more temples will bring
      back jainism. We already have a lot of temples and no
      one to manage them. Lot's of the temples are not being
      taken care of and more people are building it just for
      showing off. They want to get their name in the
      community. What we need to do is do community service.
      Jains are one of the most affluent and educated group
      of people in the world. We need to concentrate more on
      community service instead of building temples. That's
      is the only way that jainism is going to be
      recognized. In India millions of people go hungry and
      do not have even the basic necessities of life. We can
      build more hospitals and schools and provide food for
      the poor and the needy. That is the way we can get
      people to recognized us. This is the way that
      religions like christian has been followed all around
      the world. In gujarat the swaminaryans are doing the
      same. They are helping the people during the drought
      and other natural calamities. We can probably do the
      same and maybe then people will follow our religion.
      This is what our religion is all about, helping the
      needy. Please think about this.


      --- Mahavir Sanglikar <jainismtoday@...>
      > Jainism is the world's oldest living religion. It is
      > the one and only one
      > scientific and logical religion. It is the only
      > religion
      > respects not only human being but also all types of
      > living beings. That is
      > why many people in western countries are studying
      > this unique religion and
      > joining as followers.
      > But what is happening in India? Why we are just 4
      > millions in the
      > population of 100 crores?
      > We were 15 crores at a time, then declined to 4
      > crores and now we are just 4
      > millions. Within few decades, we will not exist at
      > all.
      > We speak about Jainism as a world religion but why
      > our religion has become
      > property of few people?
      > The Digambars and Shwetambars are fighting for
      > temples and teerths with each
      > others. They should know that hundreds of old
      > teerths and temples are
      > converted into Hindu temples and teerths. Can
      > Digambers and Shwetambars come
      > together and fight for regaining such temples &
      > teerths?
      > The organizations like Anup Mandal beat Jain monks,
      > distruct Jain idols and
      > temples and we do not react. Are we impotent?
      > Constitution of India has given us some special
      > rights as we are a minority
      > community. According to a right we can have 50%
      > reservations for Jain
      > students in our educational institutions. We can
      > appoint 100% staff from
      > our community. We could not use this right to create
      > jobs for Jains and
      > making thousand of doctors, engineers and professors
      > from our community. Now
      > the Central Government of India is saying no to this
      > facility.
      > Jains will not be counted as a separate religion in
      > the census of 2001. It
      > is happening in the year of Bhagwan Mahavir's 2600th
      > Jayanti.
      > But we have nothing to do with such things. We have
      > to fight with one
      > another.(Because we can not dare to fight with
      > others.) We have to build new
      > temples. (Where the number of Jain idols have
      > already more than total Jain
      > population) We have to work for protection of
      > animals, birds and insects.
      > (We have nothing to do with human being)
      > It will go on untill we wake up. It will go on
      > untill we do not know the
      > importence of unity
      > We do not know who are our friends and who are foes.
      > We must know it
      > otherwise we will be no more.
      > Awake! Awake!!
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