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  • Prakash Mody
    This is a Media release from The Jain Connections, hot from press! Please pass on to other media or friends who may find it useful. Prakash Mody
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001

      This is a Media release from The Jain Connections, hot from press!

      Please pass on to other media or friends who may find it useful.

      Prakash Mody



      An Online Matrimonial Service Exclusively for Jains
      TORONTO (November 30, 2001) – On December 1, 2001, JainConnections.com will establish itself as the Internet’s first North American and European matrimonial site exclusively for Jains. This online service will revolutionize traditional methods of matchmaking providing individuals a convenient and confidential tool to meet other singles of the same religious background.
      "In the fast-paced societies that most of us live and work in, where and how do you meet people who share the same cultural and religious values as you do, let alone a life partner?" says Mihir Shah, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. "JainConnections.com makes meeting Jains an easy, efficient, confidential and globally-accessible service."
      The exclusivity of the service required special emphasis on the features and function of the site. For example, the service has the facility for members to search profiles by age, country of origin, language and even diet. Similarly, the ability to provide detailed profiles with pictures allows members to get an intimate and personal portrait of individuals.
      JainConnections.com will initially target key North American cities with significantly large Jain communities including Toronto, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco and Detroit. Within the first three months, the online service is expected feature over 1,000 profiles – equating to five to ten percent of the Jains population in North America. The online format of the service will also make the site accessible and available to Jains worldwide, particularly in the United Kingdom, India and East Africa where significantly large Jain communities exist.
      "By having a presence on the World Wide Web, we understand that JainConnections.com is a service that is not bound by borders," says Parag Shah, Co-founder and VP of Strategy. "We welcome Jain members residing outside of North America and are prepared to handle this growth."
      JainConnections.com is the Internet’s first online matrimonial site in North America and Europe exclusively for Jains. Launching in December 6, 2001, the service offers Jains between the ages of 18 to 40 a private and convenient medium to meet individuals interested in serious, long-term and marital relationships. JainConnections.com is a Canadian-based site that was envisioned, designed and built by a team of four young, professional individuals who combined their shared Jain background with their distinct areas of expertise to create an online service for their fellow community members. JainConnection.com is membership-based service and is profitable on an operating basis. Membership fees are quoted in Canadian dollars and range from $21 per month to $51 per three months. For more information, please visit www.JainConnections.com
      For more information, please contact:

      Mihir Shah, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

      Tel: 416.456.7428 Email: mshah@...

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