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HereNow4U Newsletter Issue 44/2012 (26.10.2012 - 02.11.2012)

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      HereNow4U Newsletter Issue 44/2012
      HereNow4U Newsletter Issue 44/2012

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      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Patpade

      Posted on 02.11.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Patpade In the history of Rajasthan, there are many examples of illustrious, powerful Jains who had earned reputation as dewan (prime minister of the king) of the state by their integrity, valour and truthfulness. In the company of the Jain dewans, the rulers of Rajasthan also respected the practice of the Jain religion to show mercy and kindness towards the animals they also used to undertake renovation of...

      World Veganism : History : The Truth Tester 1846-48 - A Vegan Journal

      Posted on 02.11.2012 by John Davis
      July 27, 2011 The Truth Tester was first published in England in 1845, as a temperance (anti-alcohol) journal. In August 1846 a new editor, William Horsell, based near London, took over and incorporated 'The Healthian', first published in 1842 by the strictly vegan Alcott House Academy. In his first introduction to the combined journal the new editor stated it would advocate "...entire abandonment of alcoholic...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Sonal

      Posted on 01.11.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Sonal There are four steps to practise tru e religion: daan (charity), tap (penance), sheel (purity of character) and bhaav (good intention). Out of these, sheel is considered an ornament of soul. Jainism stresses the importance of sheel not only for Sadhus but even for the householders. It is said that Emperor Akbar was impressed by the impeccable character (sheel) of Sonal, the wife of one of his courtiers...

      World Veganism : History : Dr. John Snow - A Vegan Of Genius

      Posted on 01.11.2012 by John Davis
      April 20, 2011 In a poll of British doctors in 2003 John Snow was voted as the greatest physician of all time. Though probably few of them would have known he was what we now call vegan. He grew up in the North-East of England, always a tough area of the country, and still not the easiest place to be vegan today. But Snow was born almost 200 years ago, and at the age of 17, in 1830, with no apparent support from...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Champa

      Posted on 31.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Champa People of the country were extremely terrified by the oppression of the emperors of Delhi during the last three hundred years. But as the emperor Akbar occupied the throne of Delhi, there was a great sigh of relief and there was a new ray of hope among the people. Akbar was keen to know about various religions. Knowing their fundamental principles, he respected and honored all the religions. He tried to...

      World Vegan ism : History : Henry David Thoreau and the Roots of Plantism

      Posted on 31.10.2012 by John Davis
      March 30, 2011 Oh no, not another -ism... Well, everyone else is inventing words... by plantism I mean eating only plants - and ideally wearing plants, growing your own plants for food and conserving plant habitats for other species - vegan self-sufficient environmentalism if you like. And plantists do have roots - in the historical sense that is. There have probably always been some people doing all this, but...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Balashamata

      Posted on 30.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Balashamata Balasha was a young, devout man who lived in a hamlet near Ujjain, the city known for valour, scholarship and religious devotion of its people. Balasha was devoted to his mother. He used to help his mother in the household work and would also accompany her on pilgrimages. Once he went to Ujjain. He saw many big shops selling a variety of goods. He knew that his mother slept on floor and therefore he...

      World Veganism : History : Bronson Alcott - American Pioneer Vegan

      Posted on 30.10.2012 by John Davis
      March 22, 2011 Amos Bronson Alcott was an abolitionist vegan in a way that few today are emulating - in the 1830s he was taking a stand against human slavery in the USA. In some parts of the world human slavery is still very much with us of course, and I'd hope that modern day 'abolitionist vegans' are just as active in campaigning against that too. Bronson also argued for women's rights even, for a while at...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Anupamadevi

      Posted on 29.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Anupamadevi Anupama was Tejpal’s wife. Her complexion was dark and even her body was not that beautiful but she possessed extraordinary intelligence. She showed uncommon common-sense in solving complicated problems not only of the family but those of others as well. Tejpal and Anupamadevi both were devoted to religion and as such, the ascetics were ever worshipped w ith great respect by them. Once Anupamadevi...

      World Veganism : History : Vegetarian Equals Vegan!

      Posted on 29.10.2012 by John Davis
      July 7, 2010 The first people who called themselves 'vegetarian' were in fact vegan. This has now been established conclusively with resources not previously available. We have now shown that until 1847 *all* uses the word 'vegetarian' came from people associated with Alcott House School, on Ham Common, south west of London. And they used it to mean a 100% plant food diet - a 'vegetarian' was simply someone who...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Chaampalde

      P osted on 28.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Chaampalde Bhimdev was the king of Gujarat. He was so kind that people often cheated him. Very often some people would poison his ears against others and get their work done. Abhad Vasa lived in Patan. He sacked his accountant as he was very dishonest and used to temper with the accounts and misappropriate money. The accountant wanted to avenge his dismissal and thought of a plan. He went to the king and said:...

      World Veganism : History : The Vegan School That Invented Vegetarians

      Posted on 28.10.2012 by John Davis
      March 7, 2012 We now know that the people closely con nected with the Alcott House Academy, near London, were the first to call themselves 'vegetarian'. This is how the school began. James Pierrepont Greaves (right) was born in 1777, and for his first 40 years he did nothing of any great interest to us. He ran the family drapery business in London, but in 1815 it was bankrupted by trading problems during the...

      Glory of Jainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Lachhidevi

      Posted on 27.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Lacchidevi Bhakti (devotion) is something which is more valuable than any other possession one will like to have. The five kartavya (commandments) of Paryushan and the annual eleven kartavya of a shravak also emphasise the importance of bhakti. Lacchidevi is a shining example of devotion to religi on. Lacchi Chhipan (Laxmi Bhavsar), wife of Tribhuvansinh of Karnavati, was on her way to the temple, attended by...

      World Veganism : History : Taking The Waters - Transatlantic Pioneer Plant-Food Doctors

      Posted on 27.10.2012 by John Davis
      April 5, 2011 Dr. William Lambe FRCP (1765-1847) Back in 1815, in London, Dr William Lambe, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP), published his Water and Vegetable Diet' in which he stated: "My reason for objecting to every species of matter to be used as food, except the direct produce of the earth, is founded on the broad ground that no other matter is suited to the organs of man. This applies...

      Glory of J ainism : Glory of Jainism [Stories] : Bakuladevi

      Posted on 26.10.2012 by Dr. Kumarpal Desai
      Bakuladevi Bakuladevi! An exceptional woman whose name shines like a bright star in the history of Gujarat. Like a lotus, which remains unaffected by the mud around, she grew up, in the midst of luxuries and lust, to be a highly pious, virtuous and righteous woman. Blessed with incomparable beauty, she was the daughter of a courtesan. It was not that she was blessed only with external beauty, but her inner...

      World Veganism : History : Lewis Gompertz - Jewish 'Vegan' And Co-Founder Of The RSPCA in 1824

      Posted on 26.10.2012 by John Davis
      December 20,2011 Lewis Gompertz (1783/4-1861) appears on the scene in 1824, at the age of 40, as the author of a significant book promoting an early prototype of what we now call animal rights and veganism; and in the same year he was a co-founder of the world's first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA, later RSPCA). His 1824 book 'Moral Inquiries: on the situation of man and of brutes' was...

      World Veganism : History : Sylvester Graham – The Original American Vegan Baker

      Posted on 26.10.2012 by John Davis
      February 29, 2012 In 1850 a British vegetarian, living in India, wrote to a journal in England mentioning that his diet included 'Graham bread'. Such was the worldwide fame that the American Sylvester Graham had achieved in his promotion of whole-wheat brown flour, to replace the refined white flour that had become common by the early 19th century. Most Americans today are familiar with 'Graham crackers',...

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      A Programme to celebrate DIWALI by Lighting the Lamp of Knowledge ►18.12.2012@14:00

      JAIN VISHVA BHARATI LONDON is pleased to inform about the DIWALI Programme to be held in the auspicious presence of Respected Samani Pratibha Pragya ji and Samani Him Pragya ji Knowledge is Power Date:Sunday 18th November 2012 Time : 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm (Main Programme from 2.00 to 4.00 pm followed by Snacks and Diwali Greetings) Programme will include Lectures, Music, Devotional Songs, Meditation,...

      Top Speech on Vegetarianism by Former CEO Citibank Phillip Wollen

      Posted on 02.11.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/Vegetarianism
      Proud To Be Vegan BEST SPEECH EVER! Former CEO Citibank Phillip Wollen owns the stage.

      JVB Houston ►Upcoming Events ►2012.November

      Samani Parimal Pragya Samani Amit Pragya Please make note of upcoming events for the month of November 2012: Childrens' Gyanshala (Sunday School) - Sunday November 4th & 18th, 2012; 9:50 AM - 1 PM Samaniji's Pravachans (Discourses) - Sunday November 4th & 18th; 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Preksha Meditation Workshop - Saturday November 10th, 2012; 9AM- 1 PM (Register) Bhagwan Mahavir Nirman Diwas (Diwali Jaap) -...

      Guru Pushkar Jayanti Celebrated At Gurgaon

      Large number of dedicated members of Sthanakwasi Jain Community attended 103rd Guru Pushkar Muni Jayanti celebrations at Gurgaon on 14th October, 2012. The programme was organised at New Jain Sthanak at Gurgaon in the auspicious presence of Upadhay Ramesh Muni and Dr. Rajendra Muni group of Saints. Pushkar Muni is highly regarded & revered saint of Sthanakwasi sect with very high number of committed followers...

      Ahimsa Times 147, 2012-11

      Posted on 01.11.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Press Review/Ahimsa Times
      2012 November

      Swami Shrutpragya Newsletter 2012-11

      Peace Of Mind 2012.11 Swami Shrutpragya Newsletter 2012-11

      Terapanth Times 14-02

      Terapanth Times 14-02 (Ank 02), 29th Oct to 4th Nov 2012

      Terapanth Times 14-01

      Terapanth Times 14-01 (Ank 01), 22nd Oct to 28th Oct 2012

      Terapanth Times 13-52

      Terapanth Times 13-52 (Ank 52), 15th Oct to 21st Oct 2012

      Bhaṭṭāraka Tradition

      Posted on 31.10.2012 by Dr. Vilas Adinath Sangave
      Posted in: Magazine/Jainology/History and Cultural Studies/Cultural Studies
      Rise of the Tradition The Bhaṭṭāraka tradition is a very well established tradition of sufficiently long duration and prestige found among the Digambara Jainas of different parts of India. The Bhaṭṭāraka was a special type of religious authority evolved by the Digambara Jainas during the early part of the medieval period as a policy of survival to meet the severe challenges created by the advent of...

      The Question Of Organisational Consciousness ►Can Organisations Have Values, Virtues And Visions?

      Posted on 31.10.2012 by Prof. Peter Pruzan
      Posted in: Magazine/Jain Culture/Economics/General
      1. Introduction There is an apparent inconsistency in the way that most people - including social scientists and philosophers - refer to the competencies and capacities of collectivity of purposeful individuals, what I will refer to in the sequel as organisations . On the one hand, within the field of management parlance, it is common to speak of an organisation's visions, goals and responsibilities. These are...

      31.10.2012 ►Webshots Video Replacements ►List of Updated Articles

      Posted on 31.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/HereNow4U/HN4U Change Logs
      Ref: 19.10.2012 ►Webshots is changing ►Movement and Restructuring of Over 18.000 Photos & 94 Videos In the following articles videos are now replaced by HD videos from our Vimeo channel: SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [01] Letter From The Chair SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [02] Welcome Adresses & Awards SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies Workshop [02] Welcome Adresses & Awards SOAS - 10th Jaina Studies...

      30.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Acharya Mahashraman Pravachan

      Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra 2012 Videos Video:

      28.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Acharya Mahashraman Pravachan

      Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra 2012 Videos Video:

      27.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Acharya Mahashraman Pravachan

      Posted on 30.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra 2012 Videos Video:

      V&A ►Jain Manuscript Paintings ►Video

      Posted on 29.10.2012 by Dr. Vinod Kapashi
      Posted in: Magazine/Jain Culture/Videos
      Video: Vinod Kapashi: Jain manuscript paintings from Victoria and Albert Museum on Vimeo . Hello. My name is Vinod Kapashi. I live in London. I take a keen interest in Jainism. I have done a PhD in Jain studies. Here are some of my favourite objects, so to speak. These are actually folios from manuscripts. Here we have got a piece from a manuscript which is my favourite one. This is called the Kalpa...

      28.10.2012 ►Television Artist Shailendra Lodha is Hearing Mangal Path by Acharya Mahashraman ►Jain Terapanth News

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Television Artist Shailendra Lodha is Hearing Mangal Path by Acharya Mahashraman: 28.10.2012 Television Artist Shailendra Lodha is Hearing Mangal Path by Acharya Mahashraman. News in Hindi शैलेन्द्र लोढा तारक मेहता का उलटा चश्मा के निर्माता जय-जय गुरुवरम, जय-जय...

      28.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Acharya Mahashraman is Blessing to Television Artist Shailendra Lodha

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 28.10.2012 Acharya Mahashraman is Blessing to Television Artist Shailendra Lodha. News in Hindi

      28.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Truth is Highway that Reaches to Destination► Acharya Mahashraman

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 28.10.2012 Acharya Mahashraman said that everyone should walk on way of truth. Truth led us to destination as it is like highway. News in Hindi सत्य का मार्ग गंतव्य तक ले जाने वाला : आचार्य महाश्रमण जसोल(बालोतरा) २८ अक्तूबर २०१२ जैन...

      27.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Human Life is Rare Thing► Acharya Mahashraman

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 27.10.2012 People from Bidasar reached in feet of Acharya Mahashraman and presented strong demand to visit Bidasar soon and to held Maryada Mahotsav soon at their place. Acharya Mahashraman graced people of Bidasar by announcing one Diksha Mahotsav during Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary Celebration. Acharya Mahashraman also said that after journey of Eastern India i will do...

      27.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Burn Misdeeds of Self► Acharya Mahashraman

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 27.10.2012 Acharya Mahashraman said that Ramayana teaches us many good things in life. Vijyadashmi give a message to burn misdeeds of self. There should be no place for bad things in life. News in Hindi अपने भीतर की बुराइयों को जलाएं : आचार्य जसोल(बालोतरा)२५ अक्तूबर...

      Nari Lok 173

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Press Review/Nari Lok
      Nari Lok 173, Nov 2012

      Vighyapati 18-30

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Press Review/Vighyapati
      Vighyapati 30, 28th Oct to 3rd Nov 2012

      Vighyapati 18-29

      Posted on 29.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Press Review/Vighyapati
      Vighyapati 29, 21st Oct to 27th Oct 2012

      JES Newsletter 2012-10

      Jain Engineers Society Newsletter

      JVB NJ ►Mahavir Nirvaan Diwas Jaap ►13.11.2012 & Diwali Milan ►17.11.2012

      Samani Sanmati Pragya Samani Jayant Pragya Flyer:

      JVB Orlando ►Gyanshala ►28.10.2012@2:55pm

      Samani Bhavit Pragya Samani Sangh Pragya "Never Speak unthoughtful words and be firm on your thoughtful words" - Acharya Shree Mahashraman ji Dear Young Shravaks and Shravikas, Jai Jinendra. This Sunday, October 28 is your Gyanshala at 2:55 PM. Please be on time. Encourage friends and family to Join JVB Gyanshala Best Regards, JVB, Orlando JVB Orlando's Weekly Schedule: Saturday: 7:30 am Bhaktamar and...

      HereNow4U @ Webshots [photos]

      Posted on 26.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Photos & Videos
      More Than 1.9 Million Views 19.10.2012 ►Webshots is changing ►Movement and Restructuring of Over 18.000 Photos Webshots - our former photohoster - is changing his service in such a heavy way, that it is not possible for us to use it any more. Thus we'll switch to another photohoster until 1st of December 2012. We ask for your understanding during this period, in case there are some imaging issues...

      HereNow4U @ YouTube [HD Videos]

      Posted on 26.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Photos & Videos
      http://www.youtube.com/user/herenow4u 1:09 Mega Blood Donation Drive 17 09 2012 Teaser 0:49 Mega Blood Donation Drive 17.09.2012 1:16 Acharya Sri Mahashraman: Khamt Khamna 10:57 M.C. Primary School Sultanpur - Republic Day Celebration 2012 Delhi, 25.01.2012 Students of M.C. Primary School Sultanpur celebrating Indian Republic Day on 25-01-2012 in their school, as on 26-01-2012 schools are closed. Republic Day...

      HereNow4U @ Vimeo [HD Videos]

      Posted on 26.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/External Media/Photos & Videos
      HereNow4U up to 1920 x 1080 ► Latest Videos: Yuvacharya Mahapragya - Discourse on Philosophy of Death - Samadhikaran Acharya Mahaprajna 2010 New Year Message Yuvacharya Mahapragya on Deep Breathing Preksha-Meditation 7.2 Contemplation Preksha-Meditation 7.3 Contemplation Preksha-Meditation 6.4 Perception of Psychic Colours Preksha-Meditation 7.1 Contemplation Preksha-Meditation 6.2 Perception of...

      25.10.2012 ►Terapanth News ►Muni Jayant Kumar

      Posted on 25.10.2012 by Muni Jayant Kumar
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      News in Hindi

      24.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Samani Prasanna Pragya will be Given Sadhvi Diksha on 5th November by Acharya Mahashraman

      Posted on 25.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 24.10.2012 Samani Prasanna Pragya will be Given Sadhvi Diksha on 5th November by Acharya Mahashraman. News in Hindi Hemant Baid Samni parshan pargya ji ki 5 Nov ko Sadhvi deksha dene ka aaj parm pujya Acharya Mahashraman ji ne farmaya h

      24.10.2012 ►Jasol ►Power should be used for Good Works ►Acharya Mahashraman

      Posted on 25.10.2012
      Posted in: Magazine/News/Actual
      ShortNews in English Jasol: 24.10.2012 Acharya Mahashraman said people should use their power for good deeds, in service of old age people and in Sanyam and Tapsya. News in Hindi शक्ति का करें सदुपयोग: आचार्य जसोल (बालोतरा) २४ अक्तूबर २०१२ जैन तेरापंथ न्यूज...



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