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JAIN Education opportunity in India for Jain Youths

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  • Jain Pathshala
    Jai Jinendra Please see attched detailed information regarding JAIN education opportunity in India for youths. This program is run by International School for
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    Jai Jinendra
    Please see attched detailed  information regarding JAIN education opportunity in India for youths. This program is run by International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) in New Delhi,India. Please see any youths wish to take advantage of this great program.


                     STUDY JAIN DHARMA
    Dear Friends,
    Jai Jinendra & Happy Diwali. There's a unique opportunity to study Jainism in Mumbai during the summer of 2012. This initiative is offered jointly by the Academic Liaison Committee of JAINA and ISJS in India. The entire program in India is run and administered by the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) in New Delhi, India, an independent nonprofit tax exempt organization in India.
    Since 2005, ISJS has been conducting many such classes for undergraduate, Graduate, Post Doctoral fellows and full time faculty from universities around the world. So far, 250 undergrads, grads and fulltime faculty from 14 countries and 26 universities have benefitted from ISJS organized courses. All classes in India are conducted in English, in purely academic settings and all the teaching faculty are drawn from several well recognized universities (such as Bombay University, Madras University, Rajasthan University etc.) in India. For the last 3 years, ISJS has been offering similar courses at 2 universities in Bangkok, Thailand also... Please look at www.jainstudies.org  for many details
    Responding to  the demands what ISJS has been doing so successfully for non-Jains, for  the first time , ISJS decided to  make its facilities and resources available to the Jain communities in North America and Europe.   
    The enrollment is open for graduating seniors or undergraduate students. The program is intended to provide students fundamental understanding of Jainism in the area of religion, Philosophy, history and culture. All instructions are in English and may earn up to 4 credit hours from an ISJS affiliate university in India which in certain cases is transferrable to the home university of the Jain students. Students will spend 2 weeks in Bombay and 1 week in Delhi, Jaipur and Aligarh.
    The 3 week course includes all lodging and boarding, instructions, teaching materials and travels within India. Travel to and from India is not included.
    Please see the attached flier for further details.

    Last date to apply is February  15, 2012  
    The registration is limited to 12 students and will be on first come first served basis. This is a unique opportunity. I request Jain Center leaders to consider offering scholarship(s) to students upon their selection to participate.

    For more details go to   www.Jainstudies.org ,   the attached flier and the undersigned.

    Sulekh C. Jain, PhD,                                                  Dilip V.  Shah,
    Chairman ISJS Governing Council                            Past President JAINA
      Houston, Texas, USA                                                Philadelphia, PA
    281 494 7656 (home)                                                 215 561 0581 (home)
    832 594 8005 (cell)                                                    215 868 0381 (cell)
    Email; scjain@...                                        dilipvshah@...
    Dr. Sushil Jain



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