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Lokprabha Article Against Jains

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  • jainpanthers
    Lokprabha Article Against Jains Lokprabha, a Marathi weekly has published an articles `Mumbai Konaachya Baapaachee (To whose father Mumbai belongs) in October
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2008
      Lokprabha Article Against Jains

      Lokprabha, a Marathi weekly has published an articles `Mumbai
      Konaachya Baapaachee' (To whose father Mumbai belongs) in October 3,
      2008 issue. The author Raju Parulekar, a Marathi Brahmin has shown
      his hatred against Jains in this article.

      Please have a look at the internet edition of Lokprabha at:

      Parulekar has made an issue of the Vegetarians in Mumbai who do not
      allow non Vegetarian people to live in their buildings. Parulekar
      has twisted the issue by using the words `Jains' instead of
      vegetarians and `Marathi' instead of non vegetarians. `Jains do not
      allow Marathis to live in their buildings'! This shows that the
      author is either immature or a fool, as there are millions of Jains
      who are Marathi. Further he has never used the term `Gujarati' in
      the article and instead of it he has used the word Jain. It is fact
      that in the population of Gujaratis in Mumbai, Gujarati Jains are a
      minority; they are merely 5 to 10 percent. Rest Gujaratis are
      vegetarian Vaishnavites Hindus, but the author has nothing to do
      with this fact.

      The author has used very bad words for Jains in the article. So we
      are going to file criminal cases against him for his hatred against

      The email address of Raju Parulekar is rajuparulekar@... ,
      and you can call him on 09820124419 also. Please condemn him.

      We have formed an organization `Jain Panthers' to keep watch on such
      incidents against Jains, which will work with other organizations
      like Sambhaji Brigade and Samata Vahini, which always support Jains.

      You are also requested to join our community on Orkut at:

      -Balasaheb Patil
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