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HereNow4U Newsletter 07-24 (10.06.2007 - 16.06.2007)

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    HereNow4U : ThE week ... Calender News & Updates Calender Preview 2007
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      HereNow4U : ThE week
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      Calender News & Updates

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       Maryada Mahotsava 2007
      reports by Mr. R.K.Bengani will be continued

      HereNow4U - Living Jainism Tour 2006 - by Editors
      will be continued after reports of Dharmanandji and Samanijis (JVBL) visit in Berlin ended.

       Press Review
      Freedom Of Mind Through Spirituality
      Acharya Mahaprajna
      The conduct of a man who lives in the world of spirit is different from that of a man who lives an ordinary life of give and take.
      Joy Is Sorrow, Life Is Death: Accept Anekant
      When knowledge or wisdom is absent, facts can be misused. If there is balance, such a situation does not arise. A balanced view takes into account as many aspects as possible. This is the anekanta principle.

      JVB Houston - Interfaith Meeting on 26th May
      Sant Nirankari Mission, Houston organized an interfaith meeting on may 26th at Hare Krishna Cultural Center. Representatives from all faith and social organization like Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism etc. participated in that meeting.
      JVB Houston - Gyanshala - A Program For Balanced Development
      Pathshalas are popular part of Jain culture.  Parents send their children to the pathshala so they may learn basics of Jainism, celebrate the various religious occasions with the jain community, and integrate the jain principles of patience, respect, truthfulness, responsibility, understanding and control of passions in their daily lives.
      Berlin - Samani Prasanna Pragya - University Lecture (13.06.07) & Workshop on Anger Management (16.06.07)
      Lecture, Freie Universität Berlin: Relevance Of Jain Principles In The 21st Century,  13. June 2007, 16:00 – 18:00h
      Workshop: Anger Management,  Saturday 16.06.2007
      Demise of Sashan Gaurav Muni Shri Buddh Malji Swami
      Demise of Sashan Gaurav Muni Shri Buddh Malji Swami at Sardar Sahar, Rajasthan, India on 12th June 2007 at 06.20 A.M.
      Berlin - Swami Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji on Tour 2007 - The Berlin Days (1)
      „Application Of Preksha Meditation For Well Being” Tour 2007.
      Report on the Berlin activities.
      Samani Prasanna Pragya - Berlin University Lecture - Relevance Of Jainism In 21st Century
      The growth of scientific knowledge and outlook has destroyed our superstitions and false dogmas. But unfortunately and surprisingly it has shaken our faith in spiritual and human values. Today we know more about the atom and atomic forces than the values needed for a meaningful and peaceful life. Nowadays, due to tremendous advancement of science and technology, we have efficient means of transportation. Physical distance is no bar to meeting people of different nationalities, cultures and religions, and consequently we have come closer and more dependent on each other as we were never before. Our world is shrinking but unluckily, the distance between our hearts is increasing day by day.
      Berlin - Swami Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji on Tour 2007 - The Berlin Days (2)
      „Application Of Preksha Meditation For Well Being” Tour 2007.
      Report on the Berlin activities.
      Samani Prasanna & Manan Pragya – Visiting HereNow4U, Preksha Meditation Centre Berlin (1)
      12.06.2007, 12:00 Samanijis arrived from Bruxels, Belgium at Berlin Tempelhof Airport, located in the middle of the city, welcomed by Karuna and Aparigraha from HereNow4U magazine....
      JVB London - Preksha Meditation Workshop 26 - 28 May 07 with Swami Dharmanandji & Dr. Manchanda
      Sobhag Z. Shah
      Despite the tremendous progress made by the mankind in the last few hundred years in scientific inventions, discoveries and technological breakthroughs, human beings are living very stressful lives. Modern medicine is not able to cure permanently all the diseases without side effects.

       digitising 6 books in progress

      new chapters this week:

      Thought at Sunrise - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      To keep in mind for the current day

      Abstract Thinking - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Abstract Thinking [24.05] - Anupreksha Of Spirituality And Science - Why Undertake Prolonged Sadhana
      There are certain methods of ending fear through sadhana. Through these it is possible to become fearless. Fear can also be removed through scientific experiments.

      Abstract Thinking [24.06] - Anupreksha Of Spirituality And Science - The Imperturbable State Is Beyond Science
      When a man is in a state of anger, there is no need to tell that he is dominated by anger. It is self-apparent. His eyes grow red, his eyebrows become tense and his lips tighten. Anyone can see that anger is descending upon him, that he is full of wrath. The manifestation of anger is quite apparent. However, one does not know what route these waves of anger take. Nor is it open to everyone to know it. All this is known to modern science. Science has discovered the precise centre of each instinct.

      Abstract Thinking [24.07] - Anupreksha Of Spirituality And Science - Attacking The Root
      To awaken the consciousness of spirituality, to stimulate faith in oneself, to know oneself, to embark upon the voyage of self-discovery, to surrender oneself wholly to any suffering that one may encounter in the course of discovery, to develop the capacity for enduring pain and to change pain into pleasure – all this constitutes the process of meditation.

      Anekant : The Third Eye - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Anekanta : The Third Eye 6.11 Independence - Anekanta Is The Solution To Problems
      Acharya Tulsi had said, "When I am honoured, I do not feel elated and when I am insulted I do not feel depressed. I have got a lot of appreciation as well as been the butt of criticism. I keep a balance between the two. I do not bloom with praise and wilt with criticism. That is balance."

      Anekanta : The Third Eye 7.01 Relative Estimation -The Danger Lies In Knowing Others
      A workshop for meditation is going on and many people have assembled. They have come here so that they are able to awaken themselves, owards themselves. The question then is do they not have to know others?

      Anekanta : The Third Eye 7.02 Relative Estimation - Making Of Weapons And Circumstances
      Why were weapons made? Only to get to know others! The reason is simple: The fear that some third person will attack, will enter, will kill, or loot. The main cause thus was security. As and when attention is diverted to others, then danger begins to loom. Man's nature itself has become such that he forgets the 'sva' or himself and concentrates more on 'par', that is others.

      Anekanta : The Third Eye 7.03 Relative Estimation - The Equanimity Of Sant Eknath
      A saint of Maharashtra named Eknath was returning from a bath in the Godavari. A man was sitting in the balcony. When he saw the saint coming, he thought of making the saint angry. As the saint passed below his balcony, he spit on him. It fell on the saint.

      Lord Mahavira's Scripture Of Health - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Lord Mahavira's Scripture Of Health [10.03] Yogic Postures And Health - Ligamentary Tension Is Necessary
      Ligamentary tension is also very necessary. Without the ligamentary tension there would not be the right balance of the sinews, whether they are the sinews of the hands or the legs or the neck. If those sinews are not given some tension and not put to hard use, those particular organs would become useless. If the hands are not given some tension, they would become stiff or get contorted.

      Lord Mahavira's Scripture Of Health [10.04] Yogic Postures And Health - Why Do The Asanas
      Why were so many asanas recommended? Why was kayotsarga prescribed? Consideration of health has been the strong motivating factor. For the ascetic, other treatments become very complicated. Hence, in the context of health, the asanas of various types were prescribed.

      Lord Mahavira's Scripture Of Health [10.05] Yogic Postures And Health - Meaning Of Kayaklesha
      The word kayaklesha is found to have been used in the context of the asanas. What does kayaklesha mean? The meaning of this word too has not been correctly understood.

      Atoms In Jain Philosophy & Modern Science
      - by  J. S. Zaveri & Muni Mahendra Kumar
      Microcosmology [1.3.4] Atom in Modern Science – New Physics - Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
      Probability (and not absolute certainty) is a major characteristic of quantum physics because events of individual subatomic particles cannot be determined precisely/accurately. The concepts of position and momentum (mass x velocity) are intimately bound up with our idea of an entity called a moving particle.

      Microcosmology [1.3.5] Atom in Modern Science – New Physics - Subatomic Level - the Heart of the Atom
      Let us now descend to the subatomic level for a more detailed study of the nucleus - the heart of every atom. It is not necessary to know more about the nucleus than its charge and its mass to understand the great variety of molecular structures. But to unravel the nature of matter, i.e. to comprehend what matter is ultimately made of, the study of nucleus is essential because it contains almost the entire mass of the atom.

      Microcosmology [1.3.6] Atom in Modern Science - New Physics - Forces Known in Nature
      The universe, according to physicists, is held together by four fundamental types of glue (force). In other words, all known forces in nature can be grouped into four categories according to their strength. This division is empirical (i.e., man made) for the convenience of explaining partial theories. It is quite possible that all the four types of forces are but different aspects of a single force.

      Microcosmology [1.3.7] Atom in Modern Science - New Physics - Particle Physics
      The picture of atom, which emerged from the study of its nuclei, showed that the matter was concentrated in microscopic drops, separated by huge distances. In the vast ocean of space between the fast moving nuclear drops, moved the electrons, which gave matter its solid aspect.

      Mind Beyond MInd
      - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Mind Beyond Mind [24.2] Recitation and Reticence (2)
      We often talk of Brahmacarya or celibacy. The human body has a powerhouse in it. It is situated in the form of a cavity at the lower end of the spinal cord in the rear part of the body. It generates electricity in the body. When carried upwards in the body it produces enormous strength of resolution. When the Prana force begins to flow downwards, due to the passions, it weakens the will, overshadows consciousness, makes the mind wavering and destroys the will.

      Mind Beyond Mind [25.1] The One-Pointed Consciousness (1)
      There is an incident narrated about the life of the famous saint, Raidasa. He was a shoemaker by profession, but a great Sadhaka. He lived in the town of Kasi. He lived with his wife and a small family in an improvised hut, which was also his workshop. Once a mendicant who had heard of Raidasa's reputation as a man of self-knowledge came to see him. He was surprised to see the famous saint living in abject poverty.

      Mind Beyond Mind [25.2] The One-Pointed Consciousness (2)
      The last question to be considered is: How to concentrate the mind? It is a natural question in view of the fact that the mind is fickle. By its very nature it cannot remain steadfast. How can we change the fleeting states or the mind into a single consolidated process? It is a fact that the mental processes will not begin to flow towards a single direction and be poised on a single object until the mind has been refined and purified. How to refine and purify the mind?

      Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice - by  Acharya Mahaprajna
      Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice [6.31] Benefits - Benefits Of Perception Of Psychic Colours
      The doctrine of lesya is a powerful inspiration for awaken­ing. Awake and be aware. The mind wanders; be aware of its wandering; the hand moves; be aware of its motion. All this awareness is important, but not the most important. Most impor­tant is to be aware of one's feelings and emotions.

      Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice [6.32] Benefits - Benefits Of Perception Of Psychic Colours - Virtuous And Decent Behaviour
      To dispel the above doubts, it can be emphatically stated that no practitioner of meditation has over caused disruption of family or social life. On the contrary, such disruptions were made by those who never practised meditation in their lives. The apprehension that regular practice of meditation will result in disorganization of social dealings is baseless. If at all, a prac­titioner would think it fit to withdraw from some worldly matter, it should be such an affair as is superfluous or unessential.

      Preksa Dhyana - Theory And Practice [6.33] Benefits - Benefits Of Perception Of Psychic Colours - Enlightened Living - Glorious Death
      As we have seen, the first benefit from spiritual conscious­ness is a gentle and commendable way of life. The further benefit which accrues is that the person lives an enlightened life, and dies a glorious death. How can one die an enviable death, if his life has not been commendable and gentle?

      HereNow4U : DEUTSCH [German]

      Vom 12.6. - 18.6.2007 sind die Jain Nonnen Samani Prasanna & Samani Manan Pragya, JVB London, bei uns zu Gast.
      Am Samstag 16.06.2007 um 15:30 Uhr werden sie einen kostenlosen Workshop mit dem Thema "Anger Management" leiten.
      Termine für persönliche Konsultationen: Tel: 030 - 80583858
      Botschafterin einer Jahrtausende alten Kultur der Gewaltlosigkeit in Berlin - Vortrag (13.06.07) & Workshop (16.06.07)
      Vortrag, Freie Universität Berlin: Relevance Of Jain Principles In The 21st Century, Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007, 16:00 – 18:00h
      Workshop: Anger Management, Samstag 16.06.2007
      Siehe hierzu auch [English version]:

      Geheimnisse des Geistes von Acharya Mahaprajna
      wegen des o.g. Programmes folgt der nächste Teil baldmöglichst.

      Carla & Christian Geerdes
      (Karuna & Aparigraha Jain)
      Editors HereNow4U
      Online Magazine
      Berlin, Germany
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