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1808Life Development Yuva Shibir

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  • nishant mehta
    Feb 7, 2013

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    Sent: Friday, 8 February 2013 11:50 AM
    Subject: Life Development Yuva Shibir

    Life Development Yuva Shibir
    Dates: 16 May 2013 to 26th May 2013
    Venue: Beda Prashwanath Tirth (Rajasthan)
    Nishra (guidance): Muniraj Shree Hir Ratna Vijayji Maharasaheb &
       Muniraj Shree Charitra Ratna Vijayji Maharasaheb

    Special Course for "Personality Development" and "Effective Public Speaking" by Professional Teachers
    Astaprakari Puja, Ratri bhavna,etc. Also many quiz and other competition held.

    Also Shibir this shibir is followed by "Paryushan Training Class" from 26th May 2013 to 10th June 2013.
    Anyone interested in attending any of the shibir, fill the forms. Admission on First come First serve basis. Limited seats.
    Address : Dada Prashwnath Jain Tirth, Village:- Juna Beda, Station:- Beda, Zilla: Pali, Rajasthan.
    Contact Details: Gunwantbhai:- 09898401000 Sabarmati (Gujrat)
    Bipinbhai:-09414766850 Pindwada (Rajasthan)

    Kindly forward it to as many people you can via fb, email or whatsapp etc.
    Thank You

    Nishant Mehta