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  • ahimsa@jainsamaj.org
    Jan 15 4:43 AM
      Indefinite postponement of the most timely-conceived all “Sthanakwasi Swetambar Jain Saint’s Conclave” proposed to be held after 23 years at Delhi is a unpardonable set back for the entire Jain Swetambar Sthanakwasi Sect. Acharya Shri Dr. Shiv Muni had proposed to hold all saints meet at Delhi in 2011 after a lapse of almost 23 years. The announcement was felicitated and lauded by the entire saint commune and community members every where. This was a great opportunity for the Shanakwasi Jain saints to come together, increase their vertical and horizontal communication and discuss multi-disciplinary issues. The event proposed to be held in Delhi would have been a great show from other perceptions as well. Upadhyay Shri Roop Muni (Rajat) and many other veteran saints have enormous following in political and industrial circles outside the community as well. Their presence in large numbers in the country's capital would have given great opening to the entire Jain Diaspora to communicate with administration and other religious groups and sects on current subjects.
      Unfortunately, from the day of announcement of Saints Assembly, regional community leaders in Delhi and elsewhere started looking for their role in this high profile event. As the Organising Committees were announced, things started going bad to worse. Confusions and disagreements surfaced on every subject whether that is place of meet, agenda of the discussion or the arrangements. Community leaders freely expressed their views and advice at all levels. They simply confused the saints with their over-ambitious and sedentary thoughts without understanding their implications. One can call it clash of egos, insecurity of their hold in the religious organizations or anything else. Probably, all these developments intensively hurt Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni and he felt obligated to cancel his well-thought of meet of all the Sthanakwasi Saints. He wanted to steer clear of any situation which further damages the image of the saint commune and the community as a whole. Many saints have expressed their deep regrets about these redundant developments.
      Sthanakwasi community should learn from other Swetambar Jain Sect, where the word of ‘Acharya-Shri” is always the final word. No one has the temerity to throw any pointless views. Shravaks and Saints of the commune listen and obey the Acharya -Shri as their head with all the humility and respect. In order to run an organization a lot of discipline is required at all levels of the group. All constituents must accept and honour the office of the “Head”. The word of democratically elected leader should be the last word for everyone. This is in the interest of the entire community. Acharya-Shri should also exercise his powers whenever and wherever required irrespective of any other consideration. We hope the leaders of Sthanakwasi Jain Sect will understand this loss of opportunity and accept their mistake with dignity and humility. We hope such muddle will not be created in future. Certain religious reforms are of utmost necessity at this time and it is high time that our leaders shed their egoistic and callous approach and look progressively for the larger benefit of the community.