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1584Jaina Education Committee.

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  • Jain Pathshala
    Dec 19 5:56 PM

      We wish you and your family a Beautiful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year full of Love, Laughter, Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and higher Spirituality.

      Please support JAINA Education Committee and eLibrary Project.  The committee's yearend balance is less than $5000.00.

      With Warm Regards
      Pravin and Arti Shah and
      Members of Jaina Education Committee and eLibrary Project

      Jaina Education Committee Activity Report
      1.0  Jaina Education Committee
      Distribution of Jain Päthashälä Books
      Over the past 9 years we have distributed more than 50,000 Jaina Education books (valued to $200,000) to the Päthashälä students of North America and other countries.  Now we have more than 3500 students attending Jain Päthashäläs across North America.  We have also distributed the Jain books and other education material to all YJA and YJP conventions, the Jain Academic Bawl competition, Jain scholars, Jain summer school program, and academic institutions offering a course on Jainism at free of Charge.

      During this time we have also received $100,000 in contributions.  All the funds have been used to prepare, print and distribute the Jaina Education materials and for the eLibrary website work.   Administrative, storage and traveling expenses are not charged to the committee, but are borne by the individual volunteers. 
      For the past six years, the entire operation of the Päthashälä Book distribution system (receiving, storing, distributing, and accounting) was handled by Shri Virendra Shah  (past president of Jain Society of Los Angeles - JCSC). He managed the book inventory, which exceeded 25,000 books.  Hats Off to Shri Virendrabhai Shah and Shri Bharatbhai Shah (his brother in law) for their untiring dedicated support to JAINA Education Committee and Jain Päthashäläs of North America.

      JES 401 - Level IV Book (for College Student)
      We have printed 500 copies of the updated edition (E4) of this book to continue to meet the demand.  Even though it is a draft copy, it is very useful for the Päthashälä classes including adult svädhyäya.

      JES 302 - Level III Book (for High School Student)
      We are updating this most popular book of the Jain Päthashälä curriculum.  Please send us any updates, comments and suggestions you may have for this book.

      JES 202G - Level II Jain Story Book in Gujarati
      Kusumben J Shah (volunteer) of Ahmedabad India, translated the JAINA Education English story book into Gujarati to support the Gujarati Päthashälä students of India.  Hats Off to Kusumben.  The translation was edited by several members of the Education committee and the book will be published in India by the end of this month.  The book layout is the same as JAINA English story book (JES 202).  You can order the hard copy of the book or download the soft copy (free) of the entire book (pdf file) by going through
      www.jaineLibrary.org website.

      Level 1 (4 books) and Level 2 (2 books) Päthashälä Books
      We will be out of stocks of the above 6 books some time in the later part of 2011.  Hence we have scheduled to re-print them in September 2011.   Now is the time to give us the feedback, updates and any suggestions you might have for these books.  Generally we print 3 years worth supply of these books.

      Jain Sutra Book (Samayik, Pratikraman, and Chaitya-vandan Sutras Book)
      We have planned to publish the Sutra book of each major Jain sects.  We have started collecting and compiling the necessary information.  Each Sutra chapter will have Original Sutra, English transliteration, simple meaning of each stanza and overall general meaning of the entire sutra in simple English.  As we compile the file of each sutra, we will upload them in the Jain eLibrary website (Word 7 - docx formatted file in Unicode font) for your review, comments, suggestions and corrections.

      2.0  Jain eLibrary Project
      Over the past 16 months more than 6100 eLibrary users from 64 countries have registered to download the literature available on the website.  During this time 44,000 books have been downloaded by the members.  Also during this time we have continued to add 15,000 pages per month of the Jain literature on the website.  Now the website contains more than one million pages of scanned images of Jain Literature. 
      You can order the Jaina Education materials, eLibrary DVDs, and pay for your order or donate to Jaina Education and eLibrary activities at this website.

      3.0  Financial Status of Jaina Education Committee

      Hats off – Family of Arvind and Aruna Shah of Raleigh NC
      To support Jaina Education activities, humanitarian and other religious organizations, on the occasion of their daughter Sonal's wedding, in lieu of wedding gift, the family requested their guests to donate any of these organizations.   More than 40 guest families have donated to Jaina Education activities totaling $4,065.  We will send donation receipts to the guest donors individually in January 2011.

      List of Contributions Received in the Year 2010 is Listed at the end of this e-mail
      •    Contribution Received from America and Other Countries in US$ - 2010 Year
      •    Contribution Received in Indian Rupees - 2010 Year
      We will update the eLibrary website in January 2011 to add the list of 2010 contributors and 5 Year supporter project.

      Financial Status
      The following table provides JAINA Education Committee account summary starting from Year 2002 to 2010 (Dec 10, 2010):


      Starting Balance

      Contributions Received

      Book Distribution Income


      Ending Balance























































      *  Balance as of December 10, 2010
      ** Includes publishing cost of Päthashälä books and eLibrary DVDs, Shipping charges, scanning of eBooks, data entry cost, and website related expenses.  Administrative, storage and travelling expenses are not charged to the committee, but are borne by the individual volunteers. 

      We are projecting about $20,000 to $25,000 deficit every year for the next 5 years.  Hence we need to raise such amount in contributions every year in order to continue Jaina Education activities in a similar manner and distribute Jain Päthashälä books at a very low cost to our children and around the world.

      We are looking for 250 Jain families who can donate $100 (Rs. 5000) per year for the next 5 years, or one-time contribution of $500 (Rs.25000) within the next five years.  So far we have received the commitments from about 30 families.  If you would like to make such commitment to support our Jain education activities, please send us an e-mail of your commitment and mail your contribution as indicated below.  Please include name, address, telephone, e-mail, commitment amount and any special instructions in your e-mail to education@....  We will compile the list of 5 year supporters and publish it on the eLibrary website.  Please help us to publicize this request by circulating to your society members, friends and relatives.

      Please continue your generosity so that the committee can continue to work to fulfill Jain educational needs of our children of North America.  Many other countries including India have also benefited from our materials.

      Please make your contribution check (US dollars) to JAINA - Education Committee and mail it at following address.  (Do not mail your contribution directly to the JAINA Headquarters.  The committee needs to keep proper record before it is deposited in the JAINA account).
      If you would like to contribute in Indian Rupees, please make your contribution cheque/draft to “Shree Gyanvardhak Charitable Trust” and mail it to the following address.  This trust is a part of the Jain eLibrary project.

      Your contribution is tax deductible in Dollars in USA or in Rupees in India.

      Jaina Education Committee
      509 Carriage Woods Circle
      Raleigh, NC 27607 USA


      C/O Arihant Graphics
      Nanakram Super Market, Shop No F-20,
      Ramnagar, Sabarmati,
      Ahmedabad - 380005 (Gujarat) India
      +91 99988 90335

      4.0  Contributors - Year 2010
      Contribution Received from America and Other Countries in US$ - 2010 Year


      Family of Arvind and Aruna Shah - Sonal's Wedding - (Guest Contribution)

      Raleigh NC



      Nandini and Adil Nathani

      New York NY



      Mickey V and Vimi M Shah

      Irving TX



      Jain Meditation International - Chitrabhanuji - YJA Book Distribution

      New York NY



      Dr. Tansukh and Bharati Salgia - YJA Book Distribution

      Galena OH



      Anonymous (Deposited in January 2010)

      Atlanta GA



      Harshad and Jyotsna Shah - 5Year contribution

      Raleigh NC



      Pradip and Kathleen Marie Shah

      Anaheim CA




      Kansas KS



      Ashvin and Heena Kothari

      Toronto Canada



      Sahil Shah

      San Jose CA



      Jain Society Houston - Päthashälä Students - Contribution

      Houston TX



      Jiten and Niruben Shah - YJA Book Support

      Atlanta GA



      Paresh and Mona Sheth

      Hopkinsville KY



      Anonymous - 5 Year supporter

      Miamisburg OH



      Jain Soc Middle TN




      Jain Center of Minnesota (St. Paul)

      St Paul MN



      Mayur P and Rita Lodaya

      Chapel Hill NC



      Hemal Modi

      Durham NC



      Rekha Banker

      Raleigh NC



      Vasant and Usha Doshi