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1481Press Release & Photos–History making event –Jain Professorship at F.I.U, Miami, FL

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  • J. Dugar
    Apr 20, 2010

    Attached are the followings related to the Agreement signing & Check Presenting ceremony for the 1st permanent Jain Professorship in USA “Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship” at Florida Int’l University, Miami, FL in presence of University officers, Officers of Jain Education & Research Foundation and Dignitaries of Jain Samaj:

    1. Press Release by Jain Education & Research Foundation
    2. Photo – Presenting Check of US $600,000 to FIU President Dr Rosenberg by Dr Deepak Jain and others
    3. Photo – Group photo of Florida Int’l University officers and officers of Jain Education & Research Foundation & dignitaries
    4. Photo – Samani Charitya Pragya – Professor from Jain Vishwa Bharati University, Ladnun, Rajastha, India – who had been teaching Jainism and other comparative philosophies at F.I.U. for last 4 years (Dr. Nathan Katz has been named as Professor under new agreement signed on April 16, 2010) addressing the audience.


    The undersigned will highly appreciated an e-mail from all media with details of the issue in which news coverage is being published; so the enough copies of that issue(s) can be purchased at stores for circulation to all JVB Centers (in USA, UK & India), F.I.U & JVB University Officers, JERF Officers and other Jain community organizations and affiliates.


    Thanks very much for your attentions,

    Jay Dugar

    e-mail: Jdugar@...

    Cell 908-403-6885