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122Scholarships for Higher Studies

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  • jain_pals@yahoo.com
    Jun 9, 2001
      Dear Students,

      We have published a book titled `Scholarships for Higher Studies'.
      This book contains information of various scholarships offered by
      various charitable trusts and social institutions from all over
      India. These scholarships are for higher studies,, i.e. Graduation,
      Post Graduation, Research and Foreign Studies.

      The book includes a supplement on `Scholarships for Jain Students'
      which gives information about various scholarships, which are offered
      especially to Jain students.

      The price of the book is Rs. 40, but you can get it at a concessional
      price of Rs. 25. Send your order by Money Order on following address
      and do not forget to write your address at the bottom of the M.O.
      No VPP, limited stock.

      Jain Friends
      201 Mumbai Pune Marg
      Chinchwad East
      Pune 411019
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