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Ahimsa Times March 2013 Issue - www.jainsamaj.org

Welcome www.jiansamaj.org - Ahimsa Times - March, 2013 Issue Ahimsa Foundation 21, Skipper House, 9, Pusa Road New Delhi - 110005, India, Tel: 91-11-28754012 &
Ahimsa Foundation
Mar 17, 2013

Invention of Zero and Jain Mathematics

No doubt that the Indian mathematicians first used Zero in its present form, in concept and as a separate number. But which Indians actually were they? Read
Mahavir Sanglikar
Mar 16, 2013

Jinnah and Jainism.... Very interesting.... Must read

The Quaid-e-Azam was named Muhammad Ali (new spelling) but he added the name Jinnah to it. What is the meaning of Jinnah? Will it be too shocking to relate his
Oct 2, 2012

Articles and Essays on Jainism

Dear Friends, Jai Jinendra. This is a list of my important and popular articles on Jainism on Hubpages and elsewhere. This list will help students and scholars
Mahavir Sanglikar
Aug 20, 2012

Maharashtra Govt. Reserves 3% Seats for Jain Students at 7 Polytechn

Hi, The Maharashtra Government has reserved 70% seats at select polytechnics for constitutionally recognized minorities i.e. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains,
Mahavir Sanglikar
Jun 27, 2012

Interview with an American Convert to Jainism

Dear Friend, Jai Jinendra. Recently, I received an email from an American guy Justin Lundeen who has been converted to Jainism. He read my article How to
Mahavir Sanglikar
Jun 8, 2012

A Jain King Who Built 15 Forts.....

Jai Jinendra. A Jain King of Shilahar Dynasty of Kolhapur built 15 forts. I have written a detailed article on the Dynasty, the King and the fort Fort Builder
Mahavir Sanglikar
Jun 4, 2012

Jainism without Temples and monks possible

Jai Jinendra. It is a very bad thing that Jain temples have become places for senseless rituals. People donate huge amounts to the temples instead of donating
Mahavir Sanglikar
May 16, 2012

Influence of Jainism on Pythagoras

Hi, Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher as well as a mathematician, who born in 570 B.C.E. on the island of Samos. He was founder of Pythagoreanism, a religious
Mahavir Sanglikar
May 15, 2012

Re: Felicitation of Padmabhushan D. Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthal

Dear All, We should also consider sometimes to felicitate Dr. K. H. Sancheti (Jain), Shivajinagaer, Pune. He is recently conferred with Padmavibhushan. Thanks
May 14, 2012

Felicitation of Padmabhushan D. Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthal by

Dear Sir/Madam, Jai Jinendra You are invited to Felicitation of Padmabhushan D. Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthal by Pune Jains on Friday 4th May 2012 8.30 AM
Mahavir Sanglikar
May 1, 2012

Philosophy Professor Plans to Spend 2-3 Weeks in Jain Community

Jai Jinendra, Here is an interesting news I found while news search. Predrag Cicovacki, professor of philosophy and director of Peace and Conflict Studies at
Mahavir Sanglikar
Apr 19, 2012

SHATAVDHAN (Memorising 100 activities) – A glimpse at the Super Po

SHATAVDHAN (Memorising 100 activities) – A glimpse at the Super Power of the Soul How often have been embarrassed because you could not remember names of
CA Siddharth Parakh
Apr 11, 2012

A List of My Articles on Jainism

Dear Friends, Jai Jinendra. I have just published a list of my articles on Jainism. This is first list of my articles, comprising 34 articles. The articles are
Mahavir Sanglikar
Apr 11, 2012

Suggest a Prominent Jain for Listing on Jain Friends Website

Dear Friends, A big number of Jains are working in various fields like Social Activities, Media and Journalism, Literature, Research, Politics, Causes,
Mahavir Sanglikar
Apr 11, 2012
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