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Ego - An analysis from the Jain viewpoint

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  • Sreepalan VC
    Samyak Darshan Dear Shri Nilesh Kothari, Your e mail name is soul searcher and how long would you be searching soul i.e., your self? Your SELF is SOUL and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2008
      Samyak Darshan

      Dear Shri Nilesh Kothari,

      Your e mail name is "soul searcher" and how long would you be searching soul i.e., your self? Your SELF is SOUL and SOUL is your SELF.

      Venerable Achaarya Shri Kund Kund Dev said that the one who knows oneself knows every thing – gynaani – and one who does not know oneself knows nothing – agynaani.

      To know one’s self what is required is ‘ruchi’ or interest on one’s Self. Its absence is the entrenched presence of anger on self - ‘anantanubndhi krodh’.

      The one who has known Self ‘as it is’- thathvaarth - and not ‘as it appears’ and believes ‘as it is’ would certainly experience the Self – swaroopa aacharan - at least for a split second – Samaya. That one is gynaani and is in the path of making of Keval Gynaani.

      It starts form the fourth Gunasthan – avirth Samyakdhristhi - and culminates in thirteenth Gunasthan – Sayogi Kevali.

      Well on your questions:

      'if gnani's are present or can be present in this world now.'


      Why not?

      Who is gynaani according to passionless Jina dharma?

      ‘Know thyself; and be thyself’ – Achaarya Shri Kund Kund Dev. One who has followed it, is none other than Gynaani. For more you may repeat studying the foregoing paras.

      Gynaanis are present and shall be so for all the times to come but no gynaani will proclaim to the world that he is gynaani and on the contrary world only proclaims him as gynaani. The number may be reducing and may be very few or countable as the downward cycle time is progressing.

      Nothing prohibits your good selves to become gynaani as all facilities are present in you from beginning less time and shall be so for all the time to come to know, believe and conduct as gynnai.

      Choice is solely yours and yours alone.

      Also would like to know what has Acharaya KK said about "ego" and who does one go about dissolving it.

      On ‘ego’:
      Ego – aham -, as generally understood is Selfishness only and its meaning in dictionary is personality, self, self-image, sense of self, self-esteem, etc.

      Every Soul has ego and it may vary in degree but not in kind.

      By selfishness only, one can achieve the ultimate – lasting bliss – Keval Gynaan and Niravaan. However, what is selfishness has to be understood without an iota of doubt and those who had understood it rightly and believed it only, secured the goal of human birth - Mukthi.

      On the contrary, those who have misconceived or misconstrued selfishness and placed faith on one’s body or body and soul together, continue their beginning less journey of birth and death and shall do so for all the times to come - samsaar.

      The differentia is simple as the nature of the two substances viz., Self – Soul – and body are entirely different as the former is conscious and non-physical and the later is non-conscious and physical. They are independent and self-subsisting.

      Facilities such as gynaan, darshan, strength and bliss are inherently entrenched in every soul and so their use has to be in right direction i.e., knowing and seeing canalised on its own self and in short, be a knower and seer – gynaayak.

      It is next to impossibility to dispense or cut of ‘knowing and seeing’ from Self but it can be diverted or directed towards itself. In short, be truly selfish.

      Yours brotherly,
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