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Re: DISCOVER JAINISM: A Coffee Table book on Jainism

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  • Sreepalan VC
    Samyak Darshan Dear Shri Snehal Shah , Let soul secure Samyakthva Ask thou, thou shall be given; knock thou and thou shall be heard. ‘Know thyself and be
    Message 1 of 4 , May 9 12:50 AM
      Samyak Darshan

      Dear Shri Snehal Shah ,

      Let soul secure Samyakthva
      Ask thou, thou shall be given; knock thou and thou shall be heard.
      ‘Know thyself and be thyself’ – Acharya Shri Kund Kund Dev.

      Sub: DISCOVER JAINISM: A Coffee Table book on Jainism
      Ref: Saturday, May 5, 2007 5:13:54 AM

      Opined, it is that the subject matter is being treated more on personal than on topical aspect. So much is trickled to establish the usage is right or wrong.

      Secondly, the author of the mail being more a publisher of Jain Books and sellers of other publications, it may not be difficult to understand that such phrases will be spontaneous and would it not be good to accept it in what ever fashion either mildly or vociferously expressed. If this is acceptable the usage may not be out of context or limit to use such phrases. However such exclusive pharases can be avoided in serious vitraag Jina Dharma to avoid such feelings.

      Choice is one’s.

      None the less Dr. Shri C Devakumar Jain's feelings followed by many other valued participants are worthy of sensing and no less genuine are the feelings expressed. Dharmic discussions, it suggested that it need not be colorful but useful and purpose full

      Besides a word, it is felt may do well to understand the sprit behind the following expressions dated 5th March 2007 of Dr. Shri C Devkumar Jain:

      “Right Faith leads to all kinds of prosperity and ultimately also to supreme bliss”

      The prosperity meant here, if it is inert dead material possessions, it is to be discarded for the eventual goal expressed – Supreme bliss. They are the nimittas viz., association of vitraag Jain ascetics, Dharshan of Thirthankars, Deshana or Pravachan of vitraag Jain Gurus, conditions that drive one to pursue the pure path etc., that (vitraag Samyakthva) enable to regain or reestablish the aspirant soul’s fall to higher stages of purity of soul (vyvahaarically gunasthanaas). That is really the prosperity to be reckoned with. Any wealth however much it is valuable from the worldly sense, it is worthless for the aspirant and even of an iota of attachment to them is bad enough for the unimaginable fall to lower existence.

      No less is the condition to the householder too but it is saraaga Samyakthva wherein shravak and shravikas both when they are unable to continue their flow of pure thought activity, thoughts for activities physical does come but there is no mine and mine ness in it.

      Wrong faith born out of wrong knowledge – mithyaathva – has no place for discussion in vitraag Jina Dharma.

      “Always remember, you have born as a Jain with the rarest stroke of luck”

      Doubtless it is the luck as it is lucky or respectable to be born as a member of vitraag Jina Dharma follwoer’s family and it is born out of one’s hard effort and certainly it is not an accident but a worked out incident in the passage of time of any one aspirant soul. Pure thought activity or attempts to remain in pure thought activity is the reasonable requirement for such an incident.

      On Propagation:
      That apart,
      propagation is a must for Vitraag Jain Shravak and Shravika and it is one and last of the eight essentials - Margaprabhaavana - to be practiced by Shravak and Shravika being Samyakdhrishtis. But it very much differs from the practice found in other faiths.

      ‘Preach not before practice’ is the old adage and so propagation will be more effective and realistic if one follows or follows in word and spirit even with failures in between.

      Your esteemed assertion that Baghavaan Mahavir did not propagate in the sense that He did not volunteer to preach vitraag Jina Dharma door to door or person to person as commonly understood and found. During His ascetic life it is expected of Him to help when people needed clarifications or doubts to be cleared on vitraag Jina Dharma and certainly He would not have failed to do so. But after His attainment of Keval Gynaan, it is more a vyavahaaric way of telling that He preached thro Dhivya Dhoni. He has nothing to do with any soul or pudgal that are constituents of this universe, once He had secured Kewal Gynaan.

      The best way to preach or propagate vitraag Jina Dharma, it is said that it is the sincere and true following of the path placed before us by the venerable vitraag Jain Acharyas who had had them from worship worthy Gandhar Parameshtin. Anything else such as uncalled for and unasked for preaching would only end up in the very much avoidable frustration and disappointment.

      Attempt is made to present the best that is known and it is likely that it may be falling short of one’s expectation and information and it is earnest and sincere request to bring out the defects and insufficiency thereby help understanding better.

      Welcome for any further clarification

      Truth is of Kevalin and the rest are mine.

      Wishing you all the best for the early dawn of Samykathva.

      Now, it is, for the participants to come up.

      Yours brotherly,
      Dear friends, Jay Jinendra I would request all my learned friends to NOT judge a book by its label! Please read the book before sitting in judgement over it.
      Message 2 of 4 , May 10 4:38 AM
        Dear friends,
        Jay Jinendra
        I would request all my learned friends to NOT judge a book by its label! Please read the
        book before sitting in judgement over it.
        Sitting in judgement does not help anyone. And Jain darshana teaches us to be nirgrantha.
        Unattached, unbiased and not petty.
        Let me repeat, a coffee table book merely means a large size book which focuses on visual
        content! It does not in any way mean that the book is "entertainment material meant to be
        kept on the coffee table"!
        It is silly to assume such things about such a book.
        Anyone who read the description of the book that accompanied the name of the book would
        realise at once that the book aims to teach and promote Jainism in a simple and attractive
        manner. It is not meant as entertainment material.
        Only a biased person would come to such a conclusion.
        For your reference, I am once again including the description that I sent with the book. Please
        read it and decide whether the book is looking down upon Jainism in any way!

        "This is a gorgeous book! Beautifully produced and designed.

        It targets young readers and Western audiences, giving them a peak into the Jain religion.


        Written by Colin Hynson, a re nowned writer of textbooks in the UK ,

        the book covers various aspects of Jainism and explains them with beautiful pictures and photographs.


        Information concerning the following topics is given in this book:

        What is Jainism, the birth of Mahavira, the 2 sects of Jainism, the history of Jainism, the path of attaining spiritual perfection, the 3 jewels, respect for life, Ahimsa, doing good, Jain Scriptures,   Jain festivals and holidays, Jain centres of pilgrimage, Jain temples,  Jain worship, Jain prayers, Jain monks and nuns, the five vows that a Jain undertakes, the role of Jains in the Indian freedom movement

        and how Jainism is practised around the world today.


        The book has a glossary as well as a list of some of the most informative and interesting websites on Jainism.


        The book has been aesthetically produced and is ideally suited for gifting, especially to youngsters and a Western audience who would like to k now more about Jainism, one of the oldest living religions in the world. "


        Please draw  your own conclusions.




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