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Re: [JainList] how is siler foil used in angi manufactured?

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  • ahimsatimes
    According to the best of our knowledge and the reliable information gathered from various sources, including the books, articles and visual material from Mrs.
    Message 1 of 6 , May 31, 2004
      According to the best of our knowledge and the reliable information gathered
      from various sources, including the books, articles and visual material from
      Mrs. Menaka Gandhi, Mr. Pravin Shah, Pramoda Chitrabhanu and many others,
      varak is produced by the use of freshly obtained large intestines of oxen,
      cows or other animals. The animals are killed in slaughter-houses, their
      intestines removed and are then cut into rectangular pieces. These pieces
      are purchased by varak-makers, usually in the evening. They make small bags,
      place silver piece inside and apply blows over it on a hammer. This activity
      goes on till late night. The useful period for which intestines can be used
      is only 6 to 8 hours after which these become hard and brittle and are of no
      use. Ordinary leather can not be used as varak will get torn much before it
      gets thinned out. The intestines used are not even properly washed and
      often, blood stains remain on the varak, which can be seen under a

      If a visitor like you and many others go and ask, they simply say that they
      use leather bags. But it is not so in reality. What is that leather they
      use? It is most unfortunate that knowing how varak is produced and what
      degree of violence is committed, Many Jains even , who claim to be strict
      vegetarian and ahinsak, eat sweets applied with varak layer. Varak is still
      being used in Swetambar Jain temples on the idols. Are'nt we real
      hypocrites? Most of the Digambar Jains do not use varak. So also, they do
      not use on the idols. Many Jains in USA and elsewhere outside India have
      totally stopped the use of varak in their families. But here in India, we
      will never change.

      If you like to know more, you can obtain a book, "A Book of Compassion"
      (Reverence for all life), compiled by Pramoda Chitrabhanu and Pravin K.
      Shah, available from Jain Meditation International Centre, New York.
      (E-Mail: jainmamata@...)  or  if you like, I will send you a copy of the
      same. I am also attaching a note by Mr. Sandeep Jain in this context.

      P.L. Jain
      e-mail: ahimsatimes@...
      URL:  www.jainsamaj.org

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      > Dear Friend,
      > An interesting &
      debatable question indeed. I live in
      > Jaipur & it is a place where
      Varak is manufactured.
      > Small foils of silver put inside a leather bag,
      > make it very thin by hammering it.
      > To avoid leather now
      some jain organisations started
      > providing fibre bags free to the
      artisans.(which is
      > little costlier,therefore generally not used by
      > poor artisans)
      > Thanx,
      > jyoti Kothari
      > --- pins
      <pins_shah@...> wrote:
      > > hi!
      > > how r you?
      > > actually i want to
      know how is the varak that is
      > > used
      > > in angi
      > > can you pls enlighten me on this subject.
      > > Thanking You,
      > > Pinal
      > >
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