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Re: Question on ahimsa - some more points

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  • sreepal5058
    Samyak Darshan Dear Dr.Devakumar, Let soul secure samyakthva. Sub: certain points of perceptional variance - clarification. Indeed it is heartening to have
    Message 1 of 13 , Jul 1, 2003
      Samyak Darshan

      Dear Dr.Devakumar,

      Let soul secure samyakthva.

      Sub: certain points of perceptional variance - clarification.

      Indeed it is heartening to have searching probes into the
      submissions and in turn it immerses one in dharma dhyaan. Thankful
      and grateful to you and I am obliged.

      01) Quote:
      "You need not say this as inevitable Let us remind Kural "Tavam
      seyvaar tam kadamai aeyvaar …" and urge one and all to perform the
      real duty by thoughts, speech and deeds. The seed of thoughts would
      blossom in to a fully-grown tree surely."

      Learned you are to understand the insignificance of the very well
      know basic truth of pressure of daily routines on one. But may have
      relevance to one who has just come to the fold of Jain Dharmic
      discussion and so it found itself placed in the reply. How ever if
      that was found to be excess that could be ignored.

      In this connection, in the days of Acharya Kalp Pandit Shri
      Thodarmal a friend of his questioned his attempt to write Shri
      Moksha marg prakaashak and the same is given here under:

      Friend: Why do you want to write this book and are you going to
      write something new which is not in our sacred works?

      Pandit: No

      Friend: So if you are going to write what is already there, what is
      the need / purpose to write this and don't you think it is waste?

      Pandit: You all are very learned and can understand very easily what
      is said in sacred books but you know I am not that much learned.
      Besides there may be many who are less learned / informed than me
      and it is for them only, this attempt of mine.

      Dear brother, this is by the way and repetition in sacred works is
      very common and it is only to keep reminding the reader going astray.

      02) Quote:
      "Thavam saivaar tham karumam saivaar marru allaar
      avam saivaar aasiull pattu." - Devar Kural

      Achraarya Shri Kund Kund Dev, you are very well aware, is fully and
      completely given to himself and nothing in the world has any thing
      to do with him, is it agreeable and so let us try to understand what
      could be his ray of thinking in this sacred couplet.

      Thavam - penance is again explained by him in the first of this
      chapter "Thavam" as under:
      "Urra noi nonral uyirkku urukhann saiyaamai
      artre thavathirkku uru" - Devar Kura.

      It means to simply observe and not to do any painful acts to life
      and that constitutes penance - Thavam.

      Here, since Achaarya shri is giving out his thoughts and so it
      cannot but be related to soul and soul alone, can there be any doubt?

      From the vyavahaaric point of view what ever bodily ailments occurs
      to one, he has to bear the same and on that score one should not
      cause harm to any living being. This is superficial.

      And the real and most important is that which is relating to one's

      So, based on the above perception one has to bear oneself from pangs
      of ageless disease of passion - Kaama, liking - raag, and disliking -
      dhvesh in one's soul by being a knower and seer.

      Secondly not to think of harming any more one's soul by allowing one
      self to engulf into passion, liking and disliking and guard one's
      soul from the above mentioned.

      These are the twin parameters for observing penance from the
      nischaya point of view as this is relating to the nature of
      substance - soul.

      Soul, as you all know is only capable of knowing, seeing,
      understanding etc. So all its activities could only be in this
      capabilities and with in one's soul, agreed or any disagreement?

      It has no capacity to come out of its space and do any thing

      03) Quote:
      "All the transactions of souls in both bonded and liberated states
      are in the names and forms of knowledge (intellect) and feelings
      (emotions). "
      True indeed that quote "in the case of enlightened, this emission is
      full of knowledge and bliss". But it is sensed conflict in the
      former statement how there could be emotions in the liberated soul?
      Could it be by oversight?

      04) Quote:
      "Time and again, this has been stated but we have neither "heard"
      nor "heeded" to this message"

      Rightly and boldly placed the true picture of the mundane soul in
      the grinding and gripping ignorance of the self.

      This is the very reason that truth or facts are very often repeated
      and repeated till one wake up from the bhaava nidhra and realizes
      his real wealth - infinite knowledge, infinite faith, infinite
      strength and infinite bliss.

      Attempt is made here to explain and clear the cloud and nothing

      Truth is KEVALIN'S and rests are mine.

      Yours brotherly,
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