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Santhara is not suicide: Rajasthan high court judgment equating the

Santhara is not suicide: Rajasthan high court judgment equating the two must be rectified August 28, 2015, 12:46 AM IST Abhishek Manu Singhvi
    narendra gandhi
    11:12 AM
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    Warm Invitation

    ... Jay Jinendra समाधितन्त्र का रहस्य SAMĀDHITANTRA KA RAHASYA Lecture by Manish Modi on Ācārya Pūjyapāda's
    Manish Modi
    Aug 27

    Santhara | Judgment of Rajasthan High Court

    From the article ‘Culture of Nonviolence’, pages 30-31 Jain Study Circular 16 April-June 2009 Peaceful Death Is Not Suicide By Justice T. K. Tukol Adapted
    Aug 26

    Jains have the lowest population growth rate!

    The 2010 census data on religions in India has finally just been released a few hours ago.. In case you have missed it, Jains have recorded the lowest growth
    Aug 26

    Santhara | Judgment of the Rajasthan High Court

    ... Jay Jinendra Here is the judgment http://rhccasestatus.raj.nic.in/smsrhcb/rhbcis/judfile.asp?ID=CW%20%20%20&nID=7414&yID=2006&doj=8/10/2015 Here is an
    Manish Modi
    Aug 24

    Main Hii Nahiin Saaraa Raashtra Jain Hai (Hindi)

    ... Jay Jinendra बात फ़रवरी १९८१ की है। तत्कालीन प्रधानमन्त्री
    Manish Modi
    Aug 22

    Sallekhana is not Suicide and the Santhara ban is a bad judicial dec

    ... Jay Jinendra *Sallekhana**is not Suicide and the Santhara ban is a bad judicial decision* The recent Rajasthan high court ruling that banned the Jain
    Manish Modi
    Aug 21

    Re: Why is the Rajasthan HC opposing Santhara?

    Mr.Devendra, The reason as to why this question arose now before the court is as follows: A Individual person filed a Writ Petition, claiming to be under
    narendra gandhi
    Aug 20

    Why is the Rajasthan HC opposing Santhara?

     Dear Manishji, Gaurav Jain, Loon Karan Chhajer ,Narendra Gandhi, Shreyas Shah and all others, First of all my question is why this subject is now an
    Aug 19

    Introductory note

    Dear Narendrabhai, Jay Jinendra Thank you for your remarks. 1. These are memoranda and need not carry many details. 2. About the Shikharji issue, we do not
    Aug 18

    Introductory note

    My Dear Manish Bhai, The representation on SANTHARA looks good enough. Kindly add the case number and parties names in the representation. I am worried that
    narendra gandhi
    Aug 18

    Introductory Note

    ... Jay Jinendra Learned friend, As you are aware, the Jain community, its history, centres of pilgrimage, traditions and age old customs are under attack from
    Manish Modi
    Aug 17


    Subash Jain wrote: There is a major difference between suicide and sallekhana. The former always involves intense moha (attachment), malice, frustration, etc;
    Aug 17

    Re: Why is the Rajasthan HC opposing Santhara?

    Can we argue that Santhara is not about choosing to die, it is rather choosing to "live" without certain worldly requisites like food / water or other
    Shreyas Shah
    Aug 16

    Today's TOI on Santhara

    ... Jay Jinendra Dear friends, Pls. Go through today's Times of India page 1 & page 4 Page 1 link
    Manish Modi
    Aug 15
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