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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF JAINA STUDIES Volume 7 - 9 ... Jay Jinendra INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF JAINA STUDIES Volume 7 - 9 2011 - 2013 Edited by Peter Flügel 2014 25 x 17 cm 536 pages ISBN
Manish Modi
Apr 16
Check the sugar you may be using as it may be the 'HINSAK' Community Service Message: Please check the sugar you may be using as it may be 'HINSAK' because animal derived products being used to REFINE it. Even though
Naresh Shah
Apr 15
On Mahavira Janma Kalyanaka Nicely written. I forwarded to others. Jai Jinendra
ann jay
Apr 15
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MINORITY STATUS TO BENEFIT JAIN STUDENTS ... Jay Jinendra *MINORITY STATUS TO BENEFIT JAIN STUDENTS* The minority status accorded to Jain community by the Union government is expected to benefit a
Manish Modi
Apr 12
On Mahavira Janma Kalyanaka ... Jay Jinendra On Mahavira Janma Kalyanaka ~ Anish Doshi No. We need not bake a special cake, Nor take a dip in some holy lake. With Bhagavan Mahavira we
Manish Modi
Apr 11
नमुत्थुणं सूत्र Namutthuṇaṃ Sūtra Jai Jinendra Manish bhai, here is a link that tells the meaning of Gandhahasti.
ann jay
Apr 11
In Praise of Diikshaa ... Jay Jinendra In Praise of Diikshaa by Anish Doshi The constant desire to become detached To this very principle I am now willingly attached! Though in this
Manish Modi
Apr 9
Muni Sri Padmasena Maharaj attains Samadhi at Tamadaddi after Yama S *Muni Sri Padmasena Maharaj attains Samadhi at Tamadaddi after Yama Sallekhana* Jain Muni 108 Sri Padmasena Maharaj attained Samadhi on April 5, 2014 at
Nitin H P
Apr 6
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नमुत्थुणं सूत्र Namutthuṇaṃ Sūtra Jai Jinendra I read Namuthunam Sutra, not the whole thing. On third sootra's translation, may I suggest the meaning of 'Gandhhatthi' that I found on internet,
ann jay
Apr 4
नमुत्थुणं सूत्र Namutthuṇaṃ Sūtra Dear Narendrabhai, Jay Jinendra You are quite right. I went through the Deravasi 'Devasiraai Pratikramana' and those words that you pointed out are missing.
Apr 3
Re: [JainList] नमुत्थुणं सूत्र Namutthu Dear Manish Bhai, Thanks for your excellent translations, which are a pleasure to read. However, in regard to your translation of NAMUTTHUNAM SUTRA, The words
narendra gandhi
Apr 3
नमुत्थुणं सूत्र Namutthuṇaṃ Sūtra ( नमो वीतरागाय Namo Vītarāgāya जय जिनेन्द्र Jay Jinendra नमुत्थुणं सूत्र
Manish Modi
Apr 3
इष्टोपदेश एवं समाधिशतक Ishto ... Jay Jinendra इष्टोपदेश एवं समाधिशतक Ishtopadesha & Samadhishataka Spiritual Insights By Acarya Pujyapada English
Manish Modi
Apr 2
Re: types if skandha the names of other varganas are available in jainandra siddhant kosh part 3 are as follows 1 - anu vargana 2 -sankhyatanu vargana 3 -asankhatanu vargana 4
Apr 1
नियमसार Niyamasara Salvation Through Self-Discipline B ... Jay Jinendra * नियमसार Niyamasara Salvation Through Self-Discipline By Acarya Kundakunda English translation and commentary by Jagdish Prasad
Manish Modi
Apr 1
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types if skandha Does anyone know what the total 23 types of skandha are? I have only ever seen five listed: ahar, tejas, bhasha, mano and karman. I am interested to know what
Mar 31
Fundamentals of Jainism ... Jay Jinendra FUNDAMENTALS OF JAINISM By Jagdish Prasad Jain ‘Sadhak’ 2005 22 x 14 cm 345 pages Hardcover Jainism is one of the oldest living
Manish Modi
Mar 31
Shatkhandagama ... Jay Jinendra Shatkhandagama {Scripture in Six Parts} http://www.navelgazing.net/2013/09/shatkhandagama-scripture-in-six-parts.html What are the Agamas? How
Manish Modi
Mar 25
Kashaya Prabhrita ... Jay Jinendra Ācārya Guṇabhadra’s कसायपाहुडं Kasāyapāhuḍa (कषायप्राभृतं) Kaṣāyaprābhṛta + Curni
Manish Modi
Mar 24
Fwd: Invitation: 10th Anniversary of the Centre of Jaina Studies at Dear Friends, On Thursday 21 March at 6 pm we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS before the Annual Jaina Lecture which
Manish Modi
Mar 18
Re: Upponi Ruins, Unique Jain Connections & Beliefs The article states: "During the course of their stay here they married into another trading community of India, the Jains. The Women are Jains while the men
Mar 16
Benefits of Jain Minority Status ~ CA Rajesh Jain ... Jay Jinendra *JAIN MINORITY STATUS – CONFUSIONS, FACTS AND MYTHS - RAJESH JAIN* A farmer lived in a village of Himachal Pradesh adjoining the Punjab
Manish Modi
Mar 12
Yesterday was Parna of 180 Fast of Panyas Shri Hansratna M.S. Dear All, Pranam, Pls. find the link of the News of Parna of 180 Fasts of Pujya Panyas Shri Hansratna M.S. @ Wilson Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai.
Yashesh Jakhelia
Mar 1
Working Womens Hostel in Mumbai Hi Jai Jinendra! Can someone help me with names and contact details of Hostels for Working Women in Mumbai between Dadar & JOgesjwari West? The hostels should
Feb 21
Jain University Website Dear all, Please visit the new and updated version of http://www.jainuniversity.org/and provide your valuable feed back. For Jain University Website Trust
Shwetal Shah
Feb 21
Help me in my search, please! You can find most of the Jain Granths at Jain Sahitya Sadan which is part of Shri Lal Mandir ji.
Feb 17
Re: Why is the National Minority Status Important for Jains Dear Rajendra ji, Jay Jinendra The benefits of National Minority Status for the Jain religion are many. They have been listed several times by several persons
Feb 17
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Help me in my search, please! Jai Jinendra! Can you recommend a place to buy Hindi translation of Jain Agams in Delhi? Amit ____ You may get the Agamas with Hindi translations in Beawar,
Feb 16
Why is the National Minority Status Important for Jains Kindly share the points discusssed in this proram. Regarda. Rajendra
Feb 16
Concerning Yogic Postures Jai Jinendra! I have been reading "The Yogasastra of Hemacandra (YS) -Translated by Olle Quarnstrom, 2002" and I came across yogic postures (YS IV.124-136). I
Feb 16
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