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Response to "Chief Justice Wants Less Disclosure of Judge Finances"

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  • jail4judges
    Response to Chief Justice Wants Less Disclosure of Judge Finances
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2000
      Response to "Chief Justice Wants Less Disclosure of Judge Finances"
      << "By placing all judges' financial disclosure reports on the Internet, there would no longer be a means to filter information in those reports that could endanger the individual judge," Rehnquist said in a speech to the American Law Institute, a group of lawyers and judges. >>

          So, let me get this straight. Judges should be able to force disclosure of a litigant's most private information, from medications taken, to Social Security Numbers, but should not be required to disclose the most basic of financial information that might reflect personal biases regarding the cases on that judge's calendar.

          Hmmm.  And everybody wonders why the judiciary is losing the respect of the people..........

      Richard Shepard
      Candidate for Attorney General of Washington.

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