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Just Woke Up

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    Just Woke Up (By V. B. Moore - vbmoore2@yahoo.com) I m new to this group and to the whole experience. You see before my son s murder attempt, I truly believed
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      Just Woke Up
      (By V. B. Moore - vbmoore2@...)
      I'm new to this group and to the whole experience.  You see before my
      son's murder attempt, I truly believed in this system, and in my
      government.  I even encouraged my son to serve his country.  I always
      considered myself a law obeying citizen - until, three years ago.  Before
      then, I sort of figured I had my doubts about some things, but not at
      this level. 

      Hell has fallen upon me since I started to piece the puzzle together.
      Because I asked others about their experiences, I was able to dig
      deeper into the information that was available to me at the time. 

      I have found "In your face" disregard for the law from many of our
      medical community, social service groups, and educational community.
      The lies, the deceit, and the looks I got from these people is enough
      to convince me ...if we don't act soon, my only option is to run for
      the hills... .
      South Dakota is not very populated, and most people are probably not impacted or aware of the deep shit we are in.  I'm in with whatever I can help with.
      V. B. Moore
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