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    Response to JAIL FIGHTS CHILD ABUSE In a message dated 7/2/00 5:46:33 PM jail4judges@mindspring.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2000
      Response to "JAIL FIGHTS CHILD ABUSE"
      In a message dated 7/2/00 5:46:33 PM 
      jail4judges@... writes:

      <<  While watching out for the children is a "touching" issue  packed with emotions, (who doesn't love children), and we desire their protection, I cannot think of an issue more threatening to the foundation of our country than government involvement in our homes. One may rest assured that if there
      is not a problem in the home, government will figure out some way to find a problem and the need for their intervention. 

      Dear Ron:

          You have certainly put your finger on the most pressing issue and problem this country has faced since its founding -- government, and by extension, court interference and unwanted intervention in our homes, our families, our private lives and with our children.
          You're right, who doesn't want to protect children. But the protection of children is a parent's job and responsibility and not the government or the Court's job or responsibility.
          If that were the case then the government would make sure that every child in America would be covered by health Insurance, which of course is hardly the case in America today. 
          Government then only picks and chooses which children they will protect and to do that they assign the job to the so-called "Family" Court system which is nothing more than a billion dollar industry made up of half baked greedy and mercenary divorce lawyers and quack psychologists, or witch doctors as I call them, plus a whole army of ignorant, stupid, callous and arrogant Judges who can't take care of their own children, let alone take care of and make important decisions for my children and your children. Then on top if all these people you also have an entire cottage industry of so-called child protective service workers whose only license requirement for their job, at least here in California, is that they have a valid drivers license.
          I have been following all of your e-mail posts and very informative and interesting information you have been sending out from your Jail4Judges organization and I must say you and I have a great deal in common.
      Bill K.  - Ca.

      J.A.I.L.  (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law)
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