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* Awaiting Response From Reporter David Kranz *

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    Awaiting Response From Reporter David Kranz (By Ron Branson - Author/Founder of National JAIL4Judges.org) Reporter David Kranz seems to resent receiving tons
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2005
      Awaiting Response From Reporter David Kranz
      (By Ron Branson - Author/Founder of National JAIL4Judges.org)
      Reporter David Kranz seems to resent receiving tons of emails in rebuttal to his article he published in the August 28th Argus Leader against J.A.I.L. He overlooks the fact that it is the cause that is the subject here, not where the criticism may come from. While J.A.I.L. is a nationwide effort of freedom-loving Americans, our current target state is South Dakota. A win for South Dakota is a win for freedom in this country. South Dakota is only the first step toward Liberty.
      Misrepresentation of truth published in a South Dakota newspaper is still misrepresentation, although such deception be may be exposed from North Dakota. A lie is a lie no matter from whose mouth it comes or where the speaker of the lie may be standing.
      -Ron Branson

      Hi Ron,
      I sent Dave Kranz an E-mail and got this response from him. Poor soul.

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      From: Denis Kellogg
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      Hi David Kranz,
      Why don't you just tell Ron Branson that you sympathize with his cause but, you would lose your job if you told the truth about J.A.I.L.?  He would respect that.
      Everyone knows we don't have a free press in this country any more than we have an incorruptible judiciary.
      God be with you,

      "Kranz, Dave" <DKRANZ@...> wrote:
      Subject: RE: JAIL
      Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:34:32 -0400
      From: "Kranz, Dave" <DKRANZ@...>
      To: "Denis Kellogg" <deniskellogg@...>

      This was a story about something happening in South Dakota, nowhere else.

      Ron's Response To Argus Leader Reporter David Kranz:
      So David, how to you propose to defend your published deception to a South Dakotan who writes and criticizes your article? I am curious. Some of your critics do live in South Dakota, you know.
      I think you are only sinking yourself deeper into the quicksand, rather than trying to extricate yourself. Inquiring minds wanna know. The world is waiting to hear from ya, David. Your reputation as a reporter is on the line. The Argus Leader's reputation is on the line.
      Author/Founder of SDJA/J.A.I.L.
      www.jail4judges.org (On 5,000 websites world-wide)
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