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Back From South Dakota - Part 1

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  • victoryusa@jail4judges.org
    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 25, 2005
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                          August 25, 2005
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      Back From South Dakota- Part 1
      From Los Angeles to Sturgis, S.D.
      Reported by Barbie, VictoryUSA@...
      (Edited by Ron Branson)
      Welcome everyone! After arduous driving and footwork collecting signatures in South Dakota, we arrived back home August 23rd, at 7 p.m. We left well ahead of the August 8th start of the Sturgis event, (Thursday, July 28th), so we could take it easy and travel the scenic route through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Words can hardly describe the wondrous majestic beauty we beheld on the entire trip. We were traveling through God's rock garden, and some areas were magnificently created with cathedral-looking spires rising up to abbey-appearing "structures" at the very pinnacle of different mountain tops. From the distance, some of them looked like they had a group of columns across the front of them. It was awesome!
      We saw all kinds of animals-- a bear with cubs, a bull moose, deer, mountain goats, roaming cows through the woods (unrestricted), buffalo, and a remarkable bunch of donkeys, at least 25. One of the larger donkeys was standing smack in the middle of the road and was perfectly content to stay there. He wouldn't move, despite calls, whistles, and clapping hands. Finally, about a nine-year-old boy caught the donkey's attention by holding out his hand as if he had food to feed him, and that made the donkey finally amble off the road.
      As we were traveling through Jackson, Wyoming, we caught sight of a large sign that read "Law Offices of Jerry Spence" on the front of a building that looked like a two-story hotel. We immediately found a place to park about a block away and walked back. It wasn't quite 8 a.m. and we didn't expect anyone would be there. However, we got our material including the JNJ "History in the Making" featuring the article by Henry Jake Morgan "One Glaring Deficiency" adapted to the South Dakota effort, to slip under the door of his offices. Just in case someone was there, we knocked on the glass door, and sure enough, a lady did come to the door. She opened it and we told her about J.A.I.L. and handed her our material and asked her to be sure and give one set to Jerry. She said she would and thanked us. So now Jerry Spence and some of his staff know about our South Dakota J.A.I.L. campaign.
      Another remarkable event happened in Wyoming. As we were driving through the small town of Greybull which had a typical speed limit of 30 mph which Ron always followed each time we passed through a town (Ron has been meticulous in obeying all traffic rules throughout the trip), we reached the outskirts and saw the sign up ahead posting a 65 speed limit.
      We noted a sheriff's patrol car coming in the opposite direction and then Ron said "That patrol car made a u-turn and is coming behind us with his lights on." We wondered whom he was after, since we saw no other cars in front of us, but Ron pulled over when seeing the lights behind us. Then we were shocked to see the patrol unit pull in behind US! We couldn't imagine why. When the sheriff deputy came to the window, he said "Do you know why I stopped you?" Ron told him he had not a clue. The officer said that Ron was leaving a 30 mph zone doing 42, which meant that Ron had increased his speed 12 mph from observing the posted 65 mph sign until he reached the sign. The point was that the 30 mph zone lasts until actually PASSING the 65 speed limit sign despite being totally out of town and on the open highway. We were the only car on the road, besides the patrol car. 
      On the good side, we were fortunate that he was a friendly traffic officer. He had a nice smile, twinkling blue eyes, and was chewing gum. He asked where we were headed, and asked for Ron's DL and proof of insurance. I asked if he wanted the registration, and he said "If you have it." He took the papers back to the patrol car and we waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Ron and I committed the entire incident to prayer and I prayed "Thy Will be done. We will follow whatever You direct us through this officer, because we know that You have complete control of this, and every, situation. We know that whatever happens is for our good and we will acknowledge that and be grateful."
      Finally the officer returned and said "I'm going to just give you a warning." (Let me say, Ron never increased his speed until AFTER the new sign from then on, but some people behind him were not pleased. For instance, a Frito Lay Potato Chip delivery truck pulled around him and accelerated to get in front of him in the space between viewing the new posted speed and actually passing the sign.) Ron thanked the officer and took the opportunity of explaining in detail about JAIL4Judges, handing him a card telling him why we were making the trip. The officer said "Sounds like good stuff. I like it." He said he would check out our website and he gave us his email address. So we will be in touch with him. Ron and I are convinced that the Lord wanted this officer to learn about J.A.I.L. and used this incident for that very purpose.
      As we arrived at the southern end of South Dakota we stopped and I took a few pictures of Ron in his J.A.I.L. shirt, hat, and regalia, pointing up to the sign "Welcome to South Dakota." We thought that would be good on the South Dakota website with the caption something like, "Winning America Back, Starting With South Dakota."
      Then onward to Rapid City, S.D. Unfortunately we didn't have the South Dakota petitions as yet, and could not begin collecting signatures. We met several people there who whole-heartedly agree that J.A.I.L. is needed there. One store proprietor told us he could give us an earful about the corruption he knew of personally in R.C., but he's renting his store from the City and can't say anything. We gave him the J.A.I.L. card and he'll look us up. We later met a lovely couple in R.C. who is on our mailing list. They allowed us to stay two nights at a large home they just purchased and were fixing up right across the street from their home. The master bedroom was huge! After sleeping on the front seats tilted back in our van for a week, it was a real treat to stretch out on a real bed, and king-sized at that. And we had a private bathroom to boot. We thank this nice family for accommodating us in such royal fashion!
      On the second day in R.C., we called Bill Stegmeier (the S.D. JIC) from Rapid City to let him know of our anticipated arrival in Deadwood. He told us he would meet us there with all the South Dakota material-- petitions, pens, clipboards, cards, plus a stock of "South Dakota Judicial Accountability Team" T-shirts to give to people pledging to collect at least 20 signatures. We arrived in Deadwood and took a few hours to relax and settle in before Bill got there. He drove clear across the state (about 400 miles). He treated us to a great prime rib dinner and dropped off the materials we needed to proceed. We felt so bad that he would have to turn around and drive all the way back another 400 miles that same evening --that's 800 miles in one day. I don't know how he got any sleep. He didn't have anyone with him to help drive.
      Deadwood is about 11 miles west of Sturgis where we stayed for nine nights, thanks to Bill for providing the lodging. We were there for the 
      Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. We donned the South Dakota T-shirts and went to Sturgis to start collecting signatures. Ron spent each day in Sturgis collecting signatures. However, I developed some sort of tendonitis up the front of my right foot into the shin area on my first day at Sturgis and couldn't walk any distance without extreme pain. My spirit was willing but my flesh was weak. I had to stay at our lodging quarters for a day and thought it had improved enough to try again, but found that as soon as I started walking more than a few blocks, it flared up again. Ron kept going everyday, averaging several hours a day. He got physically tired and his heels and ankles got sore, but he got out there each day with renewed strength, determined to collect as many signatures as he could. I tried to convince him to take a day off to recuperate, but he wouldn't hear of it. One day after trotting in the scorching heat, he decided to go later in the day and collect signatures during the evening. Just avoiding the heat of the day helped a great deal.
      While there, Ron got a call from a couple who was there to help collect signatures in Sturgis. They are from Brookings on the eastern border of S.D. and traveled across the state to help. Ironically they were staying in the same area of Deadwood that we were-- just blocks away. They treated us to breakfast there before heading out for Sturgis. They helped Ron for three or four days gathering signatures until they had to leave on a call back to work on an emergency fill-in. I felt bad that I couldn't be with them all the time, but they understood my plight.
      Thereafter, Ron went door to door in the Sturgis community. He would walk up one side of several blocks, and back the other side, while I drove the van to the end of each area. He would then coordinate with me to go to the next set of blocks, and on it would go for hours! Ron said that almost everyone in Sturgis and Deadwood are registered voters-- probably 90% of the ones he met. At one door upon which Ron knocked, was the residence of John Eggers, the 31-year, now retired sheriff of the community, who showed Ron the front page of the current issue of the Black Hills Press Newspaper with his picture on it, in which he was being presented a plaque in his honor. The caption read that the mayor has proclaimed August 9th as Sheriff John Eggers Day. Sheriff Eggers was very bold in his opinion about the South Dakota Judiciary, and allowed me to quote him as saying, "I am well familiar with the judiciary in this State of South Dakota, and this J.A.I.L. Initiative is very much needed here." Sheriff Eggers also said, and I quote, "No one is above the law," referring to the judges of South Dakota. Having been in law enforcement all his life, he is definitely an authority on the subject, and he has given up permission to place his picture on our website and to openly quote him. Yes, what a story to pick up on by chance, but I think this goes beyond chance. Let the other supposed authorities go up against him and try to refute his years of experience in dealing with the courts. Ron gave the article to Bill and he plans to put it on the South Dakota website.
      At another door on which Ron knocked in Deadwood was an elder gentlemen who unhesitatingly took the clipboard and signed it saying he was not afraid to sign, stating, "I know two judges who belong in prison, and not on the bench." To clarify, Ron asked to be sure he was referring to judges in South Dakota, to which he emphatically responded, "I am talking about judges right here in Deadwood!"
      More than just the signatures, it was a wonderful opportunity of informing people of S.D. about South Dakota J.A.I.L. --whether they signed or not. If no one was home, a card was left in the door. Ron is very encouraged, especially after going door-to-door in Sturgis. He estimates the approval rate for this ballot measure to be above 80%, and that the votes for passage of South Dakota J.A.I.L. are there. In approximately a year and a half from now we believe that America will start to feel the freedom effects of J.A.I.L.
      To be continued in Part 2.
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