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A Thousand Zeros Equal Zero

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    A Thousand Zeros Equal Zero ... From: Henry Morgan To: rick@stanley2002.org ; VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 12:10 PM Subject: RE: *
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      A Thousand Zeros Equal Zero
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 12:10 PM
      Subject: RE: * * * J.A.I.L. Equivalent To The War For Independence * * *

      Hi Rick Stanley,
      Thanks for the invite. I love your home page. My only question is "Unite and do what?" I do not believe that changing faces in DC will have any effect at all because:
      “The American Republic will endure, until politicians realize they can bribe the people with their own money.”    — Alexis de Tocquevile
      I believe the following quote to be a truism.

      "Constitutions are utterly worthless to restrain the tyranny of governments, unless it be understood that the people will, by force, compel the government to keep within the constitutional limits. Practically speaking, no government knows any limits to its power, except the endurance of the people.An Essay on the Trial By Jury,   By LYSANDER SPOONER


      In 50 odd years of looking at this situation and participating in the fight, the only real possibility that I have ever seen for remediation without bloodshed is J.A.I.L. www.jail4judges.org.

      And I am painfully aware, that if J.A.I.L. succeeds.....it will be the FIRST bloodless remediation (rollback of usurpation) of it's kind in all of recorded history.

      If you are uniting to support J.A.I.L. and to get immediately behind the South Dakota J.A.I.L. initiative....with all of your combined force and power.........I'm with you.

      In fact, you all will be joining me. :-)  It is , in my opinion, the only real chance we have to accomplish your stated goals of enforcing the Constitution.

      Then, once it's adopted, we'll need your new "Revolutionary Coalition Party" (Great name by the way....Jefferson said we need one every 20 years....we're sorely overdue) to hold it in place.

      Best regards,

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      From: rick@...
      Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 4:55 PM
      Subject: Re: * * * J.A.I.L. Equivalent To The War For Independence * * *

      STANLEY NOTE:  Alatheia is also a member of the Revolutionary
      Coalition.  May I suggest you join with us and forge a statement of unity with us? 
      Check out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheRevolutionaryCoalition/

      We need to UNITE, or nothing will ever be accomplished. All of our splinter groups need to UNITE!!!

      Rick Stanley

      Ron Branson Responds:
      Stanley, we have discussed this before. I do not disagree with your conclusion, to wit, "All of our splinter groups need to Unite," but what you fail to focus upon is that J.A.I.L. IS that Unity! In every endeavor, it must be the cause that comes first before unity, otherwise you have coalition of people unified on what focus? 
      Just as a thousand zeros equal zero, a thousand people united together who have no vision [focus] are a thousand people with a thousand good ideas that distract from that which is best. "Where there is no vision, the People perish." J.A.I.L. is that vision! J.A.I.L. is that purpose! J.A.I.L. is that Unity! and until that lesson is learned, people will flounder until that lesson is learned. "If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch." The same principle is true with a thousand blind men. Someone with a vision has got to lead.
      I assure you, Stanley, that nothing meaningful to your ends will be accomplished in this country until J.A.I.L. prevails, all efforts of mankind notwithstanding.
      It is high-time People threw off all their vain babblings and mis-ideas, and get involved in any way they can in the passage of J.A.I.L. in South Dakota. Let me or Bill Stegmeier (rmsroll@...) know how or what you are willing to do in that regards. I believe Henry has appended hereto a copy of the South Dakota J.A.I.L. Initiative that must be passed for our country's sake.
      -Ron Branson
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