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American History Revisited

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    From: Chuck Baldwin cblist@gulf1.com Subject: Chuck Baldwin s Food for thought from the Chuck Wagon for 06/20/2000 .... In the Constitutional Convention of
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      From: "Chuck Baldwin" cblist@...
      Subject: Chuck Baldwin's Food for thought from the Chuck Wagon for  06/20/2000
          .... In the Constitutional Convention of 1787, after seven weeks of debates and squabbling which prevented even one sentence from having been agreed upon in the forming of the Constitution of the United States for the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin stood before the men assembled and said [paraphrased], "Gentlemen, at the beginning of this noble endeavor to secure Liberty and righteous governance for
      ourselves and our posterity, we invoked the beneficence and providence of the Almighty to aid us in our struggles.  In this, we were most abundantly blessed.  It seems prudent to me that we again invoke the assistance of His Holy Spirit in the forming of the document which is to form the foundation of that government we seek to implant."
          The Convention agreed with Mr. Franklin and, thenceforth, each and every morning prayer was offered for the correctness and success of their endeavors.  In the following seven weeks, our Constitution was formed and unanimously agreed to by the same men who, seven weeks earlier, could not agree to one word to be put on paper (parchment).
          We, too, are now suffering the corruption of government that the ancient prophets spoke out against and complained of so bitterly.  Our remedy, if one is to be had, is where it has always been -- in the hands of the Living God and His Only Begotten.  They are not respecters of persons, and will give us the same blessings sought for and obtained by all the faithful in the past  --  if we offer the same faithful and fervent prayers, EXPECTING the blessings He has promised, and unhesitatingly doing those things the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts to do in the obtaining of those blessings, whether it is exerting superhuman patience and standing firm in our faith, or whether it is marching in cadence around the walls of our own Jerichoes -- knowing that, in the end, when we have lived our faith, He WILL provide all the blessings of heaven for us, our precious children and grandchildren.

      "If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too." Somerset Maugham
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