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Judge: Veterans Can't Have Parade With Guns

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    Veterans up in arms without weapons Court ruling prohibits firearms in July 4 parade By KIANTHA SHADDUCK Staff writer ... Tuesday, June 27, 2000 COEUR d ALENE
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      Veterans up in arms without weapons

      Court ruling prohibits firearms in July 4 parade

      Staff writer

      Tuesday, June 27, 2000

      COEUR d'ALENE -- A recent U.S. District Court ruling has Lake City veterans up in arms.

      Coeur d'Alene Police Cpt. Ken Timmons has distributed letters to veteran groups prohibiting them from carrying arms in the city's annual American Heroes Parade on July 4.

      As many as 10 veteran groups that registered for the parade may boycott rather than marching unarmed, said parade events coordinator Brenda Young of the Coeur d'Alene Area Chamber of Commerce.

      The letter of prohibition cites an August decree by U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge who declared unconstitutional Coeur d'Alene's ordinance allowing veterans to march in parades with guns .....

      The ordinance includes veterans, along with law enforcement personnel, as the only groups allowed to march with arms, Councilman Ron Edinger said.

      "I would like to see the veterans still be able to march with arms," Mayor Steve Judy said. "But if this is a judge's ruling, then we need to abide by that."

      The ruling and the letter put an end to centuries of tradition and U.S. Code, said John Dunlap, commander of Post 143 in Post Falls.

      The code states that the U.S. flag must be accompanied by rifleman when marched in parade-type activities, he said.

      "This is outrageous," he said. "Thousands of people died for our flag. It should always be properly displayed."

      What's interesting here is while judges want to prohibit carrying empty rifles in a Veterans' Independence Day Parade, the judges are requesting exemption from gun laws to carry their own loaded concealed weapons. How about a law specifically disarming judges with a mandatory felony twenty-five year prison sentence enforced through our Grand Juries? Oh, I forgot, the judges would just declare such law unconstitutional and a violation of their Second Amendment Rights. But, hey, what better affirmance of the Second Amendment!  Maybe some wise legislators will read this and come up with a good piece of terrific legislation for a test case.  
          We bid all a somber Independence Day.
      -Ron Branson, July 4th, 2000
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