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How To Increase Identity Theft

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California February 20,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2005
      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                             February 20, 2005

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      How To Increase Identity Theft
      (By Ron Branson - J.A.I.L. CIC)
      The establishment is shocked to witness the explosion of idenity theft today. On a graph chart, the line is going straight up. What shocks me is to observe how those behind the cause are shocked. Or, perhaps maybe that is part of the plan. They want us to believe it is an explosion that is out of the government's control.
      Understanding this escalation mystery of false I.D. is really figured out quite logically. The solution is a simple matter of science, with the manifestation of cause and effect. In other words, it is impossible for this phenomona not to take transpire.
      A man rushes into a doctors office with his nose bleeding profusely asking the doctor to suppress the bleeding. The doctor inquires into what caused  such bleeding. The man says, "Everybody keeps hitting me in the nose." So the doctor asks him why people would be hitting him in the nose. He responds, "I don't know, doctor." The doctor asks him, "Well, tell me what transpires just prior to people hitting him in the nose." The man says, "Well, you see, I am training to be a prize-fighter, and so I have been standing on the street corner practicing my punches on pedestrians as they walk by." 
      People do not steal that which has no value. Where identities have no value, people do not steal them. All any establishment has to do to witness an over-the-top explosion in identity theft, is to make false identity valuable.
      For instance, if one's name happened to be Goldstein, and they lived in Nazi Germany during Hitler's day, it would be very understandable to figure out why false I.D. would get out of hand, and they would want to get some false I.D. If there were no created value in possessing false I.D., then why would anyone bother in getting it? 
      Identity theft always runs in direct proportion to the created need for it. It is  turned on and off just like a faucet. When governments do not demand I.D. from anyone, then nobody cares about what I.D. they may be carrying. Contrariwise, when government demands I.D. everywhere, people will automatically resort to stealing someone's I.D. to possess.
      When I was a child, and I don't think I was unique, I used to act suspicious by making it appear I was hidding something in my hand. For instance, I would quickly put my tightly wadded fist behind my back. They other child would ask, "What is it you are hidding behind your back? I would deny that I was hiding anything behind my back. The more they wanted to know what I had, the more I would deny I had anything, while zealously guarding my empty wadded hand. The more they insisted I open my hand and show my hand, the more vigorously I would guard my hand from prying fingers.
      Now stealing someone's I.D. can never be justified, and it is indeed a crime. But the natural laws of self-preservation force some to compromise someone elses privacy by using theirs. In other words, governments are fostering otherwise non-criminals to become criminals by conducting identity theft in order to protect their own privacy. 
      Government, in order to cover for itself, would have us all to believe that all  people stealing identities do so in order to commit crimes upon another. But other than the crime of the identity theft itself, most are simply trying to protect themselves from an intruding govenment, and wish to live their lives in peace apart from harrassing government.
      In order to keep this cause and effect under wraps, the government, with the help of the media, play up for public consumption, stories where a person actually did steal another's identity for use in a crime. These identity theft cases are very valuable to government. 
      Yes, false identities are valuable. Government have made them so. To reduce identity theft, all that needs to be done is to reduce the value of false identities, and identity theft will deminish tremendously. But that is just the point. Governments want to esculate the value of false I.D., but not face the obvious result. The bottom line is, government is in direct control of the demand for false identification. They turn it on and off at will. They just do not "will" to turn it off. The government's answer to the "problem" is to increase the penalties for false I.D., making false I.D. more valuable, and thus creating more identity theft.
      -Ron Branson


      ChoicePoint ID Theft Problem Worsens

      By Ed Oswald, BetaNews

      February 17, 2005, 1:14 PM

      The identity theft investigation involving database giant ChoicePoint, a
      company that provides consumer information to insurance companies, got much larger late Wednesday.

      The company disclosed an additional 110,000 people across the country
      could have had their personal information compromised, bringing the total number of possible victims to 145,000. The new tally likely makes ChoicePoint's break-in the largest case of identity theft in history.

      "ChoicePoint is actively engaged with local and federal law enforcement
      agencies in the continuing investigation of a fraud committed against us," the company said in a statement, "through which a small number of very well organized criminals posed as legitimate companies to gain access to personal information about consumers."

      The story, first revealed on MSNBC.com late Monday, originally estimated
      that some 35,000 California residents were affected. Nearly 50 fake companies had been set up to access the information, through which data was compromised last fall.

      Although the breach was discovered in October, law enforcement officials
      prevented the company from disclosing it, even to the victims themselves.

      "They gave a toll free number to call, but when I called, the person
      just read from a script ... they said disclosing too many details may hurt an ongoing investigation," Elizabeth Rosen, a California resident who received one of the letters told MSNBC.

      So far, approximately 750 instances of identity theft relating to the
      compromised information have been found in California alone.

      ChoicePoint says it has acted to prevent the problem again in the
      future. "We are continually updating our processes and procedures to ensure the integrity of our systems and the information they contain," the company said.

      Interesting, is lacking in this report is a different report that states that ChoicePoint sold the private information to others, thinking they were legitimate business merchants purchasing this information.

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