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**Let's Continue to Encourage Dottie in Maine**

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California December 14, 2004
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      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                      December 14, 2004
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      Let's Continue to Encourage Dottie In Maine
      She is fighting for ALL OF US!
      Pursuant to the request of Dottie, the JAILer-In-Chief of Maine J.A.I.L.,
      pcastora@..., we are sending the below message as a J.A.I.L. News Journal to our readers to solicit your attention to the continued battle going on in Maine, headed by that relentless Warrior for Justice, Dottie LaFortune.  Many of you have already heard about Dottie and the fierce warfare she has undergone, suffering loss untold for the cause of Judicial Accountability. Dottie has not given up yet!! She bears the scars of this battle which she continues to fight as long as she is still able to draw breath into her lungs. Indeed, Dottie has put-- not just money-- but everything she has including her own being, where her mouth is. Folks, she is fighting for all of us!  Let's give her the encouragement and support she well deserves. She certainly sets a magnificent example for everyone who is seeking justice in America. She knows that J.A.I.L. is the answer!
        Bravo, Dottie!  We love you!
      (Sorry we couldn't have put this out sooner-- the hearing is today. However, our computer has been down for the past few weeks and we have just now gotten back on line. - Barbie)

              Will you help me use this to jumpstart J.A.I.L. in Maine? I believe that this is THE opportunity for Maine to get the ball rolling. We have Rep. Henry Joy on our side, the media is watching this, although not reporting the true facts.
                                                                            Dottie-Maine JAILer-In-Chief

      Dear Members of the Maine State Legislature,
              I apologize for writing to you during this busy holiday season. As you shop around preparing for a peaceful and joyful Christmas, I'm shopping around for peace and justice. The only people, in Maine, who can help me with this serious problem is you and I hope that you can find it in yours hearts to do so.
              I realize that the legislative session will convene in January. I am requesting to come before the legislature, or the appropriate committee(s), to inform you, with documented evidence, of the judicial, physical and financial abuse I have suffered at the hands of the judges in York County Courts, specifically in Biddeford and Alfred, Maine.  I can almost be certain that you have read articles in the newspaper about me. However, those articles are the one-sided articles. There is another side to the story which you must be made aware of.  With no accountability of judges, lawyers and the Attorney General's office, these atrocities, brutalities and abuses continue. I will not fully go into detail, but if you have further questions, please feel free to ask. (The attached Motion will answer your questions.) However, I am asking for your immediate help until I can meet with you when the Legislature convenes.
              In a nutshell, I was falsely arrested for criminal trespass upon my own property and illegally removed from my home in November 2003. I was taken out of my home by a 13 member SWAT team at gunpoint, and left out in the street like a wild animal. I'm not some "nut case" as portrayed by people within the system who do not want the details of this matter to be known. Therein lies the problem. Judges have blatantly violated Maine statutes, Maine rules of court and the Maine and U.S. Constitutions at my expense and the taxpayers expense. I've attached a Motion to Dismiss the criminal trespass case, which was filed by two out of state attorneys representing me on this matter, and goes into detail.
              In June 2002 a complaint against the City of Biddeford was filed involving Title to Real Estate. York County Superior Court Judge Arthur Brennan dismissed this case in March 2004. This case was appealed to the Maine Supreme Court and a decision on November 19, 2004 affirmed the lower court's decision, which I will appeal within 30 days. Without ever having a trial on my 80B appeal to the superior court, mandated by law, the Biddeford District Court allowed the issuance of a writ of possession to Tim Q. Ly against me, which is null and void as the court has no jurisdiction to do this. The Maine Supreme Court upheld this decision as well, in violation of my due process rights. Consequently, Mr. Ly has filed a complaint against me in Biddeford District Court for back rent money, thousands of dollars. At a pre-trial  hearing on this matter held on July 6, 2004, parties were given instructions to exchange a witness list. Judge Christine Foster will not allow me to present witnesses. A hearing is coming up on this matter on Tuesday, December 14, 2004. My case against the City of Biddeford is still pending, the District Attorney has not prosecuted me on the State's complaint of criminal trespass, and it has been over one year since this false arrest, which I pled not guilty, and now Judge Christine Foster continues to compound a problem the Biddeford District Court has created. This litigation vortex, not only at my expense, but also the taxpayers expense, must end. I'm asking for your help in putting a stop to the hearing scheduled in Biddeford District Court on Tuesday, December 14, 2004. I am the owner of my home, unless proven otherwise. This has not been done. I would like to return to my home in Biddeford for Christmas. Other people are trespassing on my property. It is my right to remain there until there is a full and fair hearing on the merits of my case. People have been very kind to me during this nightmare, while others want to help out but are petrified fearing retaliation as was done to me. This is no way life should be in Maine. I have been deprived of a livelihood and I was a self-employed professional woman for over 25 years. I have been deprived of my home and my civil and constitutional rights. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
              I've also attached a letter regarding the special election held in Biddeford last February because this, also, was not reported in the media. This was also brushed under the rug by Maine officials.
              I look forward to meeting with the new legislature. I sincerely hope that you will afford me that opportunity. Just as you do not know that the laws you create are being violated, there is no way that you would know of the judicial abuses and violations of law taking place in Maine courts, unless someone brings them to your attention. If there is no judicial accountability, the pattern will continue.
                                                                                      Dorothy Lafortune

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