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Findings of Marv Bryer Re: Courts in L.A.

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    Findings of Marv Bryer Re: Courts in L.A. (By Marv Bryer- Bryer4u@aol.com) ... From: Bryer4u@aol.com To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org Cc: Bryer4u@aol.com Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      Findings of Marv Bryer
      Re: Courts in L.A.
      (By Marv Bryer- Bryer4u@...)
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      Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2004 4:33 AM
      Subject: Re: Findings of Marv Bryer Re: Courts

      Dear friends across the United States of America.  I have dared to challenge the JUDICIARY OF ALL CALIFORNIA - INCLUDING the GRAND POTENTATE - STATE SUPREME COURT JUDGE RONALD GEORGE.

      I am asking that RONALD GEORGE and all of his miserable judges, pro tem judges, commissioners, referees, to locate MY COURT FEES!  My fees have disappeared in the court rat-hole for JUDGE PARTIES!  The top lawyer cheater for the LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT is none other than former Los Angeles County Counsel FREDERICK RAYMOND BENNETT III (FRED BENNETT).

      Whenever I file a lawsuit in LOS ANGELES COUNTY (and I have filed four of them) RONALD GEORGE disqualifies all of the judges of this county - using California Disqualification (RECUSAL) SCHEMES - CCP 170 and CCP 170.1 et seq tactics.

      Frederick Bennett is always the CON ARTIST behind the scam.  The idea is to get the heat off of the LOS ANGELES JUDICIARY.  Now that the secret is out of the BAG that the COURT IS A COMPANY - it should be possible that WE THE PEOPLE could ask for IMPEACHMENT OF THE COMPANY. The NEED to change the LAWS is paramount! .... 

      Ron Branson has been trying to wake up the PEOPLE of this COUNTRY for years - but our general population remains asleep.  I was asleep on the TRAFFIC CITATION FRAUD and PARKING FRAUD.  But it was easier in those days to pay rather than argue.

      On April 15, 2002, Washington Times Insight on the News writer - Patricia Kelly O'Meara - wrote the COVER STORY about the VAN NUYS COURTHOUSE being bought for FIVE DOLLARS by a judge named MICHAEL JOSEPH FARRELL and his company, the LOS ANGELES COUNTY COURTHOUSE CORPORATION! See www.insightmag.com and go to ARCHIVES.

      I sued the company on March 20, 2002.  The lawyer for the company is our STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL LOCKYER!  The case remains PENDING as EC030480.  One of my illustrious defendants is the CROOK - FREDERICK BENNETT!

      Also in April of 2002 (On April first) Los Angeles Daily News writer Troy Anderson wrote the ARTICLE JUDGES PARTY TIME ENDS.  FREDERICK BENNETT admitted to the PRESS that the JUDGES WERE HAVING PARTIES with our COURT MONEY.

      Ron Branson went to the
      ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT with me along with a few friends way back in 1997, when I was suing court thief - GREGORY PENTONEY. I truly thank Ron and all of the wonderful people here in LOS ANGELES and across the UNITED STATES who believe our judges are LIARS and THIEVES. There was a desire to arrest me - IN ORANGE COUNTY - because I dared complain about the LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT BANK ACCOUNTS!  I was not arrested but I had to dismiss the case without prejudice because the CASE WAS RIGGED.  The case is EC020659 - BRYER VERSUS HIGGINS and PENTONEY.

      It was GARY ZERMAN who clued me in that the JUDGES were using the LOS ANGELES COUNTY FEDERAL EMPLOYER'S IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (FEIN) 95-6000927 to launder OUR COURT MONEY into their NEST EGG!   That is one of AMERICA'S GREATEST JUDICIAL DISCOVERIES!  Thanks to GARY for the CLUE!

      Now for some more COURT AND COUNTY STUNNERS!  I have the information that the LOS ANGELES COUNTY RECORDER'S OFFICE located in 12400 IMPERIAL HIGHWAY in NORWALK is owned by a company called LOS ANGELES COUNTY CAPITAL ASSETS LEASING.  This company has about 66 million dollars in its ACCOUNT!  I have no idea how they can account for ALL OF THIS MONEY!

      One of the things I recommend that all FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS do - is protect OUR FREEDOMS and OUR FAMILIES.  I fought for my family's FREEDOM and now the SYSTEM is coming DOWN ON ME! 
      I have been asked BY THE TAXING AUTHORITIES to prove that I am honorable and THAT IT IS NOT THEY WHO ARE CHEATS.  But I say it is THEM - NOT ME - who is lying.  I intend to prevail but this is a FIGHT FOR MY OWN LIBERTY.  I want my LIBERTY! ....
      Well - you can accept this crap or fight back. 

      Marvin Bryer.
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