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What Part of "Just Pay Up" Do You Not Understand?

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    What Part of Just Pay Up Do You Not Understand I have know Marve Bryer for many years. His first contact with me was via the telephone in which he shared
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2004
      What Part of "Just Pay Up" Do You Not Understand
      I have know Marve Bryer for many years. His first contact with me was via the telephone in which he shared with me that he had the goods on all the judges in Los Angeles County involved in an "official" bribery scandal. What he showed me were cancelled checks cashed by judges for such things as jewelry and elite Club memberships, etc., that had come from various attorneys throughout Los Angeles.
      Marve told me that he was going to the District Attorney with his evidence. I told him that he was not, by any means, to take his original documentation to the D.A. because they would take the evidence and destroy it.
      Indeed, the D.A. showed himself disposed to cover up for this judicial corruption of bribery. Marve took his evidence also to the City Attorney's Office, and to the newspapers, all showing the same type of indifference.
      Marve is not one to sit still on his findings. He has caused very much embarrassment to the entire judiciary of both Los Angeles and Orange Counties in California.
      Now Marve Bryer has received a parking ticket issued within the City of Glendale, an Incorporated and Chartered City. On his ticket he is instructed to send his money to another county some sixty miles away, to another Independent Chartered City at a location with no street address. (I guess he is should be thankful he does not have to send his money blindly out-of-state to a clandestine address.)
      A little research on his part derives the fact that this P.O. Address is connected with private corporations such the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and the University of San Francisco. Also he learned that he could wire his money payable to a private Michigan Corporation.
      Upon inquiry as to what is going on here, he is basically told to just shut up and send his money blindly as he is told.
      -Ron Branson

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      Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 6:31 AM
      Subject: Re: We Must Focus on Specific Lawyers, i.e., on JUDGES

      Dear Jail4judges.  Keep up the good work.

      I would like to report a traffic ticket scam to you.  It is major. ....
      I live in La Crescenta, a town in the City of Glendale. I went to my car and a ticket and an envelope was stuffed into the side of my driver's door.

      I looked at the back of the ticket and the instructions were to mail
      a payment by check or money order to the Glendale Parking Enforcement Center in
      IRVINE to a P.O. Box.

      1.  Irvine is in Orange County.
      2.  Glendale is in Los Angeles County!

      There was no street address to send the payment to!  I tried to look up the P.O. Box, and I found it was the same P. O. Box

      I located a phone number 1-800-654-PARK.  I called the number on 9-15-2002.  There is a voice recording stating that I reached
      the PARKING ENFORCEMENT CENTER.  There was 8 options and if the caller was not pleased with the 8 options, the instructions were to press the ZERO key on the phone.

      I pressed zero.  A lady answered and said her name was KATY.  I asked for her last name and she refused to supply her last name.

      I asked for her street address.  She said that was confidential.  I asked for her corporation name.  She said that was confidential.  She stated that they handle 300 clients.  She said she was a
      customer rep.

      I asked to speak to the manager, but the manager was not in.  Instead, I was given a lady who said her name was TINA.  I asked TINA her last name and she said it was "STREET".  Why do I not believe her?  Hmm?

      Tina STREET also refused to give her real location and her corporation name!

      I also discovered a cited "criminal" can pay by credit card to a corporation called EZPAY.  They turn out to be a MICHIGAN CORPORATION!  They charge about $3.96 per online pleading.  When you pay them they claim they will be the agent for your GUILTY PLEADING!

      I called the company and they hung up on me when I asked for their license to do business in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

      I am also finding records that appear this company handles CASINO BETTING!  Possibly offshore tax haven betting.  I am researching this.

      I do not believe these guys can take pleadings in California because they are not registered to do business in California as far as I can tell.  I also want to see their STATE BAR LICENSE.  ....

      According to legal information printed on the ticket, it states that a dispute of the ticket can be made within 21 days by taking the dispute to the POLICE STATION.  I went into the station and filed a PUBLIC RECORD ACT (gov code section 6250) to get a copy of the contract between Glendale and Irvine.

      I also filed for an administrative hearing.  However, the police handed me a form that is primarily used to claim that the cited person is NOT THE OWNER OF THE CAR.  I drew a line through that legal garbage.  I did not sign their document under penalty of perjury because I am the legal owner ....

      I asked for conforming stamped copies of what I filed, and a six-foot, six inch cop ordered me to leave the police station....

      Another police officer came at me menacingly and tried to hand me back what I had submitted.  He ordered me to take the documents to the CITY ATTORNEY.  I was warned that I was being taped.  I refused to take back any documents.

      I went and filed the same documents with some exceptions at Glendale City Hall.

      The old GLENDALE POLICE STATION has been converted into a jail.  The new station is still being worked on.  There are signs outside the building that states loitering will be prosecuted.  These goons are dangerous as hell.

      In looking at Malibu, their city has a different method with the same IRVINE secret corporation.... 
      I believe this is a criminal enterprise that needs to be shut down.  I called EZPAY and spoke to two people including the CHAIRMAN.  He hung up on me.

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