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Maine JIC & Partner Go To Bat

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    J.A.I.L. News Journal ______________________________________________________ Los Angeles, California August 5,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2004

      J.A.I.L. News Journal
      Los Angeles, California                                              August 5, 2004

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      Maine JIC and Her Partner/Investigator Go To Bat Against Judicial Misconduct

      Written by Maine JAILer, David Deschesne


      By: David Deschesne

      On June 22, 2004 Maine Private Investigator, Phil Castora filed a formal complaint against Maine's judicial court system to State Court Administrator, James T. Glessner.

      Castora, a former York County Deputy Sheriff and Biddefored City Councilor, states, "I have been conducting an investigation, for over 10 years, into criminal conduct by bank officials in concert with city officials and others to deprive people of their life, liberty, livelihood and property, all with the approval of the judges in York County courts in denying citizens their right to due process of law and jury trials. Innocent citizens have been crucified by York County judges, maliciously prosecuted by corrupt York County's District Attorney and due to the recent judicial misconduct of York County Superior Court Judge Arthur Brennan and Maine Supreme Court Justice Leigh Saufley, I am their recent target." Castora goes on to say in his letter to Glessner, "I am not going to be ridiculed by any judge, lawyer, or shady individuals because judges refuse to uphold the law and violate their sworn oath of office." (photo:  Phil Castora)

      The letter was written because the judicial system is attacking Dottie Lafortune; an innocent, law-abiding citizen. "Dottie turned to the courts for justice, not to be persecuted for wanting to speak the truth. Her persecution continues with the rubber stamp of approval of the courts. Dottie Lafortune did nothing wrong, she is being charged with trespassing upon her own property which she owns. I have the documents to prove everything that I am stating," says Castora. While property rights and due process are protected by Maine's Constitution, District Court Judge Arthur Brennan dismissed a case brought by Lafortune against the City of Biddeford without a trial as mandated by law.

      An appeal to the Maine Supreme Court was filed July 20. District Attorney Mark Lawrence intends to prosecute Lafortune for a crime that she did not commit. "If anyone should be prosecuted, it's Mark Lawrence for Misprision of Felony. But the cover up continues with him," says Castora. He goes on to say, "With the documents that I have, I challenge Mark Lawrence to prove me wrong. I want the entire State of Maine to know what kind of District Attorney we have in York County."

      Castora sent copies of his letter along with a package of documents supporting his claim of judicial misconduct, to Senator Peggy Pendleton, Senate Chair of the Judiciary Committee, with copies to Maine State Representatives William Norbert, Thomas Bull, Debrah Simpson, Philip Bennett Jr., Stan Gerzofsky, Janet Mills, Roger Sherman, Roderick Carr, Brian Duprey, Joan Bryant-Deschenes, and Donna Loring, and Senators Chandler Woodcock and Mary Cathcart who are members of the Judiciary Committee. Cathcart returned her package to Castora unopened. To date, Castora has received no reply from either Court Administrator Glessner, or any of the elected officials he forwarded his complaint to.

      From this bad nightmare, good will come to the people of Maine. With the threat of higher taxes and the possibility of other peoples' home being taken from them, Ms. Lafortune will pursue the abolishment of Maine's unconstitutional Automatic Foreclosure statute where cities can just take peoples' properties from them without just compensation, or propose a city ordinance which forbids the taking of peoples' property. Property rights are as sacred as free speech rights and neither must ever be taken from anyone again. Len Harrison, of Black Cat Media, and Tito Abao, both from San Francisco were in Biddeford last month interviewing and filming Dottie for a "documentary/political satire" they are producing. They are exploring how government fails to serve the people and the subject of their interview was Dottie. The filmmakers plan to release the film the first of next year which may end up in Cannes, said Abao, referring to the international film festival.

      There is currently a movement underway in the United States to pass a judicial accountability law at the State level, which will hold judges legally responsible for upholding the law, and allow for their removal by the citizenry in the event they violate the trust instilled in them by their office. More information on the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law can be obtained by going to www.jail4judges.org

      Contact Dottie LaFortune and Phil Castora at pcastora@...

      On behalf of National J.A.I.L., thanks to Phil for sending us this article and for standing up strong for justice against this tyrannical force. We admire your and Dottie's tenacity under such trying circumstances. Congratulations to both of you-- you both set the kind of examples for which we're thankful and proud to have as J.A.I.L. leadership. We applaud you greatly! (Also thanks to JAILer David Deschesne for writing this great article.)
      -Ron and Barbie

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